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Eleven years ago, yours truly was suffering badly from migraines, so the neurologists finally ordered an MRI of my head. (Folks had always said I needed my head examined)

Voila, they discovered I had a one-inch thick AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) in the back of my brain, which had probably been growing there since birth. In a nutshell, an AVM is a grouping of tangled veins and arteries which, if bleeding occurred (like an aneurism) could cause death and/or permanent disability.

Doctors insisted I go for further tests and treatment. They said, the likelihood of bursting increases at a rate of three percent per year, and at this point I had just entered my 60s.

Very worrisome, indeed. Three options were: surgery, radiation or gamble doing nothing. I’ve always been a loser at gambling. I won’t even stop at a one-armed bandit in Vegas.

Suzanne and I traveled to Emory University in Atlanta, where the world’s top experts in AVM treatment and surgery were available. My surgeon said it was very serious, but to further pinpoint matters, he ordered a series of tests which involved scans, dyes, arteriograms, and much more.

While being prepped, with hospital gown and tubes hanging from

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1) I believe Barack Obama will not serve out his four-year term, and will likely be out of office by this time next year. (For one reason or another).

2) After January of 2011, hard evidence of Obama’s presidential illegitimacy will surface necessitating a congressional investigation that results in his impeachment and/or resignation from office…that being the likely basis for removal from office.

3) Joe Biden will assume the Oval Office and — based on powerful signals from the American electorate — will shift much of the Democratic focus from left, to center in the political spectrum, based on powerful signals from the American electorate.

4) A significant shift in congressional power will take place after November’s mid-term election resulting in Republican majority in the House and Senate. (Which is partly why # 2 will happen)

5) Hillary Clinton will resign as Secretary Of State after the mid-term elections. She will run for president in 2012, and win the Democratic nomination. This will occur regardless if Obama or Biden is in office.

6) We will see another major terrorist attack in the U.S. within the next twelve months.

7) The Afghan war will come to an abrupt halt before the

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A sleeper for the Oscars.

While this picture will be a box office flop, it’s probably the best drama of 2010, destined to be remembered as a gut-wrenching drama with true-to-life characters and internal conflicts that only the super destitute can relate to.

Briefly, this is about a 17 year-old girl burdened with the responsibility of caring for two small siblings, abandoned by one criminal parent and another disabled, struggling to survive in the backwoods setting of rural Missouri. She’s informed by authorities that their ramshackle house will be confiscated by authorities unless she locates her father…an impossible task. Superbly acted by Jennifer Lawrence, her character is met with one roadblock after.

Directed by Debra Granik, the actors in the film are so realistic, it makes them surreal. This is not for people who complain about “depressing” movies, nor does it display the usual herky-jerky hand-held cameras with dumb action, smashed cars, collapsing buildings, and bullets flying by the billions. It’s not a complicated story, but one you won’t easily forget.

Watch for Oscar nominations for best actress, best supporting actress (Dale Dickey) and best director.


Again, superb acting by John C. Reilly,

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It’s the in-vogue term for invectives who wish to instill hatred. Unfortunately, it’s been a big success.

Just call someone, or any organization — RACIST — and all ears listen. Attach labels, that’s an effective strategy. True or not, they stick like unwanted glue. The media jumps on such allegations as juicy headlines in the making.

We no longer have to interpret the meaning of RACIST. Society and media has done it for us. It unequivocally refers to white on black prejudice. And if someone like myself even suggests that blacks can be racist too, that make me: (Guess what?) A RACIST!

If an organization existed was named the “NAAWP” (National Organization for the Advancement of White People) the powerful black community, the media and the majority of America — left and right — would be swayed to believe they are all RACISTS. But any organization that is black-only, is an American entitlement, not RACIST.

The Congressional Black Caucus categorically excludes whites even though some white congressmen have applied for membership in the past. Does that mean white congresspersons should be extended the same right to form a White Caucus? Of course not, that would make them: RACISTS.

Recently, an

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“Limbaugh Marries For Fourth Time.”
Such was the heading in a recent USA Today sidebar article.
So, what’s wrong with this?
In three sentences, the piece describes Rush Limbaugh’s wedding to Ms. Kathryn Rogers in West Palm Beach. Harmless copy, indeed.

A couple years back, I wrote about a newspaper headline in Cincinnati which read:

“White Cop Shoots Black Suspect.” It wasn’t until you got into the meat of the story that the reader discovered the officer(s) were shooting back at a suspect who was shooting at them, thus it was a self defense, justifiable act.

I wondered to myself: If the racial equation was any different, would the headline have read “Black Cop Shoots White Suspect?” … Or… “Black Cop Shoots Black Suspect?”

Well, we all know the answer to that. Fact is, the headline immediately incites anti-police sentiment among minorities that are generally inclined to dislike cops to begin with. It is a subtle way of suggesting an act of “racism” had been committed by law enforcement, unless the reader chooses to read the entire story…which does not always happen.

Deliberate or not, news channels and newspapers have enormous power over citizens by installing subliminal messages. By doing

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The videos say it all.

An officer never knows where or when it will strike. Can be in the urban jungle or the sprawling countryside.

This is for Monday morning quarterbacks always on the ready to criticize cops without walking in their shoes. Three very short videos that depict why officers must be on the alert at all times. And why, sometimes, cops get a little edgy.

Always think twice before rendering judgement. This is why:

Click here: Hamilton Police shooting video 

 Click here: YouTube – Police Shooting Video    

Click here: » Real video of a cop getting his ass kicked:

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I wish to thank all my readers for their interest in my blogs, and to all those who contribute comments offering their own thoughts and opinions. Regardless of your position on any issues, your input is always welcome, so long as it’s submitted with respect for me and for other commenters as well. As I’ve often said, I’m not always interested in singing to the choir. All voices are welcome.

I have the liberty of deleting comments with profanity or any other that I otherwise deem revolting or totally irrelevant. (Which I have done a very few times) There’s no point for that in these dialogue formats, no matter how passionate we feel about issues.

If you read the opening paragraph the Frankly Speaking Home Page, it states:

“…appreciate if responders would leave their names, city of residence and, if possible, e-mail address.”

This is not required, obviously. But at minimum, an e-mail address would enable me to make a private contact with a responder if I think it worth intervening. What is not welcome, are insults by those who hide behind anonymity.

Let’s not only cherish, but exercise the freedom of speech, while we still have it.

Thanks again.

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