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Born on the 11th of September 1960, during the waning winds of Hurricane Donna in Miami, Bennett Arthur Frank would be 59 years old today. His life, not surprisingly, came to an end earlier this year. He had one lifelong adversary, which in the long run, could not be overcome, despite endless offers of love from family members and all the programs, experts, doctors, counseling, medicines and even a couple short-term incarcerations.

There was not an evil bone in his body. He harmed no one deliberately, but himself. Yes, we all tried to help, we all sacrificed and watched, we all suffered with pity, anger, anxiety and hopelessness. He tried, now and then, to shed the monster, but the monster would forever prevail. Sadly, he lived so deep in the muck, he never realized how much he was truly loved. Finally, we came to learn that he saw love from others as a weakness upon which to prey.

His poetry came from the heart. And, rightfully, his book was published. His poems should be a text book for psychologists, recovering victims and well-meaning family. It’s titled “Black Hole,” his abode, indeed. 

I will forever remember that 9/11 day

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My Stories “Before They Go Untold”

Five years ago, I was contacted by a media/videographer who was interested in my background. She wanted to conduct a 15-minute interview about life as a kid, as a stepson of mobsters, then a career cop/homicide detective, and some of the stories that might be of interest to others. The name of the program was “Before They Got Untold” – with Molly Park. 

Though the video is 5 years old, and with time on my hands waiting for a visitor named Dorian, I thought it might of interest to some of my fans and friends.  So…here is the link:

Marshall Frank, 75, Talks About Becoming a Detective in Miami, FL – YouTube

While I am at it I might as well plug my book of memoirs, “From Violence to Violence”…which chronicles a difficult childhood, living with gangsters, music, police, multiple marriages and kids, and much more. Signed copies are available, just e-mail me at  Books are $15 including shipping.
(Books have had two different publishers….same content)


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A BOY WHO MATTERED by Marshall Frank

Announcing the release of my non-fiction book, “A Boy Who Mattered,” Independently published by Frankly Speaking Enterprises through Amazon (KDP).

     In January of this year, my son, Bennett A. Frank, died at the age 58 of from a mixed overdose of three powerful drugs. He had lived a floundering life in and out of dependency, yet he was loved by many including his son, daughter, brother and father. He wasn’t a bad person. He was, simply, a diehard drug addict with a weak constitution.

     While I certainly grieved, like millions before me, I thought it would be worthwhile to share the story of this complicated life with others who are either suffering from powerful addiction, or are emotionally and physically tied to a sufferer. I hope there is something significant that can be learned from Bennett’s struggle by turning a negative into a positive, imparting the highs and lows, struggles and mistakes along the way.  The book is for those who suffer from the disease of addiction, or – equally important — for others in the arena including loved ones, family and friends who struggle as they hopelessly watch a human deteriorate day by day.

     The following paragraph is the

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In a word:  Disappointing

     Titillated by the previews and the heavy-hitters cast, we were expecting non-stop scenes full of action, Hollywood nostalgia and heart-wrenching plots that simply didn’t deliver, not until the ending, that is. With the picture stretching 2 hours and 40 minutes, it seemed director, Quentin Tarantino did all he could to drag out the movie with unnecessary scenes and/or some painfully elongated, that it digressed from the story lines. Lots of movie shots inside the vehicles.

     One example of wasteful scene time was Actress Margot Robbie who actually does a good job of portraying Sharon Tate (who was murdered by the Manson Gang in 1969). In one long and boring scene, Tate is enamored with herself having been cast in a Hollywood movie. Upon seeing a marquis with her name displayed as one of the stars, she walks across a street and enters the theater where the camera watches her watch herself on screen amid the audience. This was easily about seven minutes, or more, of valuable film time that could have been omitted and no one would have known the difference.

     This film takes place in Los Angeles

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“He’s a racist! She’s a racist!” Everyone’s a racist”

     When hating cannot be justified, haters resort to “racism” to denote what they cannot describe otherwise. Today, it is the most abused word in the English language.

     Recently, CNN host, Don Lemon peered into the camera and declared, “Donald Trump is a racist.” That has been echoed often in the media, particularly on cable news networks, CNN and MSNBC. In May of 2017, only four months into Trump’s presidency, The Washington Examiner released a study citing political attitudes toward the president, in which 92 percent of air time was devoted toward berating Donald Trump. And that includes repetitive allegations he is a racist.

     In July of this year, the rhetoric has not waned. Rather, it has intensified in the wake of political power-plays by four rookie congresswomen who have made no secret that they hold prejudicial attitudes toward others unlike them, particular the president, and let fly with citing “racism” as the predominant term to label those who are opposed to their politics. Meanwhile, they never fail to refer to their identities as “women of color,” as though it had anything to do with anything.

     Why do politicians, pundits, and media

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(Published as Op-Ed in Florida Today,  July 8, 2019.)

Several Democratic candidates for president are supporting studies to award reparation dollars to descendants of slaves. Sens. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker are among them. Various news reports have suggested the taxpayers’ tab might run anywhere from $10 billion to $100 billion. In the journal Social Science Quarterly, University of Connecticut researcher Thomas Craemer estimated that it would cost between $5.9 trillion and $14.2 trillion.

No one would argue that the era of slavery in America that ended 154 years ago was a horrific travesty. The very thought of what human beings endured at the hands of other human beings is beyond sickening. That was then, this is now. Doling out free taxpayer money to millions of people in 2019 because they happen to be distantly related to ancestors prior to 1865 sets the stage for renewed breakdowns in race relations across America.

This is like Harris or Booker saying, “You owe me millions in tax dollars because I was born black.”

The thought of how that would be divvied up, if passed, is mind-boggling. There are many blacks who had no distant slave relatives. A lot of whites, Hispanics

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 I recently checked the status of my crime novel, The Upside to Murder, happy to see that many readers have enjoyed the story. Better yet, since it has now been made available in audio version in 2018, I stopped to see some of the reader’s comments, which were – for the most part – glowing.  And, no, these reviewers are not my friends and relatives, the people come from the four corners of the nation.

Since it’s been a while, and considering the audio, I thought I’d create a new promo for mystery lovers who never heard of the book and might be interested. I should also point out, that in 2016, a Hollywood producer sought me out to sign a rights contract for a two-year option to make a film. Enough  money was never raised, thus – no movie. But it did my ego a lot of good.

Paperback print copies are at, or signed copies (discounted) are available by e-mailing me at

Story Line:  After 16 year-old Cassandra is gang-raped, shot and left for dead, African-American Doctor Orville T. Madison, embarks on a stealth campaign to protect his daughter from reliving the terrifying ordeal through

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