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What is going on at FOX News? Must be a Viagra epidemic.

     We all hear about accusations of sexual harassment in the public arena, but this is more like a tsunami. Are there any newsmen at FOX that are able to control their libido?

     Or …is there more to the story.  Let’s start with Herman Cain…not necessarily about FOX…but, actually it is. 


     Remember the 2011-2012 primary election? Barack Obama was well-grounded in his second campaign to remain the first black president. But wait, during the primary campaigns, another prominent black man – a Republican no less — happened to rise to Number One in the Republican polls. 

     Can’t have that.

     Herman Cain was a successful black businessman, a conservative supporter of the Tea Party. After winning Florida, his poll numbers catapulted him as the top Republican candidate. Amazingly, three women suddenly emerged from obscurity to allege that Mr. Cain had made improper sexual advances, one of them as far back as 1997. One of these accusers just happened to reside in the same apartment building as David Axelrod, former senior advisor to, of all people, President Obama. The leaks got out. Cain’s poll numbers took a dive.

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  1. Did you know that 16 Muslim countries currently ban Israelis from entering?

         Click here: No one seems bothered with 16 Muslim countries where Israelis are banned | The Muslim Issue


  1. Did you know that, according to the FBI, 19.8% of hate crimes are based on religious bias. Among the categories, first place for victims, by a large margin were acts of anti-Jewish with 50.3 percent. Muslim targets were a distant second place with 13.7 percent.

     Click here: FBI — Victims


  1. Did you know that the Muslim Brotherhood, which was supported by the Obama administration, is deemed a terrorist organization by six nations; UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Russia. It also supported Hamas and produced Osama Bin Laden.

     Click here: Muslim Brotherhood – Wikipedia


  1. Did you know that over 200 million girls in over 30 countries have been subjected to female genital mutilation, and that roughly three million girls a year will suffer the same fate (according to the World Health Organization). Since 1990, the number of girls subjected in the United  States has tripled. Efforts are underway to legalize FGM in various states, including Maine and Nevada, in which (unbelievably) some politicians are supporting. Women’s
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(This Op-Ed appears in the July 14 edition of Florida Today.) 

     “U.S. voting system should be uniform for all”

     Marshall Frank, Community columnist


Apart from state laws that vary across state lines, federal laws are a national standard. Criminal and civil matters, federal law enforcement, income taxes, military and international issues are guided by laws under one umbrella in the United States. Federal laws are no different in California than in South Carolina, Alaska or Maine … with one exception: voting.

It’s no wonder federal elections and states administering them are in such a quagmire about voter identification. Consider this:

  • There is no uniform system across America for establishing identification of prospective voters. The state in which people live determines how voting is administered. Five independent systems currently exist that may or may not require identification, with and/or without photo.
  • Eighteen states, including New York, California and Pennsylvania, plus Washington, D.C., require no ID at all. Anyone can walk into a voting station and assume any name, be a convicted felon or an illegal immigrant, yet be provided the opportunity to vote — illegally. Without ID, there is no way to establish their eligibility.
  • The U.S. Constitution requires voters
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(This Op-Ed by yours truly, appears in the June 30th, 2017 issue of Florida Today)

More than 2 centuries later, let’s revamp how we pick jurors

       “There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that mandates trial by jury “of our peers.”


The hung jury in the rape trial of Bill Cosby raises questions, once more, about the composition of juries in the American trial system. Perhaps it’s time for America to innovate and make criminal trials more efficient, fair and precise for the 21st century.

The answer? Professional jurors, certified, trained and/or experienced in basic law and court procedure, selected for trials in a random process of picking jurors’ names from a hat. No more than six to a trial. That would expedite the process and do away with long, arduous and costly juror selection processes in thousands of jurisdiction in the nation and save citizens the anguish of losing time from jobs, kids and other responsibilities. It would also eliminate the emotional factor which comes into play with average citizens.

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that mandates trial by jury “of our peers.”

During my years with Miami-Dade Police, I witnessed numerous cases where emotion

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Women’s rights? Well, of course we are all sensitive and supportive of women who deserve human rights, not only here, but around the globe.

     Or, are we? Folks would not know that if they had been witness to a recent congressional hearing.

     Some politicians bluster about the rights for women, but they are always selective, ensuring the subject matter is localized which does not speak for women throughout the world. It’s all about getting elected and staying in office and to keep that political cash rolling in.  

     In truth, multi-millions of Muslim women live under subservient conditions where the male gender (husbands, fathers, brothers) is religiously, legally and functionally superior to women. In some fundamentalist countries, females are basically of equal value to a camel.

     Rarely do we hear anything from politicians about the plight of women within the Islamic world and the tortures and indignations they suffer just for being born female.  They comprise roughly half of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the globe and they are rooted throughout most every country on earth…including Iceland, (of all places) which has one mosque.

     On June 14th of this year, a congressional hearing was held in Washington in which two

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We’ve been hearing more and more about the creeping intrusion of Sharia (Islamic) Law around Europe and North America. The Muslim Brotherhood’s doctrines, as laid out in many of their secret documents, sets out specific goals to conquer western civilization from within and establish Sharia Law, ultimately to replace the Constitution in future decades.

     England has been so overrun and intimidated by Islamists, that they capitulated in allowing “Sharia Zones” in various sectors of the country. This means, when you see a sign on a wall or post in Birmingham or Manchester, which states “You Are Now Entering a Sharia Zone” it is a warning that different laws exist in that neighborhood/region which are strictly enforced…and are separate and apart from British law. In essence, it’s like being inside a foreign country, while in a country. France has evolved similarly, as well as other sectors in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and other places. The target is western civilization in general.

     So what do we need to know about Sharia Law. Here’s one definition found in Wikipedia:

     “Sharia Law, or Islamic Law, is the religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition. It is derived from the religious precepts of Islam, particularly

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This will finish Kathy Griffin’s career:

Image result for photo kathy griffin head
This is what it’s come to, folks. Americans against Americans. KIDS will see these kinds of images.  What’s ironic, is the left wing of America accusing conservatives of organized “hate.” Are you kidding me? What message does THIS send?
It’s just one picture you say?  How about another celebrity embarrassment named Snoop Dog.  Check this out:Image result for snoop dogg shooting trump
Then there’s the hundreds of posters, carried by demonstrators – like:
Image result for hate trump images
 Had enough?  Imagine the array of accusations of “Racism” if Obama had been depicted by the right as this president is enduring?
Celebrities have gone on the hate stump against Trump, like never before. Check out these videos by famous idols, like movie star, Ashley Judd:
Robert DeNiro:
This can go on for a hundred pages. In reality, we are seeing horrible rhetoric, organized and structured by celebrities who have become emboldened as spokespersons for the Democratic Party, in essence, soldiers in the hate campaign against the president. There are not Americans. They are anti-Americans doing what they do best: Acting.
Barack Obama was elected though he had no credible experience as a businessman or political leader. His entire life, from early childhood,
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