Sometimes, I must admit, politics disgusts me.

We have a presidential campaign on-going for eighteen months, and in the last six months, two candidates in the Democratic Party finally emerge as front runners. That’s when all the other former candidates — about ten — started deciding who they will throw their support to. One would think, with all their savvy, they would know from the upstart who they think the best president would be, if not them. But, such is not the case.

What they do is play the waiting game to see who is actually rising to the top of the delegate board — the likely nominee, then announce an endorsement. That’s like betting on the game when you already know the winner.

No doubt in my mind, Bill Richardson, who James Carville called a “Judas” for turning his back on the Clintons, is pandering for a Vice-Presidential nod. John Edwards, who also waited until the last minute, has already tried the Veep run with John Kerry, but is probably hunting for a cabinet post. If Hillary was in the front runner spot right now, these same two guys would be talking her up as if she was the …

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Not long ago, I visited Burwell, a small town in central England where I took a morning walk each day along narrow curved streets with the aroma of fresh baked bread in the air and children — ages 6 to 16 — waiting on corners for their school bus. Those kids caught my attention. Every one carrying books, neat and tidy, hair combed, well behaved and beaming with pride and self-esteem. At least, it seemed that way. What was so different?


It’s the rule, not the exception throughout many locals in England. Each child goes to school without competing for style and attention by what they wear. There is no societal status — no rich, no poor. The have-nots need not feel inferior because of what they wear. The haves need not feel superior. The kids go to school to learn, not to out-fashion one another. There is no sexy garb, no filth, no piggishness. If they feel good about themselves, they will perform good. Most of all, the schools are safer. Aye, there’s the rub.

Contrast that to the school scene within the United States. Mini-skirts. Body piercing. Flip flops and dirty feet. Low-rise shorts bared to the …

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May 8th to the 15th is designated as Police Appreciation Week. This article is dedicated to my comrades in law enforcement, and their families.

Stalin once said, “One death is a tragedy. A thousand deaths is a statistic.”

We are constantly barraged with death numbers. Plane crashes, earthquakes, war. But numbers obscure the story of individual suffering. This is about some of those numbers.

2007 will go down as the deadliest in history for the sentries of law and order with 181 police officers killed in the line of duty. That doesn’t even mention the 65,000 more that were wounded and seriously injured fighting battles in the streets so that you and I can rest easier and feel safer in our communities.

Last year was unusually high. On average, 162 police officers are killed annually in this nation. That’s 162 families wrecked, hundreds of kids stripped of a mother or father, shattered dreams, lost friends, eulogies and graves. All for one reason. The badge.

Each harbored feelings of love and hope, and of commitment to their profession. Each left for work like any other day kissing loved ones, unaware it would be their final embrace. Each knew the …

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* What is the difference between Former President Jimmy Carter laying a wreath at the grave of Yasser Arafat, and me, a former cop, laying a wreath at the grave of Ted Bundy?

* How can we respect the Nobel Peace Prize when it honored a man who dedicated his life to killing people?

* If Billy Graham’s church had bestowed honors upon David Duke, (a devout anti-Semite, racist) would that have been any different than the Trinity Church of Christ bestowing honors upon Louis Farrahkan (devout anti-Semite, racist)?

* If John McCain or Hillary Clinton had remained as member of a church that honored David Duke — for twenty years — would that not send a message to voters about their character and their values?

* If John McCain or Hillary Clinton ever used the term (no matter the context) “…like a typical black person…” would they have been considered racists? Would blacks have been offended?

* Is there anyone out there with an IQ over 90 who actually believes that Obama was unaware of his pastor’s anti-Semitic, anti-American, pro-Farrahkan leanings over a period of twenty years?

* Why isn’t Barack Obama being questioned by the media about his …

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There’s nothing that can be better for a kid, than to have great parents, good health, born talent and ambition. This is a story to warm one’s heart.

Though my Mom had spent many years and dollars hoping her son would one day play violin in Carnegie Hall, alas, she would never see the day. Raging hormones, testosterone, friends and sports would put a major dent in those ambitions as I reached my teens. So, I became a cop.

But all is not lost.

Fast forward some fifty-five years, to the fall of 2006. Knowing I had an interest with violin, good friends asked if I would be interested in meeting a 13 year-old girl and to listen to her play. “Oh… no,” I thought. “Not another rendition of Twinkle Twinkle.” But, I capitulated and agreed to a brief visit at our home.

Remember the name: Esther Muradov.

Weighing around 70 pounds, the diminutive child looked less than her years. She came with her mother, Pervin, a piano teacher and Russian immigrant who arrived in America with her husband in 1990. After polite introductions, our friends, my wife (Suzanne) and I settled in to listen. Pervin sat at the …

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Militant Islam Infiltrates America

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”
—– Ariel Durant, author and historian

Not long ago, I was encouraged by a publishing company to research and write a book about the infiltration of radical Islam inside the United States, and what effect it might have on our nation.

While I surely had some preconceptions, my efforts unveiled mounds of facts and information that would chill any American to the bone. While we are fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the true WW III is taking place inside the borders of the United States, and we are oblivious. This is a war with no battle lines. The enemy has no uniforms and no specific country. Yet it is a war the enemy is plotting, executing and winning, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the Constitution and converting us all as citizens of the Islamic Republic of America.

It is not far-fetched. It is far more sinister and dangerous than the communist threat of 50 years past. The enemy has a plan. And they are patient. It may take 100 years, but they remain focused. Meanwhile, we continue on with a conventional conflict in …

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If America has an Achilles Heel, call it “Greed.”

Same with Western Europe.

Folks from American companies and universities can gripe all they want about the oil crisis, Arab intrusion, American politics and international Jihad, when it comes to waving money in front of their eyes, the response is Pavlovian drool. Who in their right mind can turn down $20 million, no matter the consequences to our country? Right?

University campuses all over the United States have been accepting huge donations from Arab nations, mainly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. What’s the big deal, you ask?

Well, money buys influence. Money buys compliance and capitulation. The enemies of America are slowly inching their way toward their stated goal: The Islamization of America, even if it takes 100 years. Meanwhile, America snoozes.

Organized Crime Bosses often pay professionals $50,000 up front for special services not yet rendered. It’s like insurance from “mob lawyers and mob doctors.” When they’re needed, no questions asked, the lawyers and doctors are there, no matter what. They’re paid big, and they owe back, big.

It’s no different than paying off Harvard and Georgetown for services asked.

Americans continue to lose sight of the big …

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