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I’m one of those pro-choice advocates. To my mind, it’s important to keep Roe V. Wade on the books for two primary reasons:

1) Support the woman’s right to choose (obviously).

2) To prevent abortions from reverting to the back-alley incompetents, pre-1972.

Just like many other so-called “sins,” making abortion illegal will not stop abortions from happening. They just fuel the black market, and the procedure becomes much less safe.

That said, it pains me to write any article which leans more to the liking of the pro-life side of the abortion issue. But, in the case of a live births and viable fetus’, it’s essential that states draw a stricter line in the name of decency and righteousness.

Recently, the Board of Medicine revoked the license of Florida Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique for medical malpractice stemming from a botched abortion in which a fetus was born alive, then discarded by unlicensed personnel who were in attendance.

It happened in 2006. The mother, an 18 year-old woman in Hialeah, Florida, was 23 weeks pregnant. The day before the procedure, the doctor prescribed a drug that dilates the cervix. She arrived at the clinic the next day, but the doctor was

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Not everything is as it seems, as many of us have learned during our lives.

Here’s a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln:

“As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.”

Certainly a profound statement by a political leader who has been lionized over the last 144 years as the greatest president in American history and certainly, the beacon for establishing equal rights among the races.

But, is this all true, or simply an image? Was Lincoln that much ahead of his time? Did he really feel that blacks deserved parity with whites?

There is always more to the story, as we have learned about many idolized people of history. Many idols have been worshiped and adored only for us to learn later there was another side to him, or her. May we start with Bill Clinton? Rep. William Jefferson? Mayor Marion Barry? Men of the cloth, like Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart. Sports: O.J. They all have one thing in common: Another side people didn’t see because they were blinded by awe.

We all need

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In May of 2008, I posted a blog citing examples of how free speech is being muzzled right here in the United States, including the censoring of my own book on Militant Islam in America, and other books like it. This is it:

It’s getting worse, not just here but all over the world. Trends continue. Political correctness and capitulation is serving our enemies well. It certainly makes one wonder where it all will lead to, and how long it will take before democracy in the free world is put to death.

Around the world, while radical Islamists can demonstrate their hatred for America and non-believers in general, shouting expletives toward Americans and Jews, threatening to destroy us all, we dare not utter a word that is critical of them, lest we be cited for (ahem) hate crimes. Here’s an example, which stemmed form the Muhammed cartoon incident of 2006.

 Click here: Video: Chilling Islamic Demonstration 

Meanwhile, the hateful side of the Islamic world thinks nothing of publishing material and drawings that are equally, or more denigrating to other ethnic cultures, and they get away with it without censure. In newspapers
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People can argue ad infinitum about the history of the Israeli-Middle east situation, the bottom line is this: Israel exists. It is a sovereign nation. It has been under attack for 60 years, surrounded on three sides by many other nations who are dedicated toward its annihilation.

Imagine your home being the target of bullets and bombs, day after day. You are faced with a choice of dying, or fighting back. Your enemy has no interest in talking, they only want you destroyed. They make that crystal clear. No one comes to defend you. Finally, you have had enough and you start firing back with all the arms at your disposal. It’s not your intent to make it an even fight, it’s your intent to destroy them before they destroy you. You have no choice. Incredibly, public opinion is swayed by effective propaganda and people think you’re the bad guy.

Expand that scenario into a country instead of a single homestead, and you have Israel.

During his run for the presidency, while visiting Israel, Barack Obama said, “If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I would do everything to stop that, and

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This is about the September, 2007 Blackwater Baghdad shootings in which five contract security officers are charged with killing seventeen innocent Iraqis and face up to thirty years in prison. Nearby Iraqi witnesses claim the incident was unprovoked. That would mean that an armed group of private officers within a volatile foreign land had nothing better to do with their time than to form an evil cabal and decide to open fire on some innocent people just for kicks.

That reminds me of the allegation that eleven L.A. cops arrived on a murder scene in 1994, and when they found out the killer was a celebrity, they all agreed to plant evidence against the celebrity for no other reason but that he happened to be black.

First, it’s important to understand just exactly the role of this private security organization’s role within Iraq.

Blackwater is the largest of the State Department’s three private military security contractors, training over 40,000 officers a year in offensive and defensive military tactics. They received a government contract in 2003 to provide services in Iraq, securing facilities and dignitary personnel, not to mention the American Embassy in Baghdad, the largest in the world. Their role

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This blog was originally posted in November of 2007, re-printed this date. 



Posted on November 11th, 2007 by Marshall Frank in Politics & Government, Edit

Government is not so complicated. It’s just corrupt

One only has to monitor the illegal immigration fiasco to realize the extent of debauchery that prevails in the halls of the U.S. Capitol. Beyond that, the war in Iraq, the global war on terror, issues with environment, crime, gun control, pharmaceuticals, taxes and social security, energy, pork spending, and on and on.

Keeping it simple, but not stupid, the problems can be boiled down to a common denominator: Political fund raising.

We can talk about soft money and hard money, lobbyists and all the loopholes, but it all equates to this: When an individual, corporation or special interest group donates huge amounts of money to a political campaign, it’s for one purpose: To buy influence. The more the contribution, the more the influence. Anyone who thinks that such influence is intended to improve conditions for American citizens is living on the planet Mars. It’s to promote one’s business. For politicians, it’s to gain and retain power.

The tobacco industry didn’t …

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A U.S. congressman is caught hoarding $90 thousand in cash stashed in his freezer. A U.S. senator from Alaska is convicted of failing to disclose political gifts. Another Senator is caught playing footsie with an undercover cop in a public restroom. A New York governor is caught commiserating with prostitutes. There are far too many incidents to list. Meanwhile, the beat goes on.

Four Illinois governors in recent years have been indicted and/or convicted of crimes. What is most disturbing about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who is charged with trying to sell Barack Obama’s senate seat, is that he does not stand alone in the world of political corruption. It is pervasive. Part of the game. Business as usual. Just don’t get caught.

Virtually hundreds of politicians, federal, state and local, have been nailed in compromising or criminal situations over the years. It begs the question; is this the tip of the proverbial iceberg? If this is what we know, how much more is there that we don’t know?

The real problem, is apathy. People don’t really care. Americans, it seems, have become indifferent to corruption. It is amazing, that a candidate who is caught with bundles of cash in

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