It’s all about power.

     Donald Trump is not the first president who has railed against rampant illegal immigration. He is not the first to support the building of a wall/barricade along the Mexican border. It is not just a Donald Trump issue. It’s an historical American issue supported by both sides of the aisle over the years. Until now.


     In 2006, the Secure Fence Act was passed by congress allowing for the construction of nearly 700 miles of border barriers, i.e., walls, fences. The vote passed in the senate, 80-19.  Could that happen today? Among those who voted for the bill were Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. Anyone can check Youtube and find several examples of those notables on the left who, 10-20 years ago, made speeches in support of a border barrier.

     According to the Department of Homeland Security, half of the 2000 mile Mexican border is already protected from mass migration due to terrain. With roughly 700 miles complete, that still leaves 300 or more miles of open borders that need fixing or else the caravans will continue and illegal immigrants will never cease swarming into our country.


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Marshall Frank, Community columnist Published 11:03 a.m. ET Dec. 31, 2018, Florida Today

Florida Bar Association President Michelle Suskauer recently penned a column published in FLORIDA TODAY about needs for reforming the criminal justice system. In her piece, she focused on a number of important issues about mental health, curbing recidivism, re-entry, sentencing and much more.

Missing among these targets for reform, however, is the ever-present quagmire dealing with sex offenders, a topic most politicians and justice officials prefer to ignore. Suffice to say, the very term “sex offender” presents a vile image that calls for eternal condemnation of anyone within that category. When offenders finish serving time, they are required to register for life within law enforcement, even if they were not predatory. This goes for the federal as well as state systems.

A young man aged 19 who engages in consensual sex with a 15-or-16-year-old female will wear the Scarlet Letter for life, forever banished from living in specific locales within a certain distance from schools, parks, bus stops, or anywhere where youngsters gather. This doesn’t mention the inability to get jobs or housing because the condemnation is far reaching. That 19-year-old offender will sustain a life sentence even if not

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                                                         PREDICTIONS FOR 2019

  1.  The House of Representatives will initiate efforts to impeach Donald Trump, all of which will be unsuccessful. The most difficult obstacle will be that they cannot find a high crime or misdemeanor to charge him with.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsberg will leave the U.S. Supreme Court, leaving one more opportunity for President Trump to tilt the court more conservative.
  • Michelle Obama will eventually emerge as the front runner in the Democratic primary hustle, despite her lack of governmental experience. In reality, this will unofficially provide a third term for Barack Obama
  • There will be a compromise on the wall/fence construction completing some 40 or 50 more miles, and giving each party the ability to claim success through bi-partisanship.
  • New waves of immigrants will form caravans to the United States from Central and South America (Venezuela) after seeing the success of caravans in 2018.  
  • Soccer will start emerging as a significant professional sport in the United States.
  • I think Mike Pence will step down as Vice-President when the primary elections draw near. Multiple reasons. Look for a female to take his place.  Nikki Haley?
  • New plans will pass to improve health care and immigration reform in
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“VICE”  –  8 OUT OF 10

In a word:  Propaganda

     This is a political film scripted and performed in such a manner as to stir hatred, bias and animosity toward the right wing, particularly during the Bush II administration which, according to the movie, was run by the strong man behind the president, the Vice-President, Dick Cheney. If you are a hard core conservative, you will hate the movie. If you are a hard core liberal, you will love it.

     Bear in mind, “propaganda” is not always false. Defined, according to Webster, it means:  “Ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause.”

     To be fair, some of the implied and/or direct criticism of the Bush administration is deserved, particularly the invasion of Iraq and the resulting death and destruction to the Iraqi people, not to mention 4424 Americans killed and over 30,000 more injured. That doesn’t include another 120,000 estimated dead among Iraqis.

     I usually consider myself moderately conservative in most political issues, but I was definitely unconvinced back in 2003 when the Iraq war was initiated by the U.S. using the suspicion of mass destruction weaponry as a

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Mary Queen of Scots –  5.0

In a word:  Contrived    

     I do love movies based on historical events and personalities, knowing full well that Hollywood often takes license to skew facts or stretch truths to add effect.  But as long as it’s not so obvious and it fits within the parameters of the storyline, we’re okay. This version of the story leaves one shaking a head in disbelief in a number of scenes.

     In a battle scene outside a wooded area, Queen Mary sits on a horse overlooking a couple platoons of men going to war, using pistols and long barrel rifles. The movie is set in the latter 16th century. Such weaponry was not invented yet. (groan)

     The movie depicts a face to face confrontation with England’s Queen Elizabeth. According to all the historical accounts, that never happened.

     The setting is mid and late 1500s. Queen Mary has four chambermaids. Two are black. These were not slaves locked into servitude, the characters were held in high esteem. Sorry, from what I gathered in a bit of research, Scotland was 99-plus percent white in the 1500s, the likelihood that blacks were engaged as chambermaids is …

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POSTED 9:49 AM, MARCH 28, 2014, BY CNN WIRE  

I recently came across this article that was published 4 years ago after I was interviewed by a CNN reporter. He basically had heard about me through my books and articles on policing and asked for a phone interview. 

     There’s certainly more to the story, as they say, but the content had to be wrapped up in a word count. 

    Mainly, it is about one cop’s experience and views about dealing with serious felons from whom we seek to elicit a confession.

     Enjoy the article. Go to the link below.

Link to article:    3 steps to make a murderer confess | FOX31 Denver

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The Mule” –  7.0


In a word:  Disappointing.

     Clint Eastwood is one of the all-time great directors in Hollywood, especially with movies like Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby and Unforgiven. But this was no Unforgiven.

     It could be that attending any Eastwood movie is much like going to see Spielberg or Scorsece’s work, we have high expectations. Eastwood creates those same expectations, which is why this film does not rise to those usual common Eastwood standards.  Then again, what should we expect from a movie great who is approaching ninety years old.

     In the movie, Clint Eastwood plays Earl Stone, a man in his 80s who is broke, alone, and facing foreclosure of his business when he is offered a job by some swarthy young drug dealers that simply requires him to drive and haul shipments and do nothing else. Unbeknownst to Earl, he’s just signed on as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel. He does so well that his cargo increases with each journey. Meanwhile, the mysterious new drug mule has also hit the radar of hard-charging DEA agent Colin Bates (played by Bradley Cooper). As his money problems become a thing of the past, Earl’s

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