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In my 2015 book release, The Way Things Oughta Be, I offer numerous chapters with analyses and suggestions for improving the world, whether it be politics, science, education, criminal justice, family issues, love and romance and so much more. At the very end of the book, I present a chapter titled, “Afterthoughts” which is a list of one-liners, without essay or analysis.

     I thought some folks might be interested…so I extracted this chapter and created a short blog.  (With the author’s permission, of course) See what you think.


Sometimes, a simple answer can identify a question.  According to your author, here are a few one-line reflections on – The Way Things Oughta Be:

  • Smart people should think twice about the long-range consequences before blanketing their bodies with tattoo ink.
  • Parents who sit with their kids at restaurant tables engrossed with tablets and smart phones tell me they’ve lost the ability to communicate.
  • I’m a fan of space travel, but I also wonder if the enormous costs outweigh the benefits, and those billions of dollars could not be better funneled to more pressing needs.
  • Abolish car alarms. They are useless costs added to the price of an auto.
  • Schools,
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Congress has defined a Hate Crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.”

     We mostly hear about “hate crimes” as they relate to offenses against religion. Some think that the problem of hate crime is predominantly centered against Muslims.  Muslims – as well as media — would have us believe that the mere planting of a piece of bacon at the doorstep of a mosque is an act of hatred toward Muslims. Many say that Muslims are the main targets of hate crimes in America.

     Well, here’s the truth.

     According to 2014 FBI statistical records, nearly half (46%) of all hate crimes are filed under “racial” motives, not religion, which are victimized and/or perpetrated between blacks and whites.  Crimes against Sexual orientation and Religious orientation are tied each at 18.6%. 

     In the Religious Hate Crimes category, the most victims – by far – has been the Jewish faith, which accounted for 57% of all hate crimes. Second, is Islam, at 16%. The remainder of anti-religious hate crimes are minuscule by comparison. This pattern is consistent year after

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SPOTLIGHT”   –   9

This was like watching the unravelling of the Watergate scandal, only based in a church and not the White House. Same components; Newspaper reporters, government liars, high-level cover-ups and a story that exposes corruption and abuse of power.

     A riveting movie. Not because of action, sex or special effects. But, because of the powerful storyline brought to the viewer by great acting and directing, and daring revelations which we will not often see in the mainstream motion picture industry.

     The movie is based on a true story about decades-long rampant child abuse within the Catholic Church, which was ultimately exposed by the Boston Globe in 2002.  Editorial supervisor, Michael Keaton, heads the key reporters played by Mike Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams. They are supported by a newly implanted chief editor (Liev Schreiber) who has no roots in Boston, ergo, no political or religious affiliation. The team is hell-bent on digging into the bowels of church history, focusing mainly on predatory sex abuse by priests.  Most importantly, the Globe’s objective was not to identify one or two priests, but several dozen over a period of 30 years which was known about and covered up by the church

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Is Barack Obama really a Christian?  Or did he portray himself as a Christian for political expediency?

     From what we know about Obama’s history, it is clear that his political ambitions were rooted on or around the time he met Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago ( or perhaps, earlier). Those of us who stay tuned to the political world, are fully aware that Jeremiah Wright’s sermonizing and ideology is based on American hatred, and his chummy relationship with the Jew-hating Nation of Islam. Obama not only sat in the pews of this church for 20 years, he was a powerful supportive figure aligning with Wright behind the scenes.

     Would a Carter, Reagan, Clinton or Bush ever have been elected if they had a history of close associations with anti-Americans? 

     Perhaps Obama’s political advisors suggested he become a “Christian” as part of his future strategy?  Or maybe he linked up with Christianity on his own, we’ll probably never know.  But, for certain, by joining the Trinity Church, Obama could officially declare himself as a Christian, (whether true or not) thereby sucking millions of future voters into his political web. But, does anyone know

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 Why is this important? Because it may explain some of the inexplicable actions, decisions and non-decisions of our president, particularly in regards to the international stage.

Think of tiles that form a picture. One tile by itself tells you nothing.  When assembling all the tiles into one mosaic, then the big picture comes clear. This one article cannot address every tile, but it can present a summary. Yes, (my opinion) I believe Mr. Obama is a Muslim. Here are my reasons:

1. During his four year period between ages ages six to ten, Barack Obama was indoctrinated in Islam while living in Indonesia. Kids of Islamic families are buried in the Quran because Muslim fathers believe it is the most important aspect of their education, memorizing, studying…it is their primary source of education in the early years. While adopted by his mother’s new husband, a Muslim. Obama was renamed Barry Soetoro, son of Lolo Soetoro, and a citizen of Indonesia. Obama’s school records there list his religion as: Islam

2. At age ten, Obama was sent back to the United States by his mother, only to live and be raised by his maternal grandparents in Hawaii. His name remained Barry

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This is a Christmas story about a woman named Vivien.  

    Vivien was widowed three times in her life and spent a good deal of her time, love and energy raising her little boy as a single mom in the 1940’s and 50’s.

     Widowed without money shortly after the great war, Vivien brought in less than $100 a month to make ends meet in a small apartment. Often, there was not enough food to feed herself, but always ensured that her little boy had healthy meals. Sacrifice and struggle was an every day factor of life.

     Religion was not an integral part of the household, though she always made sure that a small Christmas tree was decorated in the apartment yearly, that carols were sung, presents were opened and love abounded. It was important that he was not seen by friends in school as an outcast, it was important that he felt the spirit of love, harmony and generosity.

     The 10 year-old boy saw that many kids were attending churches and synagogues, and he learned about the birth of Jesus and the great story that followed.  Once, her boy asked, “Mommy, what religion am I?”

     She hesitated and replied, “Well, son,

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     You don’t have to be Christian to love Christmas.

     We all know the origins of the much-commercialized holiday and how the stories about the birth of Christ evolved from biblical scripture. They are preached in Christian churches and homes everywhere. Regardless of personal beliefs, everyone must admit it is a wonderful story about struggle, beauty and love. After all, who doesn’t rejoice in the birth of a newborn, divine or not?  

     For devout Christians, it provides a time of year to celebrate a momentous event. Non-Christians can, and often do, unite with Christians in celebrating one time of year as a holiday to join families, express love, to exchange symbols of friendship and devotion and to excite children.

     I was raised an only child by a secular mother named Vivien who never read from a bible or preached religion to me. Yet, she was as spiritual as anyone without a label assigned. A table-top Christmas tree adorned our small apartment every December with traditional decorations and an ample supply of presents wrapped below. Dollar values mattered not.

     She included me in the holiday spirit that abounded in schools, shopping places, playgrounds and the homes of friends. I was part of

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