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This and That:

  1. I think selecting the photo of Harriet Tubman as the first woman, on a paper currency ($20 bill) was the best of all the options.  This was a truly remarkable woman who suffered greatly, yet devoted her life to the freedom of others against all odds. Well deserved. Particularly remarkable is that the picture of a former slave will replace the picture of a slave owner.
  2. It’s time to release Leslie Van Houten, the 19 year-old killer (among others) who followed the hypnotic, drug-induced lead of Charles Manson in 1969. She is now 66, having spent 47 years in prison for her crime, rejected in 22 applications for parole. Her prison record is sterling, her admissions and repentance sincere and to call her a threat to others today is absurd. She has paid a huge price (rightfully) and we need to show compassion.  She is not the same person today, who committed those horrible deeds 47 years ago.
  3. The death of singer, Prince, will undoubtedly be revealed as drug related. He was a talented rock star, but he was also a drug abuser, not much different that many other stars who suffered early deaths from similar causes.
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The following is a brief excerpt from Chapter 1 of my new book: “The Way Things Oughta be,” released by Everly Books. This segment pertains to the U.S. Attorney General’s office. The book covers 36 chapters and hundreds of issues

(Copies are available as e-book or soft cover from Signed copies at a discount at web page: .  Cost, $20 incl. shipping.)

     Subject matter in this particular chapter was written a year ago, which should have, and could have, included the morass involving the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s wrong doings while Secretary of State. 

     “The office of president of the United States is not supposed to be above the law. In the first seven years of serving as president, Barack Obama has ostensibly violated numerous laws and established procedures in order to further his chosen agendas.  Among them: implementing the Dream Act by executive fiat, making recess appointments when the senate was in session; changing Obamacare laws on the fly without congressional action, authorizing military action in Libya without congressional approval, killing American citizens with drone strikes in other countries, disregarding illegal gun running by the Justice Department in Fast & Furious, IRS selecting adversaries based

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This Op-Ed appears in Florida Today newspaper today.

Marshall Frank, For FLORIDA TODAY12:06 a.m. EDT August 13, 2015

Florence was an 81-year-old Oregon resident, diagnosed with painful pancreatic cancer. The doctor gave her less than six weeks to live. After a second opinion by another doctor, she elected to die with dignity.

On a Saturday afternoon, she invited her two adult kids and their kids, to her apartment. She hugged them all, shared loving words, sat on a sofa and lifted a glass of water. She swallowed 10 Seconal sleeping pills. Within 30 minutes, she was consumed in eternal sleep.

Some folks may find this gruesome, but it’s worthwhile talking about.

Free-thinking people with debilitating and incurable illnesses should have the right to choose when and how to end their lives (with restrictions and caveats). Once people arrive at advanced ages and then suffer with horrible diseases and/or pain from which there is little relief, they should be afforded opportunities to make a clear and thoughtful choice. The technology is at our disposal, so why not?

We have deep compassion for terminal animals in horrible pain, so we do the humane thing. The difference is that

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If black folks thought that opportunity, conditions and lifestyle were going to improve under the first black president, they must be sorely disappointed. 

     The statistics are overwhelming.  Just about every economic, cultural, familial and criminal justice indicator points out that life is not better for blacks since Obama became president, unless you want to factor in the number of minority appointees he’s promoted into federal judgeships and other cushy government jobs.

     Lauren Burke, a black columnist for BlackPress USA, reported in her article of January 2015: During Obama’s first 6 years in office, average black unemployment soared to 14 percent, compared to 10 percent in January of 2009 when Obama took office. There’s more:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, youth unemployment (ages 16-24), this time in 2014, was 14.3 percent. For blacks in that age group, it was nearly 25 percent.
  • Ninety-two percent of black males in Chicago, ages 16-19, are unemployed.
  • The Huffington Post reported that 72 percent of black babies in the U.S. are born to unwed mothers, i.e. fatherless homes. According to the Moynihan Report, that figure stood at 23.6 percent in 1965. So much for the war on poverty.
  • According to the U.S.
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She calls herself “Battlecat.”  Her name is Lena Pullum, apparently from Brooklyn. 

     She has something to say. She’s not a politician, not a marcher. She’s one citizen from the black community with a politically incorrect message.  She wears blue lipstick. She uses foul language and minces no words. She may be rough around the edges, but you can see she is intelligent.

     The two video links below are provided in a blog because no one needs to hear this from me, a white male career cop who leans right in most political issues.

     In link # 1 she talks for three minutes about the Baltimore rioters. Watch, listen. It’s worth the time.

     In link # 2 she talks about her view of the truth within the black community, mixed with some personal opinions about the 2nd Amendment.  This one is eight minutes.

     I hope this reaches Barack Obama, the Attorney General, the mayor of Baltimore, the New York Times and MSNBC. Don’t hold your breath.

     Remember:  If this was on a network TV show, you’d hear a lot of bleeps. Language is not for nuns.

Click here: Little Black Ghetto Bastards of Baltimore

Click here: Black on Black crime

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Her name – is – Vivien.

     I say “is” because she still lives in the mind and heart of at least one person in this world. Among her contributions to humanity, she was a truly dedicated mom in every sense of the word. While she may no longer exist among us these last forty years, she still deserves to be honored this day.

     Vivien Peterson was born in Chicago, 1910, the eldest of two daughters to humble Norwegian parents. Both girls were beautiful and exceptionally talented. Frances was a natural blonde and went on to become a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall, New York. Vivien was a striking redhead who kept her dark auburn color throughout life. Later, people compared her glamour and talents to Rita Hayworth.

     Vivien studied piano and dance, and voice, and became a local sensation of sorts, busily peforming classical concerts, musical theater and vaudeville by the time she was sixteen. She met Arthur, a Jewish entertainer already famous in vaudeville circuits for his comic rube character, often billed on the marquees with burgeoning stars like Rudy Vallee, Milton Berle and Fanny Bryce. He had been partnering with Ginger Rogers when he fell head over

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Meet America’s newest sports hero; Jordan Spieth, age 21. What a guy.  Keep your eye on this young man.  He’s only just begun.

If ever young people in America were in need of a worthy role model amid a myriad of loonies, druggies and narcissists, he’s finally come along.

No, he doesn’t play football or basketball, nor does he rap or scream into microphones with high-amped rock bands. Spieth is a pro golfer extraordinaire. After two years on the professional golf tour, this young man now sits as Number #2 in the world. The only phenom who compares, is Tiger Woods who, 19 years ago, won the Masters at age 21.

But wait. Spieth, the same age, just won the Masters tournament last weekend, setting records for lowest scores ever at the 36 hole and 54 hole marks, and tied Tiger Woods’ 19 year record for the lowest score ever at the Masters, beating Phil Mickelson and Justin Rose by four strokes each. His earnings for one tournament:  $1.8 million. And get this – one year ago in his first year on the tour in 2014, he placed 2nd in that Masters Tournament, losing only to Bubba Watson.

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