The double-standard is beyond belief. So is the hypocrisy in the relentless attacks on President Donald Trump from Day One of his election just a couple months ago. He may bluster sometimes, but in truth his only crime was getting elected.

     Start with the frenzy over the allegations that the Russians were involved in politicking for Trump in the last election, though there is no evidence to support that, as noted by the FBI Director and other Intelligence experts. None!  Left wing news pundits declare that Trump should be impeached. For what? Breathing? Hatred for the new president before he’s even had a chance to serve is beyond comprehension.

    Speaking of interfering with an election, did anyone in the left-wing media chastise Barack Obama for not only meddling, but spending American taxpayer money to support the opposition to Israeli’s Prime Minister Netanyahu in the 2015 election there?  Our government was clearly engaged in trying to skew that foreign election.  Numerous news reports cited the deal, which would then make Obama complicit. Anyone call for his impeachment? Any hateful references to Obama — by anyone?  Where is MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS?

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     Why didn’t the media – beside Fox News — attack Obama when he authorized the payment of $400 million in cash ransom to Iran for the release of American hostages. Cloak and dagger style, this took place in an unmarked aircraft in the dark of night in Iran. Where were the pundits then, calling for Obama to step down?

     In 2014, Obama authorized the release of the five most notorious terrorists from Gitmo, in exchange for an American soldier who had deserted his assignment five years earlier. That was another form of ransom, something we never supposed to do.  In this deal, the killers were released to return to the plight of Jihad, plotting, killing, terrorizing…doing what they do best. What a hero, that Obama.

     Critics?  Where are you? The “Taliban Five” were considered by many as the hardest of the hard core,” including Senator John McCain, now back in the Jihad arena, as killers and plotters against America.

     In 2013, the IRS scandal erupted whereby agents were targeting Tea Party and other conservative groups for special attention in their income tax reviews. Congress held hearings, as one of the major directors, Lois Lerner, pled the Fifth Amendment. Did the Justice Department  or anyone on the left call for a special prosecutor, independent of the administration? Never happened…and the issue fell through a hole, where no one was held responsible.

     Did anyone call for a special prosecutor in the 2012 Benghazi fiasco where four Americans were killed fighting off terrorists in a planned assault on our consulate? The president went mute and so did the Secretary of State, who delegated her public appearances to Susan Rice before embarking on a tour of planet Earth, out of sight out of mind. Despite all the mystery, one thing we know for sure, is that the president and Hillary Clinton did all they could to convince everyone, including the families of the victims, that it was a demonstration gone wrong carried out by locals protesting an anti-Muslim on-line video. As we all have learned, this was not only debunked, we know that Obama and Hillary clearly lied. Where was the call for a special prosecutor then?

     Eric Holder now stands as the only Attorney General in American History to be censured by Congress in a criminal contempt resolution concerning his untruthfulness responding to hearings about the botched Fast and Furious Gun disposal program with criminal smugglers at the Arizona border. The Attorney General of the United States was censured for BREAKING THE LAW … in a bi-partisan vote of congress (17 Democrats voted with the Republicans). And, the president saw no reason to appoint a special prosecutor?

     Meanwhile, the Democrats of today are grabbing at anything that will make Donald Trump look bad.

     Dishonesty? Obstruction of Justice?  Did anyone pay attention to the FBI Director James Comey when he listed the array of violations and laws broken by Hillary Clinton in his testimony to Congress. In questioning by Rep. Trey Gowdy, Comey related how Hillary had deleted thousands of e-mails after being subpoenaed, that a number of the e-mails on her private server were in fact, classified. Did anyone call for a special prosecutor when it was learned she had destroyed one of her hard drives—with a hammer. Did anyone think she had ever been telling the truth once Director Comey outlined the violations that were intended to impede the investigation, ostensibly guilty of Obstruction of Justice? Yet, the FBI recommended no Grand Jury follow-up investigation?  Are you kidding?

     We had a 4-star General (Petraeus) who the democrats happily prosecuted for sharing some classified information with his girlfriend. Hillary’s violations were gargantuan compared to Petraeus’.

     How many democrats held their nose, when it was learned that Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a furtive rendezvous with Bill Clinton in a parked aircraft as the hearings were reaching a conclusion?  Does it matter that Mr. Clinton is not only a former president, he is the HUSBAND of the investigative target…and Loretta Lynch is the Attorney General for Barack Obama who was campaigning for Hillary.  Was anyone surprised at the outcome, as articulated by James Comey, who recommended no prosecution?

     Special prosecutor…where are you?

     The Obama line-up makes Nixon look like Mother Teresa.

     This article could consume fifty pages…like the spying by Obama’s people on reporter, James Rosen?

     How about the tragic conditions our veterans have endured in the V.A. scandal concerning waiting lines and inability to receive treatment?

     We won’t even talk about pulling all troops out of Iraq in 2010-11, leaving the void open for the rise of ISIS, for which he was warned by military generals. That ultimately resulted in the Middle East chaos and deaths of nearly 500,000 people.

     How about the support given to Mohammed Morsi and the notorious Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt during the so-called Arab Spring? The Muslim Brotherhood is banned for being a terror organization in at least three mid-east countries. Most educated people know the dangers of the Brotherhood. We have clear evidence that they are a huge Jihad-based organization interested in world conquest, and here we were backing them. 

     How about the interference with Libyan politics and affairs?

     The U.S. administration voted in favor of the Palestinian issue at the 2016 UN Security Council opposing Israel, the first time in the history of U.S./Israeli relations.

     By the way, since when do we negotiate with terrorists allowing Iran access to $1.5 billion and lifting of sanctions so they can pursue their nuclear programs – ultimately? Everyone knows that Iran is the Number One sponsor of terrorism on the planet, and we sided with them over our ally, Israel. Good going Mr. Obama. Our enemies love you.

     Some people say Obama was a great president.  Question is: For who?

     The Middle-East situation has never been worse. During Obama’s term, upheaval, chaos, war, and a virtual holocaust against Christians has taken place; Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and more if we include Afghanistan. The death total, according to the NY Times, stands nearly a half million people.

      Can anyone digest all this?  And we’re supposed to listen to Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and others in the left wing media denigrate Donald Trump for his two-month reign?

     The American people and the U.S. Media should lock arms in support of Donald Trump and the enormous task ahead, to unite behind him with all the support possible. He may not be the best, but he is who we’ve got. We know he’s willing to work, and to surround himself with true patriots and competent people.

     Yes, he’s rich. But in truth — that’s a good thing.

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  1. Pete March 29, 2017 at 8:35 pm #

    We often have a way of distilling our thoughts down to Democrat or Republican, left or right, or Obama/Trump. There comes a time to evaluate the information in front of you based on truth, fairness and an ethical measure, most of which has been obliterated by over emphasized unimportant detail during the last election cycle. Some would point out for the last eight years. Marshall points to it here.

  2. Chris March 29, 2017 at 10:19 pm #

    We are going to hear the absolute garbage from people like “reality” and Pelosi and Schumer et al for the entire time Trump is President. It won’t matter if our economy rockets forward. It won’t matter if we get a health care system that won’t go broke and actually works. It won’t matter if we put ISIS out of business. What will matter to these cretins is the demonization of Donald Trump in any way they can. Lies don’t matter to them. The socialist agenda, and their Nazi like lack of tolerance towards all who disagree are all they care about…because they do not give a hoot about the people of this country, only power and enriching their horribly selfish friends.

  3. Richard Moore March 30, 2017 at 6:05 am #

    Spot on Marshall, it makes me want to scream at what the leftists have done to our country the past eight years with impunity. God help us if they succeed in destroying President Trump.

  4. Paul March 30, 2017 at 6:22 am #

    A pretty good review of the shady dealings of the Obama Admin., and you didn’t even mention the first one, Fast and Furious, Congress is still waiting for requested documents after 8 years of stonewalling. As you said, this article could go on for 50 pages, at least. Sadly, we will never get to the bottom of many, if any, of these scams. I believe part of the Obama strategy was to violate laws and the Constitution so regularly that Congressional oversight could just not keep up with the criminal activity. With a compliant and sycophantic Democrat party and media it was remarkably easy for Obama and his minions to commit crime after crime with no consequence.
    I don’t think any of these crimes will be properly investigated under the Trump administration, but it will be interesting to see what happens to two people. One, Bo Bergdahl, will he finally get the jail time he deserves? The second more interesting one is Abu Khatalla, the mostly innocent victim the Obama admin, “captured” as a patsy for the Benghazi mess. The indictment against Khatalla is a joke and he could never be convicted of the alleged crimes it contains, read it sometime. At some point he will have to be let go and returned to Libya.

  5. Peter Aydelotte March 30, 2017 at 7:40 am #

    Well that did more to get my heart beating than my morning coffee. The outright corruption of our political system and the media that covers it will be the downfall of this great nation. Things will slowly change for the better as some of my rabid democrat friends have slowed their rhetoric and are seeing the good in Trump and the bad in their democrat party. You can pull the wool over peoples eyes for only so long, the paid agitators and those on the far left will keep up their antics hoping for an American spring.
    I am thankful for strong State governments and local Police agencies that keep the law and order.
    As always Marshall, you put things together in a clear succinct way. Benghazi was an inept cover up of the Obama dealing arms to the enemy, no one covered that aspect of Benghazi in detail as at the time, that would have brought the administration down.

  6. Steve Gure March 30, 2017 at 9:24 am #

    Of course you are correct but you have to remember and admit that Obama was also the victim of identical treatment from the right when he was president. The American public will have to learn how to read between the lines. President Trump is right when he calls the media dishonest. “Fake News”

  7. Jack Mackie March 30, 2017 at 11:22 pm #

    Your article reminds us of some of the things that came out of the Obama Administration that are seriously suspect if not factually true and still no effort was made to prosecute anyone.

    In regards to spying on Americans, there was plenty of evidence that Obama did plenty of this with the help of Eric Holder? Certainly most of the dots have been connected that the Trump transition team was being spied on by Obama just like they did to James Rosen and his parents and others.

    Interesting how MSNBC on March 2nd interviewed an Obama member named Farkas who said she knew that the Obama White house was spying on Trump and recommended that people keep allthat illegal correspondence so that does not dissappear when Obama people leave. There should be a record anyway? Now Farkas is walking back on what she said 4 weeks ago, yes I wonder who got to her? My feeling is that something is going to give.

  8. Anonymous March 31, 2017 at 4:18 pm #

    I agree with all you’ve said, Marshall. Additionally, I think the short-sightedness of supporters of the liberal left is downright dangerous. As for Republicans, I hope they can get their act together in Congress because their unity and strength are sorely needed.

  9. Snake Hunter{s} April 2, 2017 at 4:04 pm #

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  10. Clearstory April 3, 2017 at 7:45 pm #

    Well Trump knows what P.T Barnum knew and you right wingers were sure were taken in.
    Trump may even surpass Reagan and Nixon in corruption . The Reagan Administration had 138 criminal convictions . Not counting his treason for Iran/Contra., Nixon, Agnew, O.(Iran/Contra ) North, 4 Star general (lied to FBI ) Petreaous, D (outing CIA agent) Cheney, General (lock him up )Flynn.
    Let’s see where the FACTS lead. One thing Russia proved all those RIGHT WINGERS who run our pentagon,CIA,FBI,and intelligent agencies continue to be caught with their pants down. .Now Trumps ratings are down he want’s to start a war with N.Korea. Did he forget we lost the Korea war and the Vietnam war ,and it’s been 15 years floundering on the war on terrorism. N. Korea has China.