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Some atheists do all they can to wreck whatever respect they might have garnered over the years.

I am not a Christian, I am not religious, I follow no organized faith. I think atheists have as much right to not believe in God as theists have to believe. Most atheists (and agnostics) live quiet, decent lives, work hard, pay taxes, send their kids to schools and are basically kind and good to others.

Then, there are the idiots who just have to show their posteriors.

This year, the American Atheists Group has paid $20,000 to erect a sign on the New Jersey Turnpike which states in large letters: “You KNOW it’s a myth; This season, celebrate REASON.” The sign also depicts the three wise men on camels as a silhouette arriving at the manger. Now, what is that supposed to accomplish?

The president of the group, David Silverman, stated that their purpose was to attract closet atheists to come out of the closet. He also made challenging remarks such as, “If the religious right wants a war on Christmas, this is what they’re going to get.” Huh?

Just what we need in America, when a stealth Jihad is in process …

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Some folks reject the old cliche`, “Don’t judge an entire profession by the actions of a few.” But it’s true.

Having been a cop for thirty years, and well aware of how news stories are often skewed to give the appearance that police are the bad guys, I generally hold back judgement on reports about brutality until both sides of the issue are known. In 1991, Rodney King was subjected to a street whipping by L.A. Police after leading them on a chase, assaulting the officers and resisting arrest. The famed video tape was played on national television a thousand times over, but only that portion which made the cops look bad. (And they did)

My sense of loyalty will always lean toward police officers who put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect Americans. If there is a hint of doubt about the veracity of an accusatory report, I will support the police until I am convinced otherwise. After all, they are my extended family. With rare exception, they are brave, diligent American patriots who might be relaxing over a lunch one second, then facing a sudden crisis the next, expected to make the right …

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Not long ago, a good friend and I engaged in the taboo — a discussion about politics. When I said something critical of President G.W. Bush, my friend lashed out, “Well, that makes you a liberal and me a conservative.” Not so. But we ended the conversation and remained friends.

Labels are everything. It’s how simple minded people relate. It’s how we define one another, it’s how we define celebrities and politicians. We like the one-word pigeon holes, it makes it easy for we humans to identify who and what people are. Bush, the conservative. Clinton, the liberal. Bin Laden, the terrorist. Britney Spears, the mental case. Jack Kervorkian, Doctor Death. Pavarotti, the voice. Jeffrey Dahmer, the killer. Nixon, crook.

Much ado is being made these days of Senator McCain’s credentials as a “true” conservative.

Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. What does it matter? All that matters is his loyalty to the nation as an American, and his ability to lead the nation in fiscal responsibility and to make our citizens secure from foreign invaders.

These days, if a politician is opposed to abortion, that makes him a conservative. Pro-choice, means liberal. If a Republican dares to join with …

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