Here we go again. The 20/20 hindsight syndrome.

Since the infamous Columbine shootings of 1999, according to Shepard Smith of Fox News, there have been 25 school shootings which resulted in death for one or more victims. Three have already occurred since the beginning of this year. Many more shootings have also occurred in other venues besides schools, such as movies theaters, night clubs, political rallies and open-air festivals. It’s just as heinous to see mass shootings in parks and theaters as it is in schools.

In each and every report, we hear the same old rhetoric from civil rights leaders, politicians, media reporters and others summing up their opinions about motives and causes which are inevitably related to guns, while the NRA and right-leaning politicians defend gun ownership. Usually, the first gem from politicians is to blame the absence of “gun control,” as if that’s the band-aid that would solve the problem.

Same old.

People ask why other countries do not have the same problems as the United States. Answer: we have a Bill of Rights that allows for free speech, assembly and press along with a Second Amendment that protects gun