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If someone told you to go see a movie directed by Danny Boyle (who?), and starring Dev Patel, Anil Kapoor and Freida Pinto, (who, who, who?) filmed in India and partly subtitled, you’d probably take a pass. “No Thanks.”

Don’t do it.

It might very well be the best movie of 2008.

The movie follows the life of a Mumbai orphan, Jamal, from early boyhood to the age of eighteen when he becomes a contestant on India’s version of, “So You Want To Be A Millionaire.” After answering a stream of seemingly impossible questions, and suspected of cheating, Jamal is brought into police headquarters and “interrogated” by the in-house toughy.

From there, the flashbacks to different stages of his life surviving in the slums, acting on wit and instincts, reveal the truth about his incredible knowledge.

The movie has it all: A great love and endless search for the girl of his dreams, family struggle, government corruption, chases, murder, conflict, suspense, humor, and acting levels that would rival the most well known thespians of the silver screen. British director, Danny Boyle also brings you into the heart of the old city of Bombay (Mumbai) where squalor and luxury prevail side

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Okay. By popular demand…and because this blog site dared to name the ten most gorgeous female actresses of all time, it is only right that we try to come up with the best looking male actor of all time. This — obviously — was a little more precarious as I don’t generally get awestruck over the physicality of male actors as I might the ladies. But, I also have eyes, and I think I can objectively come up with a top-ten list of — what I consider — the most handsome men on the silver screen over the last eight decades.

Remember, it’s the eyes of the beholder. I suspect there will be more women responding to this issue…but here goes:

* Tyrone Power

* John Derek

* Antonio Banderos

* George Clooney

* Paul Newman

* Denzel Washington

* Richard Gere

* Errol Flynn

* James Dean

* Rock Hudson

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This subject is about as important as nothing. (And nothing can be pretty important sometimes.)

Most of us have thought about them, talked about them in light-hearted conversation, and some of us have even fantasized about them.

What female movie actress would you vote the most beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous of all time…in their prime, of course? Can’t get-your- eyes-off when she walks into a room. The consummate Ten. While this may be more of interest to the male audience, I’m sure the ladies have some opinions of their own. So, acting skills aside, let’s hear your votes. 

Here’s my list for the top ten. Who’s yours?

* Elizabeth Taylor

* Hedy Lamarr
* Halle Berry
* Grace Kelly
* Sophia Loren  
* Charlize Theron
* Rita Hayworth  
* Selma Hayek
* Marilyn Monroe
 * Catherine Zeta-Jones




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Here’s an amateur’s critique of some recent movies.



This is one of those movies that will probably die at the box office. It’s not a thriller. No action to speak of. No major stars. Not even one “F” word. No wonder it’s doomed to be a flop.

Yet, it is one of the best movies of the year. That is if you appreciate great acting, a gripping story-line, and an historical perspective of the Nazi era from another viewpoint. Not since Life Is Beautiful have I been so taken in.

If you only enjoy movies that are light and lively, skip this one. You will have to be ready for a deep and powerful drama set in wartime Germany, as witnessed through the eyes of an eight-year-old boy named Bruno. The boy is the son of a commandant at a concentration camp whose forbidden friendship with a Jewish boy on the other side of the fence has unexpected consequences. While the movie moves slowly in places, you never lose contact with the struggle of this child all the way to an unpredictable ending. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas is one of those rare …

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Greatest Comedians Of All Time

Always loved a good comic.

Maybe I’m just an old fogey who, like most old fogies, think the old timers were better than what the modern day produces. When I surf cable channels, like the Comedy station, I try to find good humor without a litany of four-letter words, crotch-grabs, sexual denigration, and constant references to body parts, but it’s futile. What is it that the audience finds so funny? Comics today think the funniest word on the planet is the oft repeated, “MF.” Alas, I sit laughless.

In today’s world, viewers of sit-coms are manipulated by canned laughter. Class B television actors recite lines and suddenly we hear an uproarious response to an inane comment that’s about as funny as a sore throat.

Whatever happened to the variety show before a live audience? Jackie Gleason and all his characters? Same with Flip Wilson, Carol Burnett, and Sonny and Cher. And for those of us who can remember, the age-old “Colgate Comedy Hour.”

Having come from a show-biz family, I am always looking for a good comedy, on television, stand -up, and in movies to rival such classics as “Some Like It Hot,” and “What’s Up Doc,” both of which …

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The Twenty Greatest Movies Of All Time

On lighter side…again.

There are some movies that I can watch over, and over again…though I’ve seen them ten times before. Most pictures that I’ve seen once, have no interest in a second time round. But there are a few that simply captivate, whether it be the acting, the plot, the settings or the story line. I have probably watched The Godfather a dozen times, same with the sequel. When I’m surfing my remote and I see Titanic on the channel, the surf comes to a halt. Love that movie.


Coming up with my ten greatest all-time movies was simply too daunting a task, so many eras, so many genres, comedy, action, drama, musical…it was impossible to narrow to ten. But I can offer an opinion on the twenty greatest movies of all time. (Within my scope of reference) These are the pictures I will watch again, and again, like a brain-dead couch potato.  (Which can feel pretty good sometimes)

Here’s my top twenty:


The Godfather

The Godfather II

Schindler’s List

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

The Shawshank Redemption



Some Like It Hot

Raging Bull

The Deer Hunter

Sophie’s Choice

Million Dollar Baby


Scent of A …

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Last week, I posted my top ten greatest movie actors of today, and it generated forty responses many of whom presented their own suggestions. Now it’s time for the female side.


Coming up with the greatest living actresses was a tough one, because I tried to focus mainly on pure acting skills, body of work, power in performance and versatility, though I’ll be the first to admit…as a red-blooded male animal…the influence of beauty was hard to overlook.

In the case of Halle Berry, who I consider among the most gorgeous creatures in the film business, one only has to look at her numerous and varied roles in which her dedication and skills shine through, far and above many in the field today. And, just like Charlize Theron, Berry has plunged herself into several roles where her character was far less than beautiful.

Here’s my list. Remember, these actresses are still living, and active in the world of movies. There are many more…it was tough to confine to ten names only:


Meryl Streep


Jody Foster


Glenn Close


Renee Zellweger


Hillary Swank


Halle Berry


Shirley McClain


Sigourney Weaver


Mary McDonnell


Judi Dench



Your vote?Next week, the ten greatest movies.


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