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Thirty-year veteran of law enforcement with Miami-Dade Police Department, sixteen years in Homicide, retired a captain. Author of seven fiction novels and seven books of non-fiction. Op-Ed writer for Florida Today and TC Palm newspaper. Former symphony violinist. Married, father and grandfather. President, Creative Arts Foundation of Brevard, Inc.
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On a summer afternoon in Portland, Oregon, 68 year-old Margaret Sutherland kissed her five grown children one by one, listened to her son read the 23rd Psalm, gazed out the window toward the Williamette River a final time then hoisted a glass of water to help her swallow ten, 100 milligram capsules of Seconal. Within five minutes, she was unconscious. In fifteen minutes, she was dead…as she wished.

Cancer had already claimed one of her lungs and eaten her ribs. She had lost control of her bowels and coughed blood constantly. The pain was so intense, she could hardly walk.

Doomed to two, three or four more months of suffering before arriving at death, she also considered the hardships being imposed upon her loved ones. Sutherland decided to take advantage of Oregon’s Death With Dignity law, received confirmation of her doom from two doctors and asked for the needed prescription to end her life. When the day arrived, she put on a dress, a little make-up and said her last goodbyes to friends and family. Love abounded, suffering ended. Everyone was at peace, including Mrs. Sutherland.

How can anyone argue with that?

Obscured amid major political issues this year …

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Here’s an amateur’s critique of some recent movies.



This is one of those movies that will probably die at the box office. It’s not a thriller. No action to speak of. No major stars. Not even one “F” word. No wonder it’s doomed to be a flop.

Yet, it is one of the best movies of the year. That is if you appreciate great acting, a gripping story-line, and an historical perspective of the Nazi era from another viewpoint. Not since Life Is Beautiful have I been so taken in.

If you only enjoy movies that are light and lively, skip this one. You will have to be ready for a deep and powerful drama set in wartime Germany, as witnessed through the eyes of an eight-year-old boy named Bruno. The boy is the son of a commandant at a concentration camp whose forbidden friendship with a Jewish boy on the other side of the fence has unexpected consequences. While the movie moves slowly in places, you never lose contact with the struggle of this child all the way to an unpredictable ending. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas is one of those rare …

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The fat lady has sung. The two-year political marathon is finally over. No other nation on earth takes nearly two years of campaigning to elect a leader. Not even close.

The media won’t know what to do with themselves with all that dead air time, without a national candidate to bolster, harangue, adore or excoriate.

Barack Obama, to his credit, was brilliant. Then again, brilliance is his strongest asset. Congratulations are certainly in order. Despite differences in thought and opinion, we must all try to gel together in support of our new president, as we do with all new presidents.

I have made no secret of my fears of an Obama presidency. I’ve made some readers angry, even visceral, by writing these blogs trying to share vital information about a candidate that I felt might do great harm if elected. I thought it important that people know these things, and not turn a blind eye, clouded by eloquent oratory and a liberal yearning to see the first minority in the White House. My suspicions come honestly, not only from an enormous well of information out there from other writers and investigators, but from detailed research.

Cops are always on guard …

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Will Obama Help Protect Israel

Hamas exists for a single purpose: The destruction of Israel. Everyone who is conscious, knows that. They’ve made that no secret.

 They’ve also made it no secret that they want to see Obama become our president.

Please watch this one minute video:

Click here: YouTube – The shocking video of terrorists supporting Barack Obama!!


Besides Hamas, the Palestinians have set up phone banks to raise money for Obama’s election. He is their choice, for us. While there may be “peaceful” Palestinians, there are millions more who support the destruction of Israel, which is a publicly stated goal since 1948 that has never wavered. How do we discern the “peaceful” from the “hateful?”

There is evidence which link Obama to radical Islamists not only in the U.S., but around the world. You read it all already, you’ve heard it all. Many choose to dismiss it all as “exaggerations” and “smear campaigns,” and then turn their back to reality. Why? Because they want a democrat in office, at all costs.
What are we doing?
What absolutely amazes me, is that so many of my Jewish friends, who are supporting Obama, have such short memories. Jews have been the target of hate
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Whatever happened to the concept of loyalty?

I grew up in a world where people took care of those who took care of them. That must be a bygone era.

Governor Bill Richardson exemplified a rat’s rat when he turned on the Clintons to back Barack Obama, sucking up for a vice presidency. Richardson would still be a nobody had it not been for Bill Clinton elevating him to two cabinet posts during his administration.

Enter, the former Secretary of State. For years, Colin Powell has been among the most revered public figures in America, once envisioned by millions, possibly, as the first African American president. Many thought he would be chosen as John McCain’s running mate. After all, he had been a staunch ally of Senator McCain for twenty years, as was McCain to him.

Instead, he stuck it to McCain.

Here is a man whose rise to national prominence was at the behest of republicans like Ronald Reagan, George Bush I, George Bush II and John McCain. First black National Security Advisor. First black four star general of the U.S. army. First black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff. First black Secretary of State. All on the

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Greatest Comedians Of All Time

Always loved a good comic.

Maybe I’m just an old fogey who, like most old fogies, think the old timers were better than what the modern day produces. When I surf cable channels, like the Comedy station, I try to find good humor without a litany of four-letter words, crotch-grabs, sexual denigration, and constant references to body parts, but it’s futile. What is it that the audience finds so funny? Comics today think the funniest word on the planet is the oft repeated, “MF.” Alas, I sit laughless.

In today’s world, viewers of sit-coms are manipulated by canned laughter. Class B television actors recite lines and suddenly we hear an uproarious response to an inane comment that’s about as funny as a sore throat.

Whatever happened to the variety show before a live audience? Jackie Gleason and all his characters? Same with Flip Wilson, Carol Burnett, and Sonny and Cher. And for those of us who can remember, the age-old “Colgate Comedy Hour.”

Having come from a show-biz family, I am always looking for a good comedy, on television, stand -up, and in movies to rival such classics as “Some Like It Hot,” and “What’s Up Doc,” both of which …

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If Barack Obama stood naked on Times Square at noon, dealing a kilo of cocaine while smoking a joint, then robbed a bank and detonated a bomb in a federal building, his loyal followers would find a way to blame it all on G.W. Bush. It just wouldn’t matter; he’s Barack Obama. That makes it okay. To even think of arresting him is tantamount to “swift boating” the poor man. There are some folks who can do nothing wrong.
It reminds me of Mayor Marion Barry, who was not only accused, but actually caught on video dealing and using crack cocaine. But did the voters of Washington D.C. care? No..they re-elected him anyway. He’s Marion Barry.

The issue is not so much, the legal technicality, whether he was born here or there, though that is important. This is about deceit and dishonesty, unveiling an humongous lie. Those who will say this is not sticking to the political issues, are right. This is not about the issues. But it is about character, and about trust, and that is just as — or more — important as an issue.
 Click here: YouTube – The October Surprise


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