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 While laying in bed awake, like most of you, thoughts swim. So, I’ll share some of those in one-line contemplations…no rambling discussion needed. Just a few items to consider.  Enjoy. Think. Ponder. Argue.

It’s a blessing to have a brain with the power of reason. It’s also a curse.  

Rap Music is an oxymoron

Tongue studs are not just for decoration

Nose rings remind me of boogers

Pants hung below the ass, baring underwear, is an insult

The “War on Drugs” is lost, always has been

Strange, that the war on drugs excluded “nicotine.”

Charisma means more than resume` for gaining elective office

Ghandi was the most Jesus-like mortal in my lifetime

What religion was Cro Magnon?

Can you whistle the tunes to any song by Ice T or Eminem?

Corporate favors for politicians is nothing less than bribery

Why do lawyers donate to a judge’s campaign?

Why is white racism disgusting, while black racism is acceptable?

There is nothing funnier than a fart  

Forcible rape is a power crime, not a sex crime

The government is responsible for the majority of crime in America

The voice of Sarah Brightman is the closest to absolute perfection

Islamic Jihad is, by

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“Skin color is a benign, nonbehavioral characteristic. Sexual orientation is perhaps the most profound of human behavioral characteristics. Comparison of the two is a convenient but invalid argument.”                          —   Colin Powell,   1993 

    Sorry, I don’t believe it’s as simple as imposing compassion and human rights. Sounds nice. But the real reason some politicians are supporting a lifting of the ban on gays in the military, and doing away with “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is about power. It’s about building voting blocks to gain, or retain power. Voting gays make up a huge constituency.

  Let’s cut to the chase.

The best reason to retain “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” as the current policy for gays in the military can be summed up in one sentence: Straight guys don’t want to take showers with gay guys, knowing they are gay. Simple as that.

Regardless of political or social dogma, there are definite physical and psychological aspects to this issue that cannot be ignored.

It doesn’t mean that straight men are gay haters or homophobes. It simply means, they don’t want to be in any intimate arrangement — especially naked — around young men who are naturally attracted within a same-sex setting.

Most of

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“FROM PARIS WITH LOVE” Movie reviews, et al



Teenage nerd, Nick Twisp, falls in love with teen girl which leads to amateurish zany scenes and predictable script. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Pure garbage. Not because of language or sexual predicaments (common in all movies these days) but the poor directing, inane dialogue and pure trash for acting. This is the kind of movie that appeals to 19-year-old kids on drugs and alcohol, with nothing going for them in the world other than video games and body parts. Any professional movie rater that gave this any stars, should be fired from their jobs. We walked out after 40 minutes.

BOOK OF ELI –  Rating = 8

Another apocalyptic movie about one man surviving the devastated planet long after the bomb(s). This was much better than “The Road” because it actually had a plot, a mission and a worthwhile script. Denzel Washington did a credible job (as always) as the man with a mission. It’s another long and depressing picture, but in its context, well done.


Inspired by the true story of John Crowley, a man who defied great odds and risked his

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Thank you.

I have appreciated all your thoughts, comments, ideas and dissent on this blog site over the last couple of years, many of which have been enlightening and informative. I know we are not always in agreement, but America is a wondrous place where free speech and exercise of our rights give us the forum to espouse whatever opinions we have, so long as we don’t incite the violation of laws or threaten harm to anyone else. Few places on planet Earth allow that. Yet we take it for granted. We think it will always be here. It might not.

As we speak, countries all over the world, including some in Europe are acquiescing to intimidation which will prohibit the exercise of free speech and expression of opinion. The change is happening. Those kinds of restrictions exist throughout Asia, Africa, the mid–east and some places in South America. We don’t want that ever to reach America.

In that regard, please indulge me with a very short story. Not long ago, in preparation for an upcoming performance, I was practicing music with a Russian-born friend who immigrated to the U.S. in 1990. We’ll call him Nicolas. A humble man, he

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This 10-minute video has been circulated around the Internet for some time. Many will say that it’s a cut and paste job. That’s true. If it was not cut and pasted, it would go on for hours. But the words speak for themselves. You be the judge.

When it’s finished, please tell me how warm and fuzzy you feel about this man being the commander in chief of our nation’s armed forces and of our domestic tranquility.


Click here: YouTube – Obama Admits He Is A Muslim#t=28

Here’s a list of terrorist acts in the last 30 years, on American soil.


















New York, NY






Ten members of a local mosque phone in a false alarm and then ambush

responding officers, killing one.






Brooklyn, NY






Muslim extremists rob a sporting goods store for weapons, gunning

down a police officer who responds to the alarm.






Washington, DC






Nation of Islam members shoot seven members of a family to death in

cold blood, including four children. A defendant in the case is later

murdered in prison on orders from Elijah Muhammad.






Oakland, CA

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A recent visit to my wife’s hometown of Cornwall, Ontario, left me with a new perspective about our friendly neighbor to the north.

Let’s start with a make-up Rotary Club meeting at the Ramada Inn, next to the bridge which crosses into the U.S.A. Yes, people were very friendly, Yes the food was great. But most stunning, was the homage paid to the United States in the opening ritual. I noticed two flags at the front of the room; One with the red maple leaf, the other with the stars and stripes. Then, the woman president said, “Let’s all sing the national anthems.” (Emphasis added to the plural) To my amazement, I was in another country where their citizens were singing The Star Spangled Banner, before they moved on to Oh Canada. Stunned, would best describe my reaction.

I later asked the president, why? For several reasons, she replied. The Canadians love and respect the United States. Rotary Clubs are international, but they originated in the U.S. Cornwall borders our country, and their district includes Rotary Clubs south of their border as well.

While in Canada for those few days, I asked a number of people about

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Greatest All-time TV Sitcoms?

Finally, a few thoughts on the lighter side.

Most people will call me an old fogey, but the truth remains, I cannot find any modern sitcom shows that match the great writing, acting and humor of by-gone days when many of the shows were performed before a live audience and canned laughter was not always needed to instigate laughter.

I realize Seinfeld, Everyone Loves Raymond and Frasier were all big hits, but I often found myself scratching my head at the sound of uproarious laughter when there was nothing that funny about the dialogue. Rare did those shows trigger a belly laugh to compare to The Honeymooners and All In The Family.

Okay, enough with the rant. Here’s my list of the top ten sitcoms of all time:


All In The Family

The Honeymooners

I Love Lucy

The Jeffersons

The Cosby Show


Night Court

The Golden Girls


The Nanny


Five Honorable mentions:



Dick Van Dyke Show

Different Strokes

Three’s Company

The Odd Couple


Okay, your choices?


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