If I were a Democrat, I would have voted for Bernie Sanders. Not because I endorse his socialist policies, but because he has integrity, he is honest, he is true to his values and he is not for sale. None of that can be said for the current Democratic nominee, which is a sad testament to the American electorate.

     Now we are faced with two flawed candidates. I frankly had other favorites within the Republican group, but now the choice is crystal clear because I am totally petrified at the thought of Hillary Clinton ascending to president of this country; not because she is a woman, not because she is a Democrat, but because she is a despicable, selfish, lawless, self-serving and incompetent person. I have respected many Democrats in years past. But with Hillary, I am convinced that every decision she ever makes is based wholly on personal political expediency or money, and not what’s best for America.

     I am a Trump voter this time around. I consider that vote as critical to the nation, not because I love Trump so much, but I desperately fear Hillary…for many reasons (see below).

     In evaluating candidates, I mainly focus on track record. Past conduct and achievement is the best barometer for the future. I don’t care much about fluff and promise. Cliché’s or oratory charisma doesn’t matter. Most important are examples in their professional history. I don’t care about inconsequential matters or distractions that cater to voting blocs, about mischievous behavior in the distant past, or stances on pro-life or pro-choice, gay marriage, and all that, because it really has little to do with how a president will make the most critical decisions that affect us all.

     Here are those issues:

     *   National Security. Without it, dominos will fall, affecting all other issues. We must remain strong and respected across the world stage, and we must protect our people.

Trump:  He is new to politics. But his campaign rhetoric is strong and unambiguous on dealing with international threats and domestic crime which is very important. He may be less experienced in politics, but he has spent a lifetime being in charge of organizing huge projects to fruition, assembling and managing the best people to do the jobs which tell me he is a natural leader. He’s strong and he’ll listen to established experts in making decisions. I believe rebuilding the military is vital. So is enforcing and protecting our laws. There is a reason that a number of large law enforcement organizations have endorsed a presidential candidate (Trump) for the first time ever, including the national Fraternal Order of Police and the 16,500 member Border Patrol.

Clinton:  Track record?  Start with the Middle-East where her performance is below abysmal. Nobody should be rewarded for failures that negatively impacted millions of lives. During her four years as Secretary of State, nothing went well. The U.S. lost credibility everywhere, not to mention human lives. The premature pull-out of Iraq was against all pleadings by internal advisors and military leaders who projected a collapse. They were right. That decision which she supported and participated, has led to thousands of dead people in the Middle-East, not to mention a projected 3 million refugees swarming into western countries following the rise of ISIS.

     Her handling of Benghazi was not only horrific, she is indirectly (or perhaps directly) responsible for the deaths of at least two of the Americans who died there, if not all four. She did nothing – zero – to protect the consulate for months in advance despite hundreds of pleas. She did nothing to at least TRY to deploy rescue personnel or intervene in the attacks. She lied to America and then lied into the eyes of parents of dead heroes as they lay in caskets. She knowingly lied and politicized the circumstances of the attack. That alone, is despicable as a so-called leader. For weeks following, she failed to present herself to the American public to answer questions or lead an investigation. She went globe hopping for two months in virtual hiding. Neither did she arrange for a physical processing of the consulate scene to examine or protect evidence, i.e. papers, files, computers, weapons, clues, etc. The Benghazi fiasco is a microcosm of how she might handle any crisis.

     Few people have noticed how our relationship with Egypt has plummeted. When the so-   called Arab Spring erupted, Hillary supported the removal of our loyal ally, Hosni Mubarak, as Egypt’s leader which buoyed the installation of Morsi, a power within the Muslim Brotherhood and the declared enemy of the secular western world. Distraught Egyptian people rose up by the millions to rid Egypt of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, as they took to the streets with hundreds of signs expressing their hatred of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. During that year when Morsi served as president, Christian Coptics fled like ants while churches were being burned like never before.

     This could be a very long blog, but suffice to say her skills and incompetence as a leader in the international scene has been scary.

*    Economy:

     Hillary: Some say the job market is good, but the statistics seem to be skewed to look that way. According to the Citizens for Tax Justice (March 2016) unrepatriated foreign profits for American companies have reached $2.4 trillion, from which companies can avoid nearly $700 billion in taxes. In other words, manufacturing jobs are bailing out from the United States because of tax reasons and low cost labor. I don’t think Hillary Clinton has any track record in that regard to measure.

Her job at the State Department had little to do with forming the economy, nor did her role as a senator, for which her accomplishments are infamously few. Her skills in this area can barely be measured.

The economy has been propped up allowing the national debt to spiral out of control, raising the ceiling to $20 trillion, virtually doubled in eight years. In 2008, after Bush’s administration upped the debt by $4 trillion, then-candidate Obama described it as un-American. Our economy will be driven by increases in good paying jobs for Americans, and companies returning to America, something for which Hillary has minimal achievements..

Bear in mind that Hillary has accepted a myriad of huge donations in the mega-millions and immense speaker fees (along with Bill Clinton) which feed into the Clinton Foundation. Many of those contributions have come from dubious people in foreign governments, some not so friendly to the United States, and many that subjugate women. Mammoth financial contributions can easily sway a politician in making wrong decisions, as payback favors.

     Trump:  His entire life is driven by wheeling and dealing finance with accomplishments in the billions and trillions, from which he has enjoyed enormous success. Yes, his casinos tanked in New Jersey,which – he admits – went bad and he used bankruptcy laws to bail out, something any and all wealthy businessmen do, including Warren Buffet and George Soros. Trump may be crude sometimes, but he is a get-the-job-done leader who understands economy inside and out, and owes no quid pro quo to anyone. He is in no one’s pocket.  He’s not groveling for money for himself, because he is already a billionaire. He can make decisions based on merit, not who and what he owes in favors.

  • Illegal Immigration/Refugees.

The first clarification is that we are talking about Illegal immigration and the drain it causes upon our economy, including crime, jails and prisons, overcrowded classrooms, health care, welfare, undercutting wages and other factors of the national infrastructure.

The second clarification is the current Middle-East refugee crisis involving mega-thousands from countries that spawn Jihadists and people who hate America. European countries are now being confronted with rampant disorder, anti-western sentiment and the absence of assimilation on the part of refugees. Among that populous, terrorists are certain to emerge.

     Hillary:  She is on record as supporting increased Middle-East migration to the U.S. by 500 percent, without a viable screening plan. This can be devastating to America. It translates into the millions of people from whom there is no way to screen individual backgrounds or their political ideology. It is the perfect setting for a Trojan Horse crisis.

In terms of domestic illegal immigration, Hillary has spoken out in favor of open borders, as revealed in a recorded speech released by Wiki Leaks. In almost every aspect, Hillary will be soft on illegal immigration, citing the need to be compassionate to children, which is a noble hook. But the tolerance for law-breaking would go much further, as she and the Democratic campaign are on record as supporting sanctuary cities – which is tantamount to endorsing the breaking of federal laws.

She is also opposed to expanding the wall/fence on the Mexican border, which is sorely needed.

     Trump:   In recent months, Donald Trump has modified his public stance on illegal immigrants by specifically citing the need to deport all illegals who have broken American laws, or are stuffing our prisons. From there, the issue of breaking up families by deporting and dislodging children would be addressed on a case by case basis.

Trump strongly advocates a fence along the southern border, and has stated he will federally defund all sanctuary cities that support law breakers. That’s long overdue.

He is right when stating that a country without borders is no longer a country.

Trump will also enact strong measures to prevent the mass influx of refugees from countries that spawn Islamic terrorism.

  • The Supreme Court

The importance here is that Supreme Court appointees are for life. Some can stay on the court for 50 years. The next four years will likely see at least two, or more, new appointees to the court. That will have a huge impact upon the laws of the land.

This is an issue that Democrats and Republicans may even disagree among themselves, depending upon what major issue is at stake. Abortion, education, death penalty, immigration, gun rights and more, are among them.

Suffice to say, that Hillary will appoint liberal minded justices and Trump will appoint conservative minded justices. The future of our legal system and the resolution to these kinds of issues are at play.

  • Health Care

Obamacare is imploding, and the entire institution of health care in America is at risk. Economists and experts are mostly in agreement that Obamacare is a colossal failure and will lead to enormous problems in the economy and health care in general. Aetna, Health First and most other health care insurance providers have bailed out of Obamacare, as premium rates are on the verge of soaring while coverage is on the decline.

The difference between the candidates:

Hillary:  Has voiced her support of Obamacare, but needs fixing.

Trump:  Would abolish Obamacare and restart/replace with a much better plan that achieves the desired result.

     *    Integrity:

     Hillary:  Has none.  The FBI validated that, though they opted to sidestep filing criminal charges. Her history of dishonesty (yawn) has become boring to Americans because it’s a continuous repeat, whether 25 years ago or today, her record of marathon lying is beyond comprehension, that someone so provably dishonest could be elected as the  president of this country.

Claiming she only had one mobile device when she actually had 13. Deleting 33,000 e-mails after they had been subpoenaed by congress, isn’t exactly legal or noble. Having devices destroyed with hammers and/or bleach to avoid inspection by the FBI is – in anyone’s legal book – obstruction of justice. And claiming she couldn’t remember the answers to 39 specific questions posed to her by the FBI was an act to avoid being charged with lying to the FBI.  Yet, she slides,

Most frightening is her penchant for accept huge contributions from foreign governments to her foundation, which is a side-step from breaking the law in federal campaigns and/or anyone holding federal office. Whether Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Morocco or any other country, millions of dollars buys millions of favors which can put our nation in jeopardy during times of conflict.

     Trump:  Can’t be bought. Trump has a penchant for shooting from the hip and blurting exaggerated or inappropriate comments, but he has never been known for lying.

     Summary:  The gender, race, or ethnic background of a candidate is vastly unimportant. Past positions held are also unimportant. What should be examined are achievements: What did they accomplish or fail to accomplish while holding those positions?

Other than occupying an official position like First Lady, Senator, or Secretary of State, there is little that Hillary Clinton has accomplished in those roles other than put in the time. Compared to Donald Trump, her list of achievements are miniscule.

Some people will cite Donald Trump’s offensive words and behavior with a woman some years back, for which he admits and has apologized. These people think such a man shouldn’t be in the White House. Really?

I would like to remind those folks, that a win for Hillary means she takes office with a support team, one of whom is the most notorious sexual predator ever to occupy the oval office which nobody can deny. There are eighteen known females who have fingered Bill Clinton as a sex abuser. Nobody knows how many more exist who never came forward. With Hillary comes Bill, and compulsive appendage that has haunted her marriage since the 1970s.

 So, should we talk about Trump’s past proclivities?

  • There is no real choice.

Trump will surround himself with highly achieved leaders, including Rudy Guiliani, Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, Dr. Ben Carson, General Michael Flynn and more. Hillary will surround herself with people she owes the most favors. And consider this: Hillary’s closest aide for 20 years (Huma Abedin) is a woman raised in Saudi Arabia, whose parents and brother are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, and who served on the Muslim Student Association policy committee – a satellite of the Muslim Brotherhood — at George Washington University. 

I’m not saying she’s a mole. But – as the FBI Director testified – Hillary has been extremely careless.

Donald J. Trump is the only choice. He may fumble now and then, but he’s not for sale and I do believe his primary motives are to improve many aspects of this government.

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  1. reality October 31, 2016 at 10:26 am #

    Robert Morgenthau, Manhattan district attorney at the time 17 boxes of materials copied from Ft. Bragg, with Arabic writings on them, mention of al-Qeda, is on p58-62 of “Triple Cross”, by Peter Lance. He even had the Arabic writings translated, and called the FBI, the NY Joint Terrorism task force, etc. to come and investigate what seemed be a much bigger conspiracy than just the assassination of Rabbi Kahane:
    It sure looks like the FBI, and the JTTF did not do their jobs.
    And it sure looks like all of you HAVE forgotten the almost 3000 Americans who were killed on 9/11/2001.

  2. Snake Hunter{s} October 31, 2016 at 2:11 pm #

    Un-Reality Has One Book… She has boringly referred to it dozens of times here.


    Here’s an up-to-date headline others might find interesting from the Chicago Tribune:


    Has America become so numb by the lies and cynicism oozing from Clinton Inc.. that
    it could elect Hillary Clinton as president, even after Friday’s FBI announcement that it had reopened an investigation of her emails… while secretary of state.

    (Now That’s Hot Stuff… Coming From OBAMA-TOWN, USA. Find the entire Chicago

    Article with your own Search Engine… THEN VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE NOV 8th
    ___ ___

  3. Snake Hunter{s} October 31, 2016 at 5:01 pm #


    * The Most Politically Corrupt, One-Party-City In The United States For Sixty Years

    * Where Bill Ayers, The Weather Underground Bomber was born & raised in the ’40’s

    * Where Bill Ayers and Barry H. Obama did “Democratic Neighborhood Organizing”.

    * Where Valerie Jarrett, (Slick Real Estate Slumlord) became Obama’s Sr. Advisor.

    * Where Chicago has the grim reputation as the “Murder Capitol Of The U.S.A.”

    * Where Homicides in Chicago, as of October 31st, 2016… Total – > a record 638


    Question: Are Unaware Americans Ready For A “Two-Party System Of Governance?”
    ___ ___

  4. reality November 1, 2016 at 10:22 am #

    Gee, the FBI’s great at going after politicians. But ignores carloads of “middle-eastern-looking men” driving out to a Long Island Shooting range, 3 weekends in a row, to learn how to shoot automatic weapons. The FBI squad that “got Gotti” ignores their own photos, that show Ali Mohamed, of the Muslim Brotherhood. He drives up from Ft. Bragg to teach Nosair, among others, who is later tried a second time in the famous “Day of Terror” trial. There’s Ali Mohamed’s name again, but Judge Mukasy, a good friend of Giuliani, and later Bush’s attorney general?, ignores the FBI photos. The FBI seems to have whisked Ali off to CA, where they pay him to inform about illegal Mexican immigrants. Ali goes back and forth to Afghanistan, no problem, in spite of being caught with a fake pop can on an airplane. Blago’s in Jail, and you want Hillary there too? Where were you when the FBI was ignoring their own snitch, BEFORE the first trade center bombing? Where are the surveillance films the FBI confiscated from a Sheraton, a gas station, and a highway dept., right after the Pentagon was hit? “Triple Cross” by Peter Lance, has footnotes, photos, copies of docs, etc.

  5. Snake Hunter{s} November 1, 2016 at 3:37 pm #


    Asks Alert Citizens… About the First W.T.C. Bombing (1993) when the “Blind Sheikh”
    attempted to kill thousands of innocent people by placing a huge bomb in the parking garage… that killed seven, plus injured hundreds more with smoke inhalation.

    We remember that. A fine N.Y. City Federal Prosecutor, Andrew C. McCarthy wrote
    an excellent book, after getting a conviction that sent this terrorist to prison for life.

    All Pinheads Should Read.. ‘GRAND JIHAD.. And How The Left Sabotage America’

    Another book, ‘WILLFUL BLINDNESS’ is by the same great author.
    ___ ___

  6. Snake Hunter{s} November 1, 2016 at 8:35 pm #


    Or Do This: Borrow a Bible… from a neighbor… read something interesting:

    Turn the pages to… Proverbs 11;26 through 31

    In Proverbs 11:29 you can read:

    “He That Troubleth His Own House… Shall Inherit The Wind.”

    IF You Don’t Understand, just send it to the Clinton’s Foundation.. they are

    the major trouble-makers & serial liars; the elite money-grabbers; they’ll get it!
    ___ ___

  7. reality November 2, 2016 at 10:08 am #

    Andrew C. McCarthy is referred to on 22 times in the index of “Triple Cross”, by Peter Lance. He apparently knew all about Ali Mohamed, as he flew 3000 miles to CA to meet him, when the defense attorney for Rabbi Kahane’s killer, wanted Ali to testify. Why did McCarthy not bring Ali in to testify, when he was on the list of “unindicted co-conspirators” in the trial? The main witness, Salem, had first infiltrated the Blind Sheikh’s cell in 1991! But the FBI disqualified him, and refused to even follow the distinctive-looking pair, big redheaded guy with small, limping, slightly retarded dark-skinned guy, who Salem told them was helping Ramzi Yousef across the river from their headqtrs. Almost 3000 Americans killed, because the FBI, CIA, etc. ignored countless clues and their own documents.

  8. Snake Hunter{s} November 2, 2016 at 10:57 pm #




    TRY THIS – > READ ‘MILITANT ISLAM IN AMERICA’ (it exposes the enemy within)

    THEN GET THIS ONE…. ‘THE WAY THINGS OUGHTA BE’ (awareness matters)

    Chapter 1) – Political Criminals 2) Buying Politicians 3) Political Liars 4) Job Standards

    5) Term Limits….. 8) The Era of Terror 10) Immigration …. 24) Islam

    (Learn Baby, learn! — Knowledge is Power) – reb
    ___ ___

  9. Snake Hunter{s} November 3, 2016 at 3:48 pm #

    IF “UN-Reality” Is Actually a Person, And Not A Robot…

    Not a Robotic Image Spewing Hatred…. Then Pay Attention:

    If you cannot afford to buy “NOW THEY CALL ME INFIDEL”…

    Then you can find this Nonie Darwish Super Article FREE!

    ‘AMERICA’S ARAB SPRING’ – > Dated.. November 03, 2016


    ___ ___

  10. reality November 4, 2016 at 10:27 am #

    You can also just google “Gulbuddin Hekmatyar” to learn about the violent Muslim who was the main conduit for maybe $3 million of American taxpayers’ money during the 1980’s, when “A Holy War” against the Soviet Union seemed like a good idea, not just to President Reagan and CIA director Bill Casey, but to powerful “anti-communists” from both parties. Steve Coll has a book about it, so does Bob Woodward. You can even get a copy of former President Truman’s warning about the CIA, after JFK’s assassination, from the Truman library. “The Devil’s Chessboard”, by David Talbot, has a photo of the “Kennedy-ese” couple who our CIA replaced with the Military, in Guatemala, in 1954. Which is why so many Guatemalans have been coming here ever since. Tues., Sept 11, 1973, was our CIA in Chile. Immigrants are here, because we were there, in their countries, causing chaos, replacing their chosen leaders, etc. It’s all on the “google”, and sometimes in a movie.