MARSHALL FRANK, is a retired captain from the Metro-Dade Police Department in Miami, Florida, where he spent the majority of his thirty years investigating murders or commanding those who did.

Born to vaudevillian parents in New York City, Frank moved to Miami, Florida at the age of five in an era when more Seminole Indians strolled Main Street than Cuban-Americans. After graduating high school, he worked various jobs including ballroom dance instruction and symphony violinist before serving a short stint in the United States Marine Corps Reserves.

Thanks to the advice of a notorious Miami Beach bookie, he found his niche in law enforcement by joining the Dade County Sheriff s Office in 1960, serving as a road patrolman for three years before rising through the ranks to captain.

Outside of working vice, Frank’s career covered the gamut of high stress police assignments, including Internal Affairs, Criminal Intelligence and sixteen years in Homicide and Crime Scene Investigations, seven years as a detective and nine more in a command status. He also served as captain in charge of Staff Inspections and chief executive officer of a 250-man district station.

Listed among his career achievements:

  • Headed over one thousand homicide investigations. Testified in over one hundred murder trials.
  • Shot in the line of duty, 1965.
  • Testified before the U.S. Congress in May, 1980, re: Crime in America.
  • Initiated a department program for developing methods to lift fingerprints from human skin.
  • Traveled extensively across the U.S. and abroad in various police and security management capacities.
  • Authored over 1,000 editorials and magazine articles pertaining to issues of crime, violence, law and other social ills.
  • Authored thirteen books: seven fiction, six non-fiction.

His last arrest as a sworn officer was that of five police officers charged with the beating death of an unarmed motorcyclist, which came to be known as the infamous “McDuffie” case. Their subsequent acquittal led to the Miami riots in May of 1980 and another eighteen brutal killings of innocent people. That same month, Frank was invited to testify before the U.S. Congress to discuss the problems of violent crime in America.

Frank has traveled extensively across the country as a law enforcement/security consultant, instructor and lecturer. He is a member various professional law enforcement and writers organizations.

His first novel, “Beyond The Call”, published by iUniverse.com, is loosely based on true events and addresses the perennial issue of police abuse of power.

His second book, “Dire Straits: A Miami Novel”, (Harlan Publishers) was released in hard cover in May, 2001. This high-tension story is about a mass murder in a posh Miami subdivision and a stressed out homicide detective who finds himself with a double dose of troubles he hadn’t counted on.

His third novel, “On My Fathers Grave”, a Mafia mystery about a woman in search of her true father, was released by Harlan Publishing in 2003.

His fourth novel, “Call Me Mommy” a heart wrenching story of good woman struggling through family dysfunction, drug addiction and murder, was released by Harlan publishing in March of 2005.

Released in February, 2006, Frank’s fifth novel, “The Latent,” released by Publish America, tells the story of homosexual serial killings in the Southeast and a distraught homicide detective whose life is wrought with troubles. An unexpected twist coming from CSI nails a most improbable suspect.

Frank’s sixth novel, “The Upside to Murder” was released in 2012 by Aberdeen Bay Press, telling the story of a distraught dad whose daughter is raped and shot by a gang of thugs, as he embarks on a stealth search for the perpetrators.

Released in July of 2006, and commissioned by a European publisher, “Militant Islam In America”, is a frightening non-fiction expose’ about the inroads radical Islam is making inside the borders of the United States, with a long range goal of converting this nation into the Islamic Republic Of America.

In addition, Frank is the author of a non-fiction book of short stories and essays, “Frankly Speaking.” Frank is a regular editorial columnist for Florida Today newspaper in Brevard County, Florida and has had over 1,000 articles and short stories published in various newspapers, magazines and blogs..

Frank’s memoirs and eighth book, “From Violins To Violence,” released by Fortis in April, 2007, offers an insight into the private and professional life of one homicide detective, the struggles, the motivations and the impact that a dysfunctional childhood had on his career.

In 2007, Frank  released a shocking non-fiction expose’ about the failures of the justice system and what should or could be done about it. Check out “Criminal InJustice In America,” in Books In Print.

In 2014, Frank authored a “How-To” book for new aspiring authors titled, “So You Want to Write a Book?”

In December of 2015, Frank partnered with Everly Books Publishing in penning “The Way Things Oughta Be, a politically incorrect summary about the major problems in domestic, international, familial, criminal justice and other affiars, with outside-the-box solutions to pressing problems.

Marshall Frank maintains a new blog site where he posts stimulating articles about a myriad of subjects, from politics, crime, social issues, radical Islam and even motion pictures. His blogs generate many controversial responses. Click on “Frankly Speaking.”

He is also a frequent guest speaker at libraries, civic organizations, conferences and private clubs, plus an entertaining violinist with his piano partner, Doctor Jay Barnhart. They are usually booked as “The Dick-Doc Duo.”

He lives in Melbourne, Florida, with his wife, Suzanne, who is a sculptor artist. He has five grown children by a previous marriage.

Frank holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.