This is a pitch hoping to interest my readers and friends in giving books as Christmas gifts this year. Yes, MY books. 


The Christmas holiday is but 3 weeks away. I many published books, half fiction and half non-fiction, some of which would make excellent gifts to readers with varied interests.  And for everyone who makes a purchase for the holiday, I will sell (and sign) each book at a discount, and charge no shipping costs.  Can’t beat that. Certainly a better deal that

Order books by sending check (and your mailing address) to Frankly Speaking Enterprises, P.O. Box 411841. Melbourne, Fl.  32941.  Cost for each book is denoted below.  (If you have a special message to be penned, let me know)
Here’s a brief synopsis of each:
 The Upside To Murder:     $15
(This book was recipient of the Don Argo Award in fiction by the Space Coast Writers Guild. It also was contracted two years for the rights to a movie – which never materialized). 
After 16 year-old Cassandra is gang-raped, shot and left for dead, African-American physician, Orville T. Madison, embarks on a stealth campaign to protect his daughter from reliving the terrifying ordeal through rigors of the justice system. As he desperately tries to resolve inexplicable conflicts, legal and personal, between love of child and love of God, emotional struggles get out-of-hand. Upside To Murder offers engaging sub-plots with forensic investigations, social controversy and the power of love. 
Criminal Injustice  
Dire Straits:       $15 
(Twice, this book was of interest to movie makers, with rights contracts, though no films were made. Published by Harlan, later republished))
A gripping police thriller set amidst the exotic ambiance of Miami, Florida, where sex, violence and corruption is the trademark of life in the fast lane. Cuban-born homicide detective, Mike Estevez, responds to a posh mansion to investigate a grisly mass murder. The ensuing week drives the top cop to the edge of personal disaster as he hunts for a serial killer, while grappling with a gut-wrenching personal issues. This novel is not for the light-hearted..
Dire Straits
Call Me Mommy:       $15
(My wife, Suzanne, calls this my best work ever..  Originally published by Harlan, later republished))
One moment, one event, alters the lives of three people forever. Laura Ramsey spends a lifetime struggling to gain acceptance of her child as the scourge of crime and drugs present insurmountable roadblocks. Lloyd Ramsey, powerful lawyer whose selfish actions wreak havoc with the future for one woman and her son. Bowen Ramsey, a child born into two different worlds, torn between right and wrong, is guided down a wayward path. This novel is an emotionally charged saga about family dysfunction, corruption, murder, romance, tragedy and the unconditional love of one woman that will rip the reader’s heartstrings.
Call Me Mommy
The Latent:   $15
Homicide detective, Rockford Burgamy, plunges into a series of investigative roadblocks in which his most serious adversary is himself. Broke, a twice divorced father of two, Burgamy must work within the unfamiliar culture of gay life while the police agency imposes unyielding pressures. As the probe unveils a pattern of serial killings, the case also triggers a resurrection of haunting childhood events that had altered Burgamy’s life forever. Unique forensic evidence comes into play. 
The Latent
On My Fathers Grave:   $15
The daughter of an infamous crime boss and former New York City showgirl,Vicki Valentine suddenly discovers that her Mafioso father is not her father after all, and that her true father had mysteriously died in 1959.  Vicki launches a tenacious personal investigation that takes her from steamy Miami to NewYork trying to unravel the mystery surrounding the fate of her father, only to stumble upon old family secrets that threaten her very existence. Inspired by true events, this heart-wrenching novel is dotted with murder, deceit, panic, strange forensic twists, romance and family tragedy.
On My Father's Grave
Beyond The Call:    $15
(This book was inspired by a true story based in Miami in 1979)
This novel addresses the problems of brutality and corruption that has stained many major police agencies in the United States revealing how pervasive abuse of power can survive inside a law enforcement organization mired in bureaucratic detail and the blind ambition of its members. Follow the probationary year of a young rookie cop assigned to the rural areas of Miami-Dade County, faced with a choice of being a rat or turning a blind eye to preserve his career. Murder, deceit, suspense and near-death experiences enter into the complex drama
Beyond the Call
Messages: Short Stories for the Thoughtful:   $10
(These were intended to be novels, but the stories simply would not grow larger)
A small book of 18 short stories, written over a period of 15 years and assembled into one collection.  Snapshots into human emotion and expression as experienced over a thirty-year police career and a personal life full of trials and tribulations. Each story sends a message about struggle, love, humor, life and death. Stories are based on true events, more or less, as rated by the truth-o-meter at the start of each chapter.  Great book for the bathroom.
Criminal Injustice

 From Violins to Violence – A Memoir:     $15
(Note:  My second-best selling book of all time)
In From Violins To Violence: A Memoir. Frank bares all about his transition from classical violinist, dancer and stepson of a Miami Beach mobster, to becoming a Miami-Dade County’s homicide detective/commander.
  • The connections between his mob-tied family and corrupt officials
  • The struggling heart, mind and family life of a homicide investigator
  • True murders cases, rapes, suicide and other major criminal investigations
  • The arrest of five police officers for murder and the political fallout that followed
  • The truth behind the Liberty City riots of 1980
  • Crushed marriages, alcoholism and the bane of drug addiction
(A reviewer for Florida Today newspaper rated this the best book of the year by a local author.)
Militant Islam in America
 Criminal InJustice in America:     $15
Marshall Frank presents a powerful argument for amending laws regarding the war on drugs, prostitution, abortion, capital punishment, sex offenses and more. Frank points out how narrow thinking has created an irreversible justice quagmire which not only creates more crime, it serves a prison industrial complex that has grown into a cheap labor pool for corporate America.
Criminal Injustice
The Way Things Oughta Be:  $15
Pie-in-the-sky but sane solutions to a myriad of long-range problems.  Compiled in six major sections about criminal justice and the political world, plus conflicts we experience with religion, families, love, sex and marriage, parenting and moral decay. Frank baffles critics who want to label him a conservative or liberal because he is all over the spectrum of pigeon holes. He cites issues, not labels, with out-of-the-box solutions.
Criminal Injustice
So You Want To Write A Book:     $10
A beginners manual for wannabe authors with a book mulling in their heads but don’t know how or where to start. Many lovers of fiction have a novel inside of them waiting to be unleashed but hesitate to begin. Cops, firemen, military officers, nurses, moms, dads and grandparents have often thought about writing memoirs but never get started for lack of confidence. This guidebook provides the basics for writing fiction, non-fiction, memoirs and how-to books, plus tips about getting published.
Militant Islam
Militant Islam In America:      $15
(My personal, best-seller)
In no-frills style, “Militant Islam In America” unveils disturbing revelations about the surreptitious invasion of the United States by Islamic forces from the Middle East hell-bent on replacing the Constitution by the Quran.  Deftly researched, powerfully written and politically incorrect, the bottom line is: Under the unwatchful eye of the U.S. government, the non-peaceful side of Islam is using money, political influence and the protection of our Bill of Rights to conquer and create the Islamic Republic Of America before the end of this century.
Militant Islam
Amerikastan: Conquest From Within     $15
(Most recent book)
This book screams of political incorrectness pointing to the peril of Islamic religious ideology via jihad to convert and conquer America, and the world. This book eliminates the thin-line between Islamic fundamentalism and moderate Islam, as both feed on the same religious nourishment form the Quran, bowing to the Hadith, while wailing to the rise of Sharia — the Islamic law. The author reveals decrees found in secreted manifestos as commanded by jihad organizations which inexorably spell out the mission, objectives and methods being carried out today, “from within” for ultimate conquest of the west.


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