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In case you haven’t seen it, there is a new pro-feminism video out to promote the selling of tee shirts which decry unequal pay for women and to discourage the crime of rape. Worthwhile causes, indeed. However, four little girls – ages 7 – 9, are used  ( virtually “used”) to carry the message forward with horrific, profane dialogue which includes the “F” word repeatedly (and others).  Just two minutes…Please watch:

Click here: Little Girls Swear Like Truck Drivers To Make A Point About Sexism

The producer is a male person (I assume) named Mike Kon.  In case Mr. Kon’s IQ is somewhere below Neanderthal levels, I have a simple message which he probably won’t understand. Hey Mike:  I have free speech rights too.  Here’s something you might not know. The word F–K means jamming a penis into a vagina for sex gratification. Is this what you wanted these little girls to convey to adult people in your video? If so, please check into the nearest mental institution and seek aid, so we can protect our little kids from people like you. Yes, rape is bad. Very bad. So is raping the moral character of children. So is raping their

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It was eight years ago today, October 21st, 2006, that I met a beautiful 13 year-old girl named Esther Muradov. Why is that such a big deal?

Because of her, the Creative Arts Foundation of Brevard, Inc., was born. This non-profit organization was formed to seek and assist exceptionally talented youngsters who have worked passionately toward improving their skills in music and the arts, and to help them realize their dreams. Since being formed, the foundation has provided more than seventy young musical talents with opportunities they may not have realized otherwise, including partial scholarships, music lesson, instruments, and venues in which to perform. More than $55,000 has been awarded in prizes and grants to the most needy of those youngsters. We have held over forty performance recitals featuring kids from ages 9 to 19, and five annual music competitions, awarding $1000 prizes to the winners, and lesser prizes to deserving young musicians and singers. The funding comes from generous lovers of talent within the community. It would never have happened if not for this young prodigy.

On that day in 2006, Esther visited our home with her mother, a piano teacher, to play the first movement from

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     I am a bigot. I’m an Islamophobe. I’m un-American because I reject outside cultures that hate America yet use American laws and rights for furthering an anti-American agenda. Yes, I’m the bad guy here.

     The following is but a sampling of what is happening in this country, and on the increase. Recent examples of “moderate” and “peaceful” Muslims in America.

     July  2014:  Miami, Florida.  “Moderate” Muslims demonstrate in support of Hamas.  Watch the video:

     Click here: Miami HAMAS ATTACKS Jewish Reporter! – YouTube

     September 2014, New York City, Muslim Day Parade. Including floats showing caged women, a hanged woman, (mannequin) simulated AK 47 and other machine guns, and hatred toward Egypt’s government for rejecting the Muslim Brotherhood.  More “moderate” and “peaceful” Muslims on display.  See photos and watch videos below:

     Click here: Muslim Day Parade in NYC with Hanged and Caged Women! – Eagle Rising

     Click here: ‘Graphic’ Muslim Day Parade displays confuse some in NYC | The FRANCE 24 Observers

     July  2014.  Los Angeles and Boston.  Pro-Israel (peaceful) demonstrations are met with violence by assaults on demonstrators by Muslims.

     Click here: ‘Graphic’ Muslim Day Parade displays confuse some in NYC | The FRANCE 24 Observers

     June 2012, Dearborn, Mi. 

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While we are fed constant news about ISIS, Ebola and a questionable police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, we seem to have lost interest in what is happening on the Israeli front, where rockets continue to pound civilian targets inside their borders and innocent people keep running for their lives. Hamas must love all the outside world’s distractions as they relentlessly fire missile on top of missile into Israeli civilian targets in the hopes of killing anyone for the sake of killing and terrorizing.

     Nothing appears in American news feed – not easily found anyway – which tells more of the story, as the Obama administration has blocked all shipments of defensive armament support to Israel, our strongest ally (supposedly) in the middle east. No explanation given.  This is reported in the Jewish Press, which is not known for making up false stories.

     So this is where we’ve come.  Not only is ISIS terrorizing Iraq and Syria into an Islamic State, target bombings be laughable, we are giving a lower (or no) priority to our Israeli partner’s survival. This falls completely into the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam.

     This is a short blog.  The following links explain it

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If ever there was an example why the Attorney General of the United States should be an elective position, it could be answered two words: Eric Holder.

     Never in the history of this country have we seen the top law enforcement official constantly act as a partisan protectorate of the president. 

     Never has an Attorney General stonewalled congress with dodging questions about one scandal or another, pretending he knew nothing about the IRS targeting conservatives, or Fast and Furious, AP surveillance, and more when they clearly came under his domain, and certainly had to have known and/or be supervised by him directly.

     Never has an Attorney General ever been censured by the U.S. Congress (joined by seventeen Democrats) after receiving a criminal contempt resolution for failing to produce vital documents in the Fast and Furious investigation. This was a deliberate act to obfuscate truth about a serious charge that our Justice Department was selling guns to criminals which ultimately resulted in the death of an American agent. Yet, it was sloughed off and tagged as a political partisan stunt.

     The writing was on the wall shortly after Barack Obama took office in 2009. Holder had barely warmed his office chair

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I am no war monger.

     I opposed, in writings, the invasion of Iraq.  As a younger man, I had serious doubts about the value of Americans dying in Viet Nam. I believe the first Gulf War and the Afghan conflicts were truly necessary.

     There is no greater threat to the freedom of the world today, than what is unfolding in Syria and Iraq, by whom we call ISIS. It is as serious as the Nazi movement, which sought world domination; the only difference was that their God was in human form by the name of Hitler. And, it is only one more step in their overall plan.

     If we do not repel and decimate this threat now, it will metastasize and spread through the middle-east. And once emboldened, they are coming after the western world, at first with isolated incidents of violence, and later with mass murder.  It is their mission, for which they are all happy to die for. Literally.

     Such decimation cannot be accomplished with pin-pricks and aerial bombings of select targets. That’s like stepping on roaches while the nest thrives. Every military authority in and out of the Obama administration, plus the two former Secretaries of Defense

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The upcoming mid-term election is far more crucial than people realize, and not for the usual reasons.

     While the media and the electorate in general, focus on governors, congressmen, senators, and local races tied to party lines, there is a bigger issue at stake which we should all consider. It’s more important than any personality or single candidate’s qualifications.

     I am a registered Independent because I have serious concern with the integrity of both major political parties. In a few words: They are all corrupt, by necessity. Groveling for big money translates to quid pro quo. Politicians on all sides of the aisle do not always make the right decisions for America, they make the right decisions to feather their political nest. That’s the American way.

     But this is one election I will be voting Republican across the board, even if I must hold my nose. Not because I love the party, but because it is crucial in preventing a dictatorship in the White House for the next two years.

     The only element that can stem the power of this lame duck president, who will no longer be answerable to the American people, is to strip his power base so

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