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Will Obama Help Protect Israel

Hamas exists for a single purpose: The destruction of Israel. Everyone who is conscious, knows that. They’ve made that no secret.

 They’ve also made it no secret that they want to see Obama become our president.

Please watch this one minute video:

Click here: YouTube – The shocking video of terrorists supporting Barack Obama!!


Besides Hamas, the Palestinians have set up phone banks to raise money for Obama’s election. He is their choice, for us. While there may be “peaceful” Palestinians, there are millions more who support the destruction of Israel, which is a publicly stated goal since 1948 that has never wavered. How do we discern the “peaceful” from the “hateful?”

There is evidence which link Obama to radical Islamists not only in the U.S., but around the world. You read it all already, you’ve heard it all. Many choose to dismiss it all as “exaggerations” and “smear campaigns,” and then turn their back to reality. Why? Because they want a democrat in office, at all costs.
What are we doing?
What absolutely amazes me, is that so many of my Jewish friends, who are supporting Obama, have such short memories. Jews have been the target of hate
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Whatever happened to the concept of loyalty?

I grew up in a world where people took care of those who took care of them. That must be a bygone era.

Governor Bill Richardson exemplified a rat’s rat when he turned on the Clintons to back Barack Obama, sucking up for a vice presidency. Richardson would still be a nobody had it not been for Bill Clinton elevating him to two cabinet posts during his administration.

Enter, the former Secretary of State. For years, Colin Powell has been among the most revered public figures in America, once envisioned by millions, possibly, as the first African American president. Many thought he would be chosen as John McCain’s running mate. After all, he had been a staunch ally of Senator McCain for twenty years, as was McCain to him.

Instead, he stuck it to McCain.

Here is a man whose rise to national prominence was at the behest of republicans like Ronald Reagan, George Bush I, George Bush II and John McCain. First black National Security Advisor. First black four star general of the U.S. army. First black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff. First black Secretary of State. All on the

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If Barack Obama stood naked on Times Square at noon, dealing a kilo of cocaine while smoking a joint, then robbed a bank and detonated a bomb in a federal building, his loyal followers would find a way to blame it all on G.W. Bush. It just wouldn’t matter; he’s Barack Obama. That makes it okay. To even think of arresting him is tantamount to “swift boating” the poor man. There are some folks who can do nothing wrong.
It reminds me of Mayor Marion Barry, who was not only accused, but actually caught on video dealing and using crack cocaine. But did the voters of Washington D.C. care? No..they re-elected him anyway. He’s Marion Barry.

The issue is not so much, the legal technicality, whether he was born here or there, though that is important. This is about deceit and dishonesty, unveiling an humongous lie. Those who will say this is not sticking to the political issues, are right. This is not about the issues. But it is about character, and about trust, and that is just as — or more — important as an issue.
 Click here: YouTube – The October Surprise


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For the story, I’ll call him Billie.

Little Billie was one of those bright, hyper kids with an I.Q. approaching genius. He dazzled adults with his sharp wit, toothy smile and exuberant charm. He managed straight A’s without effort. Like many kids of the 1960’s, Billie was the product of divorced parents. Mother Dorothy remarried when he was three, and he grew to love his new stepfather. When he was ten, that stepfather suddenly disappeared never to return again.

The year was 1970, the age of Aquarius, Viet Nam, hippies, rebellion against the establishment and a new culture that would change the complexion of America in future generations: Drugs.

Now liberated, Dorothy thought marijuana was no worse than having a cocktail. Billie watched as Mama’s behavior changed. Pot seemed to make her mellow, and more sociable. A new circle of friends visited. She made no secret of her lure to cannabis, openly toking up with her guests. She kept a hearty supply around. She even offered a toke to little Billie, saying, “Here, I don’t want you doing this behind my back.”

Billie found her stash one day and brought a handful to school where he promptly lined his pockets …

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If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.”
                                                                  — Mark Twain

Don’t think for one minute that our minds are not being manipulated by a biased media. We are all much like lambs in the flock, following, believing as they mold us to believe.
I’ve witnessed their methods through several personal experiences. Thus, I always read and watch with a jaundiced eye, knowing that certain television news stations and newspapers lean left and lean right. By doing so, they intend for you and I to lean with them.
In 2000, when my article on racial profiling had appeared in the Miami Herald, the producers of ABC’s 20/20 asked if I would come to New York for an on-camera interview. My article had emphasized that profiling may be justified in certain situations. Not a bad deal. Two free days in the big apple for my wife and I, plus a shot on national TV.Lights, action, camera: John Stossel was congenial enough. Then the barrage of questioning was steered toward pinning me against the wall to make me seem a like bigot. Not nice. After thirty minutes of interview,
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Terrorism is alive and well. It ain’t going away.

Just one week ago, on September 17th, a truck bomb exploded at the American embassy in Yemen, killing 19, including six of the attackers. Of course, the Yemeni government is on top of the situation, making good its claim that it opposes terrorism, while happy to continue receiving $40 million a year in foreign aid from American taxpayers. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. No surprise. Yemen arrested 30 suspects. Also, no surprise. Arresting “suspects” in a nation without a Bill of Rights is easy, especially when they’re under international spotlight.

Four days later, a huge truck bomb exploded at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, killing 53, including two Americans. Many consider the bombing a direct threat toward the new leadership in dealing with the United States.

From May to September of this year alone, India has endured four separate terror attacks involving 39 serial blasts, killing a total of 109 innocent civilians and leaving hundreds more without arms, legs, hearing or eyesight. In every attack, an extremist Islamist group claimed responsibility. India is constantly under attack.

In 2008 alone, besides Iraq, at least fourteen countries have felt the wrath

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(This article was originally posted March 18th, reprinted here to escape spam hustlers. )


Imagine, for one second, if the church that Hillary Clinton or John McCain attended regularly for the last twenty years posted this on its web site:


“We are a congregation that is unashamedly white…Our roots in the white religious experience and tradition are deep, lasting and permanent…We constantly affirm our trust in God through cultural expression of a white worship service and ministries which address the white community.
 Clinton and McCain would not only be out of the running for president, their political careers would be in shambles.

Those are the words of Barack Obama’s church.

Insert “black” to replace “white” in the above quotation, and you have the “About Us” section in the web site of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ where the Reverend Jeremiah Wright has spewed hatred of whites from the pulpit and decried this country, using the term at least one time: “God Damn America.”

Just words? (Where have I heard that before?)

Senator Obama has repudiated comments and deeply disagrees with the pastor of that church. Well, that’ll do it. The senator disagrees. Now, let’s move on and stop …

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