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If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.”
                                                                  — Mark Twain

Don’t think for one minute that our minds are not being manipulated by a biased media. We are all much like lambs in the flock, following, believing as they mold us to believe.
I’ve witnessed their methods through several personal experiences. Thus, I always read and watch with a jaundiced eye, knowing that certain television news stations and newspapers lean left and lean right. By doing so, they intend for you and I to lean with them.
In 2000, when my article on racial profiling had appeared in the Miami Herald, the producers of ABC’s 20/20 asked if I would come to New York for an on-camera interview. My article had emphasized that profiling may be justified in certain situations. Not a bad deal. Two free days in the big apple for my wife and I, plus a shot on national TV.Lights, action, camera: John Stossel was congenial enough. Then the barrage of questioning was steered toward pinning me against the wall to make me seem a like bigot. Not nice. After thirty minutes of interview,
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Terrorism is alive and well. It ain’t going away.

Just one week ago, on September 17th, a truck bomb exploded at the American embassy in Yemen, killing 19, including six of the attackers. Of course, the Yemeni government is on top of the situation, making good its claim that it opposes terrorism, while happy to continue receiving $40 million a year in foreign aid from American taxpayers. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. No surprise. Yemen arrested 30 suspects. Also, no surprise. Arresting “suspects” in a nation without a Bill of Rights is easy, especially when they’re under international spotlight.

Four days later, a huge truck bomb exploded at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, killing 53, including two Americans. Many consider the bombing a direct threat toward the new leadership in dealing with the United States.

From May to September of this year alone, India has endured four separate terror attacks involving 39 serial blasts, killing a total of 109 innocent civilians and leaving hundreds more without arms, legs, hearing or eyesight. In every attack, an extremist Islamist group claimed responsibility. India is constantly under attack.

In 2008 alone, besides Iraq, at least fourteen countries have felt the wrath

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(This article was originally posted March 18th, reprinted here to escape spam hustlers. )


Imagine, for one second, if the church that Hillary Clinton or John McCain attended regularly for the last twenty years posted this on its web site:


“We are a congregation that is unashamedly white…Our roots in the white religious experience and tradition are deep, lasting and permanent…We constantly affirm our trust in God through cultural expression of a white worship service and ministries which address the white community.
 Clinton and McCain would not only be out of the running for president, their political careers would be in shambles.

Those are the words of Barack Obama’s church.

Insert “black” to replace “white” in the above quotation, and you have the “About Us” section in the web site of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ where the Reverend Jeremiah Wright has spewed hatred of whites from the pulpit and decried this country, using the term at least one time: “God Damn America.”

Just words? (Where have I heard that before?)

Senator Obama has repudiated comments and deeply disagrees with the pastor of that church. Well, that’ll do it. The senator disagrees. Now, let’s move on and stop …

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Well, here I go smearing Obama again…I guess I must be a racist.

Honest folks, I’m not making this up…the information is out there for anyone if they are willing to learn. As usual, the media is hands off the Teflon candidate.

Barack Obama has claimed that his entry in the most prestigious Ivy League University law school in the nation was financed by student loans. Seemed logical enough. That’s the route of thousands.

Along comes Percy Sutton, a rather imposing 88 year-old lawyer, a former president of the Borough of Manhattan and a loser in the race for city mayor to Ed Koch, years ago. A credible man.

In an interview earlier this year on New York’s all-news cable channel NY1, Sutton made some interesting revelations about his relationship with young Barack Obama. He told NY1 reporter Dominic Carter on “Inside City Hall” that he was introduced to the 25 year-old Obama by a friend raising money to help further his education. The friend asked Sutton to write a letter in support of Obama’s application to Harvard law school.

Sutton did so, and Obama was admitted. The rest is history.

But wait. Who was that masked man? Who was …

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I’ve hesitated to speculate where Barack Obama has garnered his enormous record-setting mountain of campaign funds. His change of heart ( better known as flip-flop) from vowing to accept public funding, to vowing to rejecting it, was undoubtedly triggered by an awakening that money would continue to pour in from the private sector like Niagra Falls until the election is over.

Poor black communities? Doubtful. Movie stars, rock stars and generous liberal moguls, perhaps, but that wouldn’t assemble that much continuous cash on hand. Pro-choicers? Some, perhaps. Besides refusing public funds, Obama has also vowed that he will not accept donations from special interest groups as well.

Interesting to note; more than half of his $400 million has come from private donors sending under $200. The war chest is almost double that of John Kerry’s in 2004.

We do know that the Islamic world, not only inside the U.S., is licking their chops to see Obama elected. Some have openly declared their interest in seeing him win the Oval Office. Not only American Muslims ( ) but Palestinians overseas have formed phone banks to raise money for his campaign. Click here: Amanda Carpenter ::

What don’t we know? …

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There’s an old saying about not fixing something if it’s not broken.

The founding fathers got it right the first time, but American politics, as usual, managed to screw it up.

It takes 17 million votes in twelve months and millions of dollars of primary campaigning to finally come up with a nominee for president. But the selection of vice-president — a heartbeat away — is left up to one person. There’s something wrong with that.

The chances of a vice-president ascending to the highest office are pretty good. Three of our last seven presidents had first been a vice president. Another four, ran and lost. Thus, the naming of a vice-president is extremely important to the future of Americans.

Candidates will tell us that their vice-presidential running mates are selected purely on the basis of who is most capable to assume the role of president. It’s the right thing to say.

But it’s not true. Vice-presidential nominees are selected for a single purpose: To get the presidential nominee elected. Bolster the ticket. Grab votes. Reach out to ethnic, religious and geographical blocks. It’s certainly not to provide citizens with the next best candidate to serve as president.

Was G. …

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Let’s get down to bare bones. The question most important in this election year: Who is the most qualified?

Throughout my personal and professional career, I was taught — as most of us were — that achievement and experience is most important in the screening process when applying for lofty positions of great responsibility. Past deeds is the greatest barometer by which to measure one’s abilities and to forecast the future performance of any candidate.

The election process often ignores these issues. Instead, a campaign race becomes a media event laden with hired screamers, manipulated rallies, sound bites, charisma, spin and speech making while paying little attention to one’s history of accomplishments, or lack of them.

So, let’s look at this election in another mode. Imagine, for a moment, the office of President of the United States is not an elected position. Rather, he/she is the CEO of the nation, and selection is by committee that reviews the resume’s of each candidate before naming the new leader of the free world.

Screening is whittled down to two finalists. We’ll call them, Candidate A and Candidate B. Party affiliation is irrelevant, as is race, gender and ethnic heritage. All that matters …

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