Now that the 2018 elections are history, a field of Democrats is coming out with an array of wannabe candidates, all hoping they can upset Donald J. Trump. There may even be a couple of Republicans that will throw their hat in the ring, but unseating a sitting president from a second term, within party, is rare, unless we see a third-party candidate with enough draw to cause an upset, a la Ross Perot in 1992.

Regardless, this leaves potential voters with an arduous two-year future of news cycles and pundits working hard to convince us all who should be the next president. The Democratic field is wide open with at least seventeen national figures that are expected to give it a run, a handful of whom may have a slight chance of becoming a nominee, as per numerous pundits, newspaper articles and surveys in the last six months.

The obvious begins with Hillary Clinton, who is seemingly obsessed with that elusive moniker“first woman president” that she covets so much. As an odds maker, I’d give her 100 to one. Her time is up.

John Kerry, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, though