Ten Greatest Movie Actors

On a lighter note, having been a buff for life, I have always admired motion pictures as being one of the greatest art forms of modern times which, in my view, is not appreciated enough. The sheer complexity that goes into the making of a movie is mind boggling: script writing, acting, costumes, sound, music, photography, props and settings, make-up, wardrobe, research and so much more. I’ve engaged in writing novels, which is a tough road to tackle in itself. I couldn’t imagine being a director and handling the entire production.

Naturally, we in the audience pay most attention to the actors, and we form our opinions on who we consider the best in the business. Often, we will go to a movie knowing little about it in advance, other than the names of the players. Star power is everything. I plead guilty. When I know that Robert DeNiro or Meryl Streep is starring in a new release, it’s a sure thing we’ll be buying tickets to that movie.

I’ll be putting out some of my “Ten Greatest” lists (my opinions). I hope some of you movie buffs will share your opinions as well.

Starting with the Ten Greatest actors… …

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Well, here I go smearing Obama again…I guess I must be a racist.

Honest folks, I’m not making this up…the information is out there for anyone if they are willing to learn. As usual, the media is hands off the Teflon candidate.

Barack Obama has claimed that his entry in the most prestigious Ivy League University law school in the nation was financed by student loans. Seemed logical enough. That’s the route of thousands.

Along comes Percy Sutton, a rather imposing 88 year-old lawyer, a former president of the Borough of Manhattan and a loser in the race for city mayor to Ed Koch, years ago. A credible man.

In an interview earlier this year on New York’s all-news cable channel NY1, Sutton made some interesting revelations about his relationship with young Barack Obama. He told NY1 reporter Dominic Carter on “Inside City Hall” that he was introduced to the 25 year-old Obama by a friend raising money to help further his education. The friend asked Sutton to write a letter in support of Obama’s application to Harvard law school.

Sutton did so, and Obama was admitted. The rest is history.

But wait. Who was that masked man? Who was …

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“Traitor,” is a must see movie for anyone interested in delving deep into the bowels of the jihad netherworld where Islamic revolution is at the core of international terror. It was recommended to me by a close friend whose opinions and judgement I respect. He was right on.

This is not just another suspense/thriller replete with chases, Karate fights, crashing cars and bombed buildings, though there is plenty of that. The movie is also a learning experience for us who wish to know more about the internal mind-set of jihadists and methodologies used by terrorists in executing their mission all over the world.

Don Cheadle plays a Sudanese-born, American citizen educated and trained in the art of making bombs who finds himself caught up in the complex world of counter-terrorism, CIA, FBI and the radical Islamic underworld, while used as a tool by the plotters of terror. Without unveiling too much of the story, suffice to say Cheadle tackles a complex role inextricably caught in a vice between conscience, faith and duty, and he does it well.

To me, the most profound scene of all is one that is relatively obscure in any of the trailers and/or commentary. But …

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I’ve hesitated to speculate where Barack Obama has garnered his enormous record-setting mountain of campaign funds. His change of heart ( better known as flip-flop) from vowing to accept public funding, to vowing to rejecting it, was undoubtedly triggered by an awakening that money would continue to pour in from the private sector like Niagra Falls until the election is over.

Poor black communities? Doubtful. Movie stars, rock stars and generous liberal moguls, perhaps, but that wouldn’t assemble that much continuous cash on hand. Pro-choicers? Some, perhaps. Besides refusing public funds, Obama has also vowed that he will not accept donations from special interest groups as well.

Interesting to note; more than half of his $400 million has come from private donors sending under $200. The war chest is almost double that of John Kerry’s in 2004.

We do know that the Islamic world, not only inside the U.S., is licking their chops to see Obama elected. Some have openly declared their interest in seeing him win the Oval Office. Not only American Muslims ( www.muslimsforobama08.com ) but Palestinians overseas have formed phone banks to raise money for his campaign. Click here: Amanda Carpenter :: Townhall.com

What don’t we know? …

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I figured it would be Sen. Kay Hutchinson of Texas, or Christine T. Whitman of New Jersey, both conservative republicans and both women. Well, I was partly right, he picked a woman. But I never thought Sarah Palin, in my wildest imagination.

Whether it was a good choice or not, John McCain has done what he’s best known for: thinking outside the box, being a maverick, doing the least expected.

Like most folks who follow politics, I’ve done some homework. This is what I see as the pros and cons of her nomination.


 * Experience. That’s a no-brainer. The Obama pundits will certainly seize upon her less than two-year reign as a state governor, which follows a six-year mayoral stint and four as a town councilwoman. McCain’s emphasis on Obama’s lack of experience thus becomes nullified.

* Strong pro-life. Half of the voting populous is pro-choice.

* Too young. John F. Kennedy was younger when he took the oath of office. Obama is only three years older.

* Too many domestic responsibilities with five kids, one of whom has Down Syndrome.

* Far right wing conservative. This is only negative to those who are far left wing liberal.

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There’s an old saying about not fixing something if it’s not broken.

The founding fathers got it right the first time, but American politics, as usual, managed to screw it up.

It takes 17 million votes in twelve months and millions of dollars of primary campaigning to finally come up with a nominee for president. But the selection of vice-president — a heartbeat away — is left up to one person. There’s something wrong with that.

The chances of a vice-president ascending to the highest office are pretty good. Three of our last seven presidents had first been a vice president. Another four, ran and lost. Thus, the naming of a vice-president is extremely important to the future of Americans.

Candidates will tell us that their vice-presidential running mates are selected purely on the basis of who is most capable to assume the role of president. It’s the right thing to say.

But it’s not true. Vice-presidential nominees are selected for a single purpose: To get the presidential nominee elected. Bolster the ticket. Grab votes. Reach out to ethnic, religious and geographical blocks. It’s certainly not to provide citizens with the next best candidate to serve as president.

Was G. …

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This may be the most important blog I have ever posted. Readers from all sides of the political spectrum should take notice.

America is the target of an international plot that goes far beyond the threat of terrorism. It is one that will pose grave consequences for our grandchildren if we continue to bury our heads in the sand. Some of you already know these things, most do not. Others, unfortunately, dismiss such information as nonsense. It’s actually not a secret. The government knows and the media knows, but — ironically — it is rarely, if ever, mentioned.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is the largest radical Islamic organization in the world, dedicated to establishing Islam throughout the west, and to impose strict Sharia law wherever they assume control. It is their mission, inspired by Allah. They are rooted in over 70 countries, with hundreds of millions of devoted followers. As an umbrella organization, they have powerful influence over terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, plus political clout in America in the form of organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Affairs (CAIR) and the Muslim Students of America (MSA) the largest college student organization in the U.S. With unlimited funds …

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