“GIFTED” – 8 ½

     In a word:  Astounding.

     Remember the name, McKenna Grace.  She’s among the most “gifted” child actresses in motion picture history (in my humble opinion). So, it was only natural, for her to play the lead role in Gifted.

     In real life she is age 10, but she skillfully plays the role of a 6-7 year-old first grader (only 4’ tall) whose single mother had committed suicide when she was a baby.  While being raised by her uncle (played by Chris Evans), a boat mechanic in St. Petersburg, it becomes clear that the young child far excels her first-grade counterparts in mathematics, able to amazingly calculate college level problems.

     While the school faculty pleads with her doting uncle to place her in a school for “gifted” kids, he assigns more emphasis on his niece living a normal child’s life, not to be set apart from other kids. But that causes major conflicts.

     Enter, the child’s maternal grandmother who is at odds with the uncle insisting that the child be placed in special surroundings. Thus, the scenario sets the stage for a series of emotional outbursts and conflicts which draws the viewer even closer into the storyline.

     Regardless of the screenplay and storyline, movie goers will be stunned by the acting skills of this young girl, who captures our hearts as much as any child actor ever.

     She’s no beginner. A review of her acting credits is nothing more than amazing, having played in twelve movies and twenty-two television roles. Check out the IMDB listings below. She is also well-protected by her managers and family, not revealing much of anything about her personal life, as noted in an additional link, below. Kudos for them.

     I’ve known a few “gifted” kids. They lead a rather solitary life because they are “different,” which often leads to emotional, mental or social problems which the average family is ill-equipped to handle. This movie brings a deep awareness to those kinds of problems.

     A few scenes lack true plausibility, which lowered my score from a 10 to an 8 1/2.  Regardless, it’s worth a two-hour jaunt to the movies, if for no other reason, but to marvel at a child genius at work.

     In her next movie, McKenna Grace will play the part of a child Tonya Hardin, ice skating super star of fame.

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4 Responses to A FRANK MOVIE REVIEW: “GIFTED” – 8 1/2

  1. Laura Petruska April 15, 2017 at 10:28 am #

    Okay … we have one day to see movies this weekend will it be Gifted or Zoo Keeprs Wife … that is the question! Ugh, now for the answer ….just decisions!

  2. Clearstory April 16, 2017 at 3:52 pm #

    “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” is about a child too, and shows New Zealand, too. “Mother nd Child”, too, is pertinent to today. We use snail mail to receive and return Netflix discs, and don’t have to go out in a car or pay high prices. “Lion” took us to India and Tasmania, and again, was about children; so precious, so easily damaged. Thanks for the forum, Marshall.

  3. Clearstory April 17, 2017 at 5:49 pm #

    Thanks for the review. We might not agree politically but your movie reviews are totally
    different. We also saw “LION” and it pains us that there are millions of children
    living that way while we spend $314 million to develope a bomb to KILL. Children are
    also living in America poorly and it’s going to get worst. We will have a lot of explaining to GOD for what we do as American’s given how much we have been blessed.

  4. Catherine George April 26, 2017 at 10:48 pm #

    this is the 26th of April I just hope it’s not too late to see Gifted will check right now
    looking forward to Sunday ‘s recital. It’s always a winner . I usually bring a friend and they are NEVER disappointed .So, thank you for introducing this to the county.