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Dear Mr. President,

Now that your term is near an end, you’ll be doing what all lame-duck presidents do just before leaving the Oval Office; issuing dozens of pardons and commutations to America’s prison inmates. As of December 23rd, you’ve issued only 191 presidential pardons. Some may think that admirable, but the truth is, all of them came after the convicts already completed their sentences. Among those pardoned, were drug dealers, embezzlers, unlawful gun dealers, tax evaders, thieves, one bomber and a host of others. Besides the pardons, you’ve commuted nine sentences, thereby shortening prison time for those convicts.

Contrast your record of compassion to that of other presidents: Wilson 2,480 pardons, Truman 2,044, Hoover 1,385, Lyndon Johnson, 1,200, plus Clinton, Reagan and ford, all of whom pardoned over 400 each.

It’s time, Mr. President, to right a grievous wrong.

It’s one thing to pardon people who made a habit of committing of crime, it’s another to pardon those who lived a life fighting crime on behalf of Americans. I’m talking about those who make Americans safer, who risk their lives every day on the front lines of the war on crime, who are there for you and

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Beware of Repair Scams

This is a re-posting of a blog from November or 2008


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Buyers, Beware!

We all know the horror stories about car-owners who are taken to the cleaners by unsavory auto service centers, out to make big bucks off the ignorance of neophytes. Most of us know that getting a simple oil change may result in garage managers trying to sell their customers unneeded parts such as air filters, brakes, shocks, serpentine belts, and such. Young women, in particular, are an easy target.

But I never thought a garage would stoop to the bottom of the sleaze scale by staging a problem in order to make a big sale. Such is the case with a 22 year-old woman who recently took her Jeep Liberty to a local, all-service tire service dealer in Melbourne for an oil change. When she returned to pick up her car, the message was dire. “You have a major oil leak, Miss. You need to have this fixed right away.”

Fortunately, her grandfather had forewarned her about auto service predators. Her response was simple. “Thank you. I’ll have it …

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Greatest Comedians Of All Time

Always loved a good comic.

Maybe I’m just an old fogey who, like most old fogies, think the old timers were better than what the modern day produces. When I surf cable channels, like the Comedy station, I try to find good humor without a litany of four-letter words, crotch-grabs, sexual denigration, and constant references to body parts, but it’s futile. What is it that the audience finds so funny? Comics today think the funniest word on the planet is the oft repeated, “MF.” Alas, I sit laughless.

In today’s world, viewers of sit-coms are manipulated by canned laughter. Class B television actors recite lines and suddenly we hear an uproarious response to an inane comment that’s about as funny as a sore throat.

Whatever happened to the variety show before a live audience? Jackie Gleason and all his characters? Same with Flip Wilson, Carol Burnett, and Sonny and Cher. And for those of us who can remember, the age-old “Colgate Comedy Hour.”

Having come from a show-biz family, I am always looking for a good comedy, on television, stand -up, and in movies to rival such classics as “Some Like It Hot,” and “What’s Up Doc,” both of which …

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Well, here I go smearing Obama again…I guess I must be a racist.

Honest folks, I’m not making this up…the information is out there for anyone if they are willing to learn. As usual, the media is hands off the Teflon candidate.

Barack Obama has claimed that his entry in the most prestigious Ivy League University law school in the nation was financed by student loans. Seemed logical enough. That’s the route of thousands.

Along comes Percy Sutton, a rather imposing 88 year-old lawyer, a former president of the Borough of Manhattan and a loser in the race for city mayor to Ed Koch, years ago. A credible man.

In an interview earlier this year on New York’s all-news cable channel NY1, Sutton made some interesting revelations about his relationship with young Barack Obama. He told NY1 reporter Dominic Carter on “Inside City Hall” that he was introduced to the 25 year-old Obama by a friend raising money to help further his education. The friend asked Sutton to write a letter in support of Obama’s application to Harvard law school.

Sutton did so, and Obama was admitted. The rest is history.

But wait. Who was that masked man? Who was …

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I’ve hesitated to speculate where Barack Obama has garnered his enormous record-setting mountain of campaign funds. His change of heart ( better known as flip-flop) from vowing to accept public funding, to vowing to rejecting it, was undoubtedly triggered by an awakening that money would continue to pour in from the private sector like Niagra Falls until the election is over.

Poor black communities? Doubtful. Movie stars, rock stars and generous liberal moguls, perhaps, but that wouldn’t assemble that much continuous cash on hand. Pro-choicers? Some, perhaps. Besides refusing public funds, Obama has also vowed that he will not accept donations from special interest groups as well.

Interesting to note; more than half of his $400 million has come from private donors sending under $200. The war chest is almost double that of John Kerry’s in 2004.

We do know that the Islamic world, not only inside the U.S., is licking their chops to see Obama elected. Some have openly declared their interest in seeing him win the Oval Office. Not only American Muslims ( ) but Palestinians overseas have formed phone banks to raise money for his campaign. Click here: Amanda Carpenter ::

What don’t we know? …

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I figured it would be Sen. Kay Hutchinson of Texas, or Christine T. Whitman of New Jersey, both conservative republicans and both women. Well, I was partly right, he picked a woman. But I never thought Sarah Palin, in my wildest imagination.

Whether it was a good choice or not, John McCain has done what he’s best known for: thinking outside the box, being a maverick, doing the least expected.

Like most folks who follow politics, I’ve done some homework. This is what I see as the pros and cons of her nomination.


 * Experience. That’s a no-brainer. The Obama pundits will certainly seize upon her less than two-year reign as a state governor, which follows a six-year mayoral stint and four as a town councilwoman. McCain’s emphasis on Obama’s lack of experience thus becomes nullified.

* Strong pro-life. Half of the voting populous is pro-choice.

* Too young. John F. Kennedy was younger when he took the oath of office. Obama is only three years older.

* Too many domestic responsibilities with five kids, one of whom has Down Syndrome.

* Far right wing conservative. This is only negative to those who are far left wing liberal.

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In May of this year, a Danish tugboat operator named Colin Darch was piloting his craft out of the Red Sea when heavily armed pirates approached in two small boats and began screaming and firing weapons. Though he made a gallant attempt to resist, the thugs boarded the tugboat and took the crew hostage for six weeks until a ransom was paid by the company’s owners, reportedly at $700,000. Interviewed later, Darch said his “heart sank” when the assault began.

In April, the French luxury yacht, Le Ponant, was seized off the coast of Somalia where thirty people were taken hostage. A reported two million dollars in ransom money was paid for their release.

According to the International Maritime Bureau, seventy-one vessels have been boarded in the first six months of 2008, 190 crew members were taken hostage, seven were killed and another seven are missing, and presumed dead. Over 2,463 acts of piracy were committed around the world between 2000 and 2006. Their goal: food and supplies targeted as foreign aid, cash, personal belongings of passengers, and ransom money. The most hazardous routes are along the Nigerian and Somali coastlines of Africa, Indonesia and the Gulf of Aden …

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