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Every time there is an election cycle, particularly for president, the polls, the media and the candidates pontificate how they feel about issues, foreign and domestic. After all, that’s what’s most important, right? Next in importance comes background along with personal integrity and professional achievements that give us a reflective picture about the candidate. Media pundits go about judging how good or bad candidates might be, based on their past record.

     Fact is, while all that may be important, these things are not what elects presidents, not in the last 60 years anyway. The number one asset any candidate must have, above money, above past record, above issues is: Charisma.

     Hillary Clinton is still licking her wounds pandering for sympathy for losing a fait accompli campaign in which she was all but coronated long before election day. After all, she was a “Clinton,” she had the endorsement of a sitting president, she had vast experience and she had far more campaign money at her disposal than her opponent, Donald Trump.  She can whine from now to dooms day about why she lost the election, but she’ll never admit to what she did not have: Charisma.

     Sure, millions of people still

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(This Op-Ed was published in Florida Today  on line)

By Marshall Frank, Community columnist 

I expect division because party systems call for division. It was normal in Kennedy’s days, in Obama’s days and even under FDR, whom most folks credit with saving our union. It was also an issue during colonial times. Jefferson and Hamilton never saw eye to eye on anything.

But it’s never been so frightening as it is today.

Robert Lee, an ESPN broadcaster, was removed from calling a game in Virginia, because his name is Robert Lee. Minus a middle initial, Lee has committed a racist act by virtue of his birth name. Have we gone nuts?

The crazies are finally running the institutions.

Honorary statues are tumbling and being defaced around the nation because of points of view of 250 years ago. 

A best-selling author/columnist was invited to speak at Berkeley University in April to address a counter point of view on the issue of immigration. Threats of violent acts and demonstrations convinced the school to cancel Ann Coulter, thus plunging another nail in the coffin of free speech and tolerance.

Somali-born author, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who suffered as a child under repressive religious dogma,

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Before reading, please enjoy this 5-minute video/song by Bill Anderson titled: Where Have All the Heroes Gone.”

     Click here: Bill Anderson – Where Have All Our Heroes Gone – YouTube

     I wonder…where have they gone?

     Born in 1939, I grew up through many significant milestones in America; Wars, Political strife, Assassinations, Sports records, Entertainment giants, Economic dilemmas, Segregation, Civil Rights movements, Riots, Crime and more.

     Heroes abounded. As a little boy, I saw every president as a hero, because they stood for America, the greatest country in the history of the world. The first song I ever memorized on violin was the Star Spangled Banner, which I played daily for my second grade class at North Beach Elementary in Miami Beach. I learned early on, that the “Pledge” was a statement of loyalty to the greatest country on the planet, and how lucky I was to be a part of it…despite its flaws.

     The first television screen I ever saw was in New York City, 1948, where my parents were visiting a friend. It was a piece of oak furniture with a six-inch screen in the middle. Through the flickering black-and-white picture, I saw ball players running on a field.

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Some folks may label me a bigoted, anti-everything, but I happen to agree with the president’s order to exclude transgender people from service in the United States military.

     Notice I did not say Lesbians, Gays, or bisexuals, and neither did the president. Transgender represents the “T” in the now-famous acronym, LGBTQ. Critics might broad brush supporters of the president’s order as anti-gay or anti-lesbian, which is simply untrue. Gays and lesbians have been serving honorably in the armed forces for years. But the big “T” is a whole other dimension. So, let’s dispense with false labels.

     The military must operate as efficiently as possible. It does not exist to be a politically correct entity to include each and every American no matter the differences. There are standards, rightly so. The Army has a minimum requirement for applicants to pass aptitude tests. Those who fail are not accepted. Is the U.S. Army bigoted against intellectually-challenged people? People are excluded from military service for various reasons, such as age, education, medical/mental health and physical restrictions. Perhaps we should drop all of that because it discriminates?

     Transgender folks pose a unique problem to military forces, which most people are unaware. Intellectual author, Dr.

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What is going on at FOX News? Must be a Viagra epidemic.

     We all hear about accusations of sexual harassment in the public arena, but this is more like a tsunami. Are there any newsmen at FOX that are able to control their libido?

     Or …is there more to the story.  Let’s start with Herman Cain…not necessarily about FOX…but, actually it is. 


     Remember the 2011-2012 primary election? Barack Obama was well-grounded in his second campaign to remain the first black president. But wait, during the primary campaigns, another prominent black man – a Republican no less — happened to rise to Number One in the Republican polls. 

     Can’t have that.

     Herman Cain was a successful black businessman, a conservative supporter of the Tea Party. After winning Florida, his poll numbers catapulted him as the top Republican candidate. Amazingly, three women suddenly emerged from obscurity to allege that Mr. Cain had made improper sexual advances, one of them as far back as 1997. One of these accusers just happened to reside in the same apartment building as David Axelrod, former senior advisor to, of all people, President Obama. The leaks got out. Cain’s poll numbers took a dive.

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  1. Did you know that 16 Muslim countries currently ban Israelis from entering?

         Click here: No one seems bothered with 16 Muslim countries where Israelis are banned | The Muslim Issue


  1. Did you know that, according to the FBI, 19.8% of hate crimes are based on religious bias. Among the categories, first place for victims, by a large margin were acts of anti-Jewish with 50.3 percent. Muslim targets were a distant second place with 13.7 percent.

     Click here: FBI — Victims


  1. Did you know that the Muslim Brotherhood, which was supported by the Obama administration, is deemed a terrorist organization by six nations; UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Russia. It also supported Hamas and produced Osama Bin Laden.

     Click here: Muslim Brotherhood – Wikipedia


  1. Did you know that over 200 million girls in over 30 countries have been subjected to female genital mutilation, and that roughly three million girls a year will suffer the same fate (according to the World Health Organization). Since 1990, the number of girls subjected in the United  States has tripled. Efforts are underway to legalize FGM in various states, including Maine and Nevada, in which (unbelievably) some politicians are supporting. Women’s
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(This Op-Ed appears in the July 14 edition of Florida Today.) 

     “U.S. voting system should be uniform for all”

     Marshall Frank, Community columnist


Apart from state laws that vary across state lines, federal laws are a national standard. Criminal and civil matters, federal law enforcement, income taxes, military and international issues are guided by laws under one umbrella in the United States. Federal laws are no different in California than in South Carolina, Alaska or Maine … with one exception: voting.

It’s no wonder federal elections and states administering them are in such a quagmire about voter identification. Consider this:

  • There is no uniform system across America for establishing identification of prospective voters. The state in which people live determines how voting is administered. Five independent systems currently exist that may or may not require identification, with and/or without photo.
  • Eighteen states, including New York, California and Pennsylvania, plus Washington, D.C., require no ID at all. Anyone can walk into a voting station and assume any name, be a convicted felon or an illegal immigrant, yet be provided the opportunity to vote — illegally. Without ID, there is no way to establish their eligibility.
  • The U.S. Constitution requires voters
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