Women’s rights? Well, of course we are all sensitive and supportive of women who deserve human rights, not only here, but around the globe.

     Or, are we? Folks would not know that if they had been witness to a recent congressional hearing.

     Some politicians bluster about the rights for women, but they are always selective, ensuring the subject matter is localized which does not speak for women throughout the world. It’s all about getting elected and staying in office and to keep that political cash rolling in.  

     In truth, multi-millions of Muslim women live under subservient conditions where the male gender (husbands, fathers, brothers) is religiously, legally and functionally superior to women. In some fundamentalist countries, females are basically of equal value to a camel.

     Rarely do we hear anything from politicians about the plight of women within the Islamic world and the tortures and indignations they suffer just for being born female.  They comprise roughly half of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the globe and they are rooted throughout most every country on earth…including Iceland, (of all places) which has one mosque.

     On June 14th of this year, a congressional hearing was held in Washington in which two prominent women with extensive background living under strict Islam were held. The testimony of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani (authors, teachers and intellectuals) was chilling, informative and deeply moving. Not only that, but they took great risks going public, because of the numerous death threats received. You can see some of it in this video (note the first 13 minutes)

      Click here: Senate Homeland Security Committee, w Ayaan Hirsi Ali (6-14-17) – YouTube

     When the witnesses completed their brief testimonies, Democratic Senate committee members, including four women senators — Claire McCaskill, Kamala Harris, Maggie Hassan and Heidi Heitkamp — ignored Hirsi Ali and Nomani during the question-and-answer session, never once directing a question to them.

     What was it they didn’t want to know?  What was it that the Democrat women senators were afraid of?  If they truly cared about women’s rights in the world, this was the golden opportunity to dig in and take a stand, bring it all out.

     What did they have to lose? Hmm.

     Even the liberal NY Times had something to say about this.  See link:

Click here: Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Q. Nomani Respond to Readers – The New York Times

     The listing of human rights abuse toward women could go on for pages, but let’s stick to a few examples of chronic rights abuse in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria and many others.

  • Honor killings
  • Child marriages
  • Polygamy
  • Sex slavery
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Wife beating
  • Unequal marital, divorce and custody laws
  • Rape laws favoring rapists

     Et Cetera

     Most Americans read this kind of material thinking “Well, that’s all over there, not here.” I have news for the uniformed: It may be a slow process, but in another generation or two, this will be a huge issue in America, just as it is today in England, France and Belgium…and even Germany, where creeping Sharia is slowly but surely altering the cultural and political landscape of Europe.  The skyrocketing birth rates and the liberal approach to immigration/refugee settlements will change all that.

     Just a religion, you say? Not exactly. Islam is a government, not just a religion. Sharia laws, which are basically incompatible with our constitution, would eventually prevail over any other laws much like they’re doing now in European nations in which the landscape posts signs: “You are now entering a Sharia Zone.”

     Twenty-five years ago, Americans in general knew little or nothing about Muslims and Islam. The words never crossed out lips. Today, those words are the dominant theme in world news. Twenty-five years ago, we would never have thought about violent invasions, fears of terrorism or even stealth jihad. Today, as the refugees continue to swarm into Europe and then, the U.S.., we have little or no power to alter the future wave of Islam, and under what conditions our granddaughters will have to live.

     Secreted documents (manifestos) penned by the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, explicitly declare their intent is to “Destroy Western Civilizations – From Within.”  (All this and more is detailed in my new book, “Amerikastan: Conquest From Within”)

     Sadly, today we think about the present and not the future. We care about today’s stock market and the agenda for the Supreme Court, Rap and Rock and Roll, but we don’t give a damn about the violations of human rights emanating out of fundamental Islamism.

     And that goes for the women on the Congressional Committee, who had an opportunity but didn’t give a damn about what Ayaan Hrsi Ali and Asra Nomani had to say. Almost like they weren’t even there.

     Who was happy?  CAIR – a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hmm. 

     That’s the future, folks.

     Women? Look ahead.

Click here: Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Wikipedia

Click here: Asra Nomani – Wikipedia

Click here: Fake Feminist Kamala Harris Cowed In Presence Of Ayaan Hirsi Ali During Islam Hearing Tucker Carlson – YouTube


  1. Pat June 27, 2017 at 1:25 pm #

    Thank you Marshall.My friend was just on the UCF campus & said she was appalled at the “rear ends” that were exposed by these young students.Unfortunately,like in Europe,because of these OBLIVIOUS legislators,the end result could be burka’s.

  2. Donld June 27, 2017 at 1:32 pm #

    I really don’t understand why Muslim women around the world continue to defend Islam in nationally and internationally circulated publications. Occasionally a woman who was formerly a Muslim, but is no longer, speaks up to criticize Islam, but that seems to be fairly rare. Can anyone explain why this is so? I would think women who are treated like cattle would willingly abandon a religion that only gives them the status of 1/3 of that given to men. There is something about this I don’t understand.

  3. JustMe June 27, 2017 at 2:30 pm #

    The truth is – Most of the Democrats, including the female Democrats mentioned above, don’t care about the rights of Muslim women. History has shown that Democrats turn away from the horrors of Muslim female genital mutilation, honor killings, marriage of little girls to old men, etc. etc. etc. They fear reprisals from the Muslim terrorists at the expense of Muslim women and little girls.

    All the Democrats care about is power, votes and money. Period. We saw that in the
    8 years Obama was in the White House where he entertained CAIR and other Muslim extremists and gave $ and the path to the bomb to Iran. And let’s not forget Benghazi where murderous Muslims killed Americans, overran US property there and stole everything they could. Obama did NOTHING to stop it or even curtail it. Then Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice lied directly to the families of the victims, blaming a movie instead of the truth that it was an Islamic terror attack.That is one of the most disgusting happenings in the history of the Presidency of this country!

    Not one Democrat had the guts to stand up to Obama who favored Muslims over everyone else.So, the truth of your writing is not a surprise to those of us who watched our own President bow down in all manners, to the Muslims.

  4. Helen Bennett June 27, 2017 at 2:59 pm #

    See my poem, written years ago when the Taliban took over.

  5. Pete June 27, 2017 at 3:37 pm #

    ….in 50-70 years, the better part of the emerging generation and those behind them but linked to them, will look back at the Obama years and come to realize the beachhead was established on his watch. I

  6. Charlie June 27, 2017 at 4:15 pm #

    What did you expect when we had a Muslim and Muslim aides in the white house. ( go to you tube and look up Obama mentioning his “Muslim faith” only to be corrected by the American interviewer).These interviewers feared for their lives should the mention the stoning of women for sex outside of marriage, walking behind their husbands, forced wearing of black burlap bags, no driving of cars, etc.
    Wake up America lest barbaric sharia law replaces the Constitution.

  7. Eileen June 27, 2017 at 4:26 pm #

    I was unaware of this congressional hearing, so thanks for the info, Marshall. However, I am not surprised about the avoidance of digging deeper into the lack of women’s rights in the Islamic religion. Yes, I agree changes are well underway for the USA; and I fear for my granddaughter and her generation.

  8. Chris June 27, 2017 at 5:06 pm #

    I echo the theme here…the democrat party is their own god, and they worship at their own altar. The do NOT care about universal women’s rights…only what will get them re elected and power.
    I still have faith. My good book tells me how this will end, and while we are in for tribulation, Jesus wins…satan (aka Islam) loses, and those that support it lose too.

  9. Fred Ingley June 27, 2017 at 7:00 pm #

    If any of you all have not read Ayaan Hirsi’s book “INFIDEL” you are missing a great deal of knowledge about Islam. In my humble opinion, every military officer should be required to read and thoroughly digest it.

  10. Murray Levine June 27, 2017 at 7:13 pm #

    This is what pisses me off .get rid of the lot of them…now before it’s too late. Dems and republicans read the f—- Korean..it’s all there. Close the mosks and ship the b—-s home. Thomas Jefferson to Trump faced the same enemy. this

  11. Helen Bennett June 27, 2017 at 8:28 pm #

    We live in the shadow,
    The shadow of man,
    We are the women
    Of Afghanistan.
    Our lives have been shattered,
    Ensnared and afraid,
    We’re trapped in a time warp,
    Our promise betrayed.
    Huddled together
    Domestically jailed,
    Unable to function,
    Religiously failed.
    Our children are hungry,
    Our husbands are dead,
    Denied our possessions,
    Our happiness fled.
    As teachers and doctors
    We opened each door,
    We mothered the orphans,
    We nurtured the poor.
    We were westernized women
    With no hope too high,
    And now we’ve been flung
    In an alley to die.
    Oh, women outside there
    Who dwell in the world,
    With sensuous faces
    And hair that is curled,
    You women who walk
    Without stigma of sin,
    With no veil to blind you,
    Your task must begin.
    We beg you to speak for us,
    You who were born
    In the brave light of freedom,
    Oh, heed the forlorn!
    We walk here in sorrow
    Where ignorance reigns,
    Your eloquent voices
    Can sever our chains.
    Help us to conquer
    Illiterate man—
    Remember your sisters
    In Afghanistan.

    Helen Bennett

  12. Charles Pierce June 27, 2017 at 9:02 pm #

    On this one we are in perfect agreement. The Islamic concept is coming to a town near you and soon. Where will we fight our battle of Tours and who will be our Charles Martel?

  13. freewoman June 27, 2017 at 9:37 pm #

    Thank you Marshall Frank for this post. Like Eileen,”I was unaware of this congressional hearing”.

    Once again I am struck by fact that I can no longer trust those elected to leadership positions in our country to do the right thing and, let me add, this includes both Democrats and Republicans. Oy vey.

    In response to Donld:
    “I would think women who are treated like cattle would willingly abandon a religion that only gives them the status of 1/3 of that given to men. There is something about this I don’t understand.” Do google “abused women syndrome” or “battered women syndrome” on the net.

    Unfortunately it is not only those of the Muslim faith who see women as less than, take for example the ultra right orthodox Jews


    or the ultra orthodox Christians
    “It seems that a disturbing number of men, bolstered by Christian attitudes, still assume that they have the right to subjugate, abuse and beat their wives .”

  14. Snake Hunter{s} June 28, 2017 at 1:01 am #

    Ah-hmmm”… freewoman again…. joining clearstory and un-reality. Ugh!


    Freewoman notes… “a disturbing number of men, bolstered by Christian Attitudes” etc.

    Whew… I thought: At least one of you has finally found the correct path. Good grief,

    ma’am. It’s not the Christians that subjugate, abuse and legally beat their wives, and

    stone the innocent young girls to death for alleged “sin” – Most of these evil deeds are

    perpetrated by muslim parents, with close family-member approval, all without Sharia



    Read their sacred Qur’an… Highlight the 109 violent verses; then read the ‘Prophet of

    Doom’ – read ‘Muhammad’s Own Words’ – Women’ … then research the fact-based

    evidence of ‘Female Genital Mutilation’… from infancy to puberty…. in many muslim

    dominated nations in the middle east. Millions of these young female victims.


    If you three ladies have a Christian background, you can become sincere “activists” —

    — >> Start by reading James 2, Verse 26… “Faith without works is dead.” – reb
    ___ ___

  15. Mackie June 28, 2017 at 10:41 am #

    The ignorance of way to many politicians when it comes to having a clear understanding of fundamental Islam is profound. Many are still promoting Islamic teachings as peaceful.It is clear that they don’t take the time to read about Islam. Islam is by all understanding a totalitarian ideology .It is agressive in its determinations to be dominate over all others.

    You hear the Muslim coined term Islamophobia, it is shameful to see people acting like cattle applying it to critics of Islam. The true fact is that Islam has a phobia in regards to all other religions on the planet IE, Christanophobia,Jewishophobia, Hinduophobia,Etc.

    The reason we see such archaic behavior from fundamental Islam is because the words in the Quran are considered pure for all time and thus cannot be abrogated, to do so could get a death sentence charge.of blasphamy.

    The 150 plus jihad versus among the 114 surahs in .the Quran are defined as a duty of all Muslims to subdue the infidels. Muslims are taught to deceive (taquiya ) tell half truths (kitman) to manipulate the infidel. Muslims are taught not to be friends with infidels.

    Ask yourself , do you think a true God would teach man to hate each other?

  16. clearstory June 28, 2017 at 11:07 am #

    “It’s not the Christians that subjugate, abuse and legally beat their wives…” says Snake hunter. Really? Who burned Joan of Arc and other “witches”. Look up the Inquistition, pogroms, etc. All those blond white people heiling Hitler were Muslims? Weren’t the Soviets trying to get control of the Sharia-believers on their border in Afghanistan? When our CIA stepped in and armed and trained those Muslim men who were so cruel to their womenfolk, for 7 years, with $3million of our tax money. “Charlie Wilson’s War”, by George Crile. I wish I had not read the graphic descriptions of what the Mujahideen (who morphed into the Taliban), did to the Soviet soldiers, or the bragging of the CIA agent about the power of the bombs he was giving to the Sharia-practioners. It was also our forcible removal of Iran’s secular prime minister, Mosadegh, that resulted in that country coming under control of Muslim extremists. Oh, I forgot Waco

  17. Snake Hunter{s} June 28, 2017 at 11:15 am #

    Can You Hear Them?

    Can you hear the millions of yesterday’s voices

    Still crying out from their graves, for justice?

    If you dare to pick up freedom’s banner

    Hold it high; encourage others with your efforts

    Do your part to make america great again.

    ___ ___

  18. Snake Hunter{s} June 28, 2017 at 12:34 pm #

    Why Our 1st Amendment Is Precious – It allows multiple religions, be they christian, jew,

    zoroastrian, buddhist, baptist, jehovah’s witness, agnostic or athiest, plus many others…

    to choose any faith, to believe in… a creator god.


    Islam Is Quite Different…. it’s not a religion by any modern standard. Every Imam,

    every Grand Mufti, is fully Aware of 109 Violent Verses in their most sacred book…

    that violently oppose the right to independent thought. Sharia Law Imposes the

    Death Penalty on anyone that chooses to abandon this > Death Cult Mentality

    * Allah’s Apostle said: “I have been made victorious with terror” – Bukhari, Vol 4,
    Book 52,, #220

    * Also research this: “Kill whoever changes his religion.” – Bukhari 9:84.59

    In Contrast… ‘Willful Blindness’ is the result of those who defy logic and reason.

    ___ ___

  19. Snake Hunter{s} June 28, 2017 at 2:39 pm #

    Clear story, free-woman and un-reality are nearly triplets, theoretically joined-at-the-hip

    in opposing the noble goals of liberty and justice for all. It’s negativity, personified.


    They Choose instead… to point to the 200 years of ‘Roman Crusades’ over the Ghastly

    Reality, Comparing “Blond, White Hitler’s Youth Discipline” with Islam? Focus on this:

    1400 years of Uncounted Slaughter of Millions, beginning with the Hindu & Buddhist

    “non-believers” in Northern INDIA. Then, THE HISTORIC, BLOODY 1400 Years Of



    *(See Snake Hunters “Continuum of Wars” from 630 A.D. into the 21st Century; then

    check wikipedia for any inaccuracy of our dating during these bloody conflicts. – reb
    ___ ___

  20. Snake Hunter{s} June 28, 2017 at 4:23 pm #

    S/H Postscript:

    I Searched thru our March 25, 2010 Snake Hunter(s) Archives, found the

    ‘Continuum of Wars’ item, that Serious Students of Islam might enjoy….

    plus printing out these 3 pages for future reference.

    ___ ___

  21. Ray Renfro June 28, 2017 at 7:36 pm #

    Let’s all give the Snake Hunter a big hand for pointing out the absurd arguments from these Useful Idiots https://goo.gl/eZwhC. The perverted culture that has emerged from the Left needs to be exposed every time it raises its ugly head. Let’s hope there are more people like the Snake Hunter willing to stand up and confront these snowflakes.

  22. Marshall Frank June 29, 2017 at 8:19 am #

    Done. No problem.

  23. Snake Hunter{s} June 29, 2017 at 1:19 pm #

    Thanks, Ray Renfro. These hecklers are “dime-a dozen-types” created by the far-out

    left-wing media. Marshall Frank exposed the CBS top executive, David Rhodes, and his

    brother Ben Rhodes, who was employed by Obama as an adviser, plus speech-writer

    for Barack H. Obama. Similar connections are viewed at ABC & CNN. Whew. stinko!


    As I vaguely recall, the title was ‘Obama’s Media, All In The Family’.


    With all of the recent media’s scandalous items and “Fake News” reports attacking

    Donald Trump’s Administration, it would be great see that ‘Frankly Speaking’ article

    just…. One More Time. – reb
    ___ ___

  24. freewoman June 29, 2017 at 9:26 pm #

    Well really gentlemen. Seems that these days if women aren’t being called “low I.Q. Crazy” or “Useful Idiots” it’s “snowflakes”. Degrading and uncalled for.

  25. Snake Hunter{s} June 30, 2017 at 12:54 am #

    “freewoman”- You ‘Poor-Pitiful-Pearl’… You should STOP Growling, try Wagging Tail.


    Host Marshall Frank permits 3 whining little puppies free access to his law enforcement

    skills, his intimate knowledge of the criminal mind, and thorough researching abilities on

    ISLAM. These three childish little girls should fly away on gossamer wings, overseas to

    the lands dominated by sharia law, see and hear how this ignoble culture treats women

    and young girls… where ‘honor killing’ is acceptable by most of the population, where

    parents and close relative use this ancient tradition to murder females that disobey a

    father’s wish to marry off his teen daughter as a gift… to a 50 year old friend! Also, you

    really should, quietly question adult female muslims… in their humiliating head-to-toe

    black bags with peek-holes (burka), and see for yourselves, the high percentages of

    these sad women that have experienced grim F.G.M. procedures, usually from infancy

    to puberty.

    Upon your return to the U.S.A. you might contact N.O.W. the National Organization

    of Women… ask them for Information on > Female Genital Mutilation >

    Then, come back to this website, and tell Marshall’s friends about how you felt

    “degraded” here, on this informative website. – reb

    ___ ___

  26. clearstory June 30, 2017 at 9:52 am #

    President Trump accepts Saudi Sharia-enforcers, just as all American presidents have done since Big Oil starting paying Saudia Arabia 51% of the profits from their oil. If only the Brits had agreed to such a deal with Iran, in 1953? The library will search up Kermit Roosevelt’s book, “Countercoup”, which he wrote himself. The CIA finally put their coup plans on the web-I did see them, when they first admitted their role, but couldn’t find it later. Maybe you can? you can google “Mossadegh”, and find out what our country did to that respected, secular scholar, who simply thought the Iranian people, like the Saudis, should be getting more profits from their oil. The Sharia enforcers would never have become so powerful, if we had not taught them terror, armed them, and paid them to fight COMMUNISM. We created what so many of you now seem to call a Frankenstein’s monster. Even Benghazi-our CIA was there, renting an even bigger compound than the State Dept, in order to try and buy back more of the Stinger missiles our CIA had GIVEN the Sharia-enforcers to use in Afghanistan to finally be able to shoot down armored Soviet helicopters. So many Americans feared Communism back then, the same way you are now fearing Sharia law. Maybe we should just practice that FAITH we so loudly and proudly claim to have?

  27. Snake Hunter{s} June 30, 2017 at 12:50 pm #

    Stubborn “clear story” refuses to stop the idiotic spinning… saying: President Trump

    “accepts” Saudi-Sharia enforcers… when in fact, the Donald Trump Team is actually

    far more likely to ‘Challenge, Confront, and Subdue’ the “Sharia-enforcers” that hope

    to defeat and replace U.S. Constitutional Law “from within”, w/ Sharia Law, with the

    help of our own ‘Useful Idiots’ and “pathetically innocent dupes” that are the “silly

    enthusiasts” that do the heavy-lifting for the unseen leaders, and listen carefully to

    “Magnificent Legislators”… folks like Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi … that tell her

    gushing-and-giggling, pin-headed supporters that… “We Must Pass This (Obama

    Administration) ‘Affordable Care Act’,,,, “to find out what’s in it.”


    Where does the Socialist-Progressive Left find these dedicated George Soros goons?

    ‘Open Society Institute’ — ‘Open Borders’ — ‘Black-Lives Matter’ — ‘Sanctuary-City’ —

    gullible protesters (who work for nothing) — >> for this Mega-Billionaire Scam Artist.


    *** *** *** “What Fools These Mortals Be” – reb *** *** ***


    ___ ___

    • Snake Hunter{s} June 30, 2017 at 5:08 pm #

      YES…. I have faith in fact-based > Islamic History > authenticated by my

      friend Marshall Frank’s book ‘Militant Islam In America’. I have faith in

      the author, Nonie Darwich book, ‘Now They Call Me Infidel’. I also have

      great esteem and respect for the courage of the teenage activist for

      women’s rights > Malala Yousafzai >

      Muslims do not approve of educated females…. they fear them.


      They are terrified that educated women will not tolerate the criminal abuse,

      the abuse of men, that insist on the submissive burka, that displays their

      willingness to accept Sharia Law, and the multiple horrors it assures them,

      also their children, male or female. If liberty and a faith are of some value…

      these few words might help to strengthen a human weakness within the

      ‘doubting thomas types, (like myself). I’ll suggest that you read James 2,

      verse 26 – > “Faith without works is dead”. This is my work…serious work;

      many hours, many years, at this keyboard. This old man enjoys it.- reb

      ___ ___

  28. clearstory July 1, 2017 at 9:52 am #

    But President Trump Did just make nice with the Saudi Sheiks, and even sold them $Billions worth of America’s high tech weapons. At least he didn’t hand them out for free, like our CIA did to Muslim Warriors trying to get the Commies out of Afghanistan. Our biggest naval base is in Qatar, which the Saudis now seem to be almost at war with, and Trump sided with the House of Saud. Doesn’t he own hotels in Sharia-ruled countries?
    Just what do you expect ANY Democrats, Liberals, etc. to do, when Republicans have even greater majorities in Congress, in Governorships, and State Legislatures? FL long ago gave million of $$ in incentive money to Piper Aircraft, in Vero Beach, which seems to have a big Republican population. Piper was bought by the Sultan of Brunei, who dismissed his advisory legislature, and is enforcing Sharia laws even more stringently.
    Is that Arab sheik still the biggest shareholder of the parent of Fox news, after the Murdoch family?

  29. Ray Renfro July 1, 2017 at 3:58 pm #

    Un-Clearstory is so scatterbrained, I don’t know where to start. Getting the Commies

    out of Afghanistan, our naval base is in Qatar or, Piper Aircraft, in Vero Beach.

    Un-Clearstory is all over the place but what else could you expect a snowflake like this.

    At first, I didn’t much like the posts from these Useful Idiots https://goo.gl/eZwhC but

    now they provide an important service of show people just how bazaar they really


  30. clearstory July 2, 2017 at 8:17 am #

    Mr. Renfro: Our CIA did arm and train, and give cash, to Sharia-practicing Afghan rebels who wanted the Soviet Union out of their country. For 7 years, from Pakistan. “Charle Wilson’s War” by George Crile. It’s even a movie, though the book is better. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is still around. How many of the Stinger missiles we GAVE them, and trained them how to use, with our satellite aiming systems, are still in the hands of those we are now calling terrorists? Our largest naval base IS in Qatar! The first president Bush put all kinds of new military bases in Sharia-practicing countries, to protect them from Saddam first, and also Iran. You can google the facts, sir.

  31. Snake Hunter{s} July 3, 2017 at 12:00 pm #

    Marshall’s Noble Effort To Expose The Ancient Islamic Death Cult That Abuses Women

    And Young Girls Worldwide. That’s the FOCUS of Marshall’s Article.


    The obvious strategy of left-wing hecklers like anonymous “reality” – “freewoman” and

    “clearstory” is to simply scatter-gun any well-written article… with off-topic trivia! – reb

    — — —


    ___ ___