When is enough ever enough?

     For nine years, Israeli citizens have been living a life much like the Londoners of 1940, awaiting the next air raid sirens and then making a dash to the nearest bunker within 30 seconds to avoid being bombed to smithereens.  Nearly ten thousand rockets and missiles have be fired by Hamas from the Gaza strip, and some from Hezbollah in the north, all for the purpose of indiscriminately killing any Jew;  man, woman or child, that happens to be in its path. Meanwhile the United Nations and the rest of the world, including the United States, sits impotently mute.

     A sovereign nation is blatantly attacked in acts of war, and no one says crap. Because the victims are Jews, it’s all right. Business as usual.  Ho hum.

     Hamas is not only a deadly terrorist organization, they are a government unified with Fatah, with allies throughout the middle-east throngs of Jew-haters.  Our president openly calls for Israel to retreat its boundaries back to the 1967 lines, music to the ears of terrorists.  The president makes no mention of the rockets being fired into Israel since Ariel Sharon did, in fact, do just that IN 2005 – retreat from Gaza to give the Palestinians the land as a gesture of good will and peace. And what was the reward?  Rockets and missiles and maimed and dead Israelis.

     President Obama calls for both sides to make peace, but they are just words to appease critics. In fact, the president is never heard condemning Hamas for their murderous assault on our ally over the last nine years.

     Israel has no interest in conquest of other lands, nor do they wish to annihilate any people, anywhere. They only wish to live in peace, but constantly must defend themselves. Constantly!

     Now, the Israelis have had enough. World opinion be damned, they have taken the offense to finally put an end to the madness, to protect their people. Israel sends advance messages to Gaza residents forecasting their intent to fire missiles, giving fair warning to vacate the area to help save innocent life. Does Hamas send such warnings to the Israelis to save Jewish life? Israeli military is targeting missile launch sites, while Hamas situates their launchers in the middles of city streets and schools, using women and children as human shields. Of course, Gaza residents are going to be killed. It’s the intention of Hamas. And when that occurs, more cameras emerge to shoot videos than all the cameras at a Super Bowl game.

     Not only does Hamas induce their own people into giving their lives to the cause, they use it as a propaganda tool, showing the world via media what those terrible Israelis are doing to poor innocent Gaza citizens. What’s even worse, is that the international media (including the U.S.) falls for it.

     Stay tuned to CBS, NBC and Al Jazeera, and watch the unbelievable coverage, portraying Gaza as the victim of an “over reacting” Israel government. Easily, 90 percent of the news on those stations is pro-Palestinian. As though choreographed by Hamas, you will see the Palestinian women and children weeping, bodies carried on stretchers through city streets, and angry Muslim men pumping fists as though Israel had no right to defend themselves.  Clearly, Israel is the bad guy, Hamas is the good guy. And some people – whose brains are made of mush —  get sucked into the propaganda.

     Israel is aiming to destroy the hundreds of tunnels that facilitate the import of rockets and missiles, plus enable Hamas terrorists surreptitious entry into the towns and streets of Israel. Those weapons are compliments of Iran. The origins of Hamas is compliments of the Muslim Brotherhood – whose agents have infiltrated our own government.

     What should we do about it?  Well, if we had a president with the chutzpah of Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy and Reagan, he would not merely be calling for peace, which is like yodeling alone from the top of the Alps. He’d get the attention of the radical Islamists and the United Nations. Yes, the U.S. has an extreme vital interest in this conflict, because when and if Israel falls, the embolded radicals will be coming after the west. And they don’t let up.  “First Saturday, then Sunday.” That’s been a standing promise. Here’s what we should consider:

  1. Threaten to enter the war with American sea and air military might, if and when Israel asks for assistance in defense.
  2. Take out Iranian munitions factories with drones and/or other air power
  3.  Put a stop to all foreign aid from America that is directed toward radical  Islamic powers, including Hamas/Palestinians.
  4. Call upon all our strongest international allies to openly condemn Hamas/Hezbollah and Iran for their roles in stirring war and mayhem against Israel. 
  5. Call upon the cowardly U.N. to act as a true peace-keeping force. Do something other than cower to the Arab bloc of 57 nations.  

     Our shameful news agencies should be doing the same.  Peace-loving nations owe an enormous debt of gratitude for the contributions that a peaceful Israel has provided the entire planet. Meanwhile, radical Muslims have provided little other than reasons to bury innocent people and install trillions of dollars worth of security systems into aircrafts and airports throughout the entire globe.

     Eighty-nine people were killed last week in another suicide bombing in Afghanistan. For what?

     Oh yes…the Russians and the Ukraine?  That’s another story

     And the president says the world is a more tranquil place.

     Dennis Prager sums it up better than anyone in this short video:

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  1. Jim H July 18, 2014 at 10:51 am #

    Who cares?
    1-not Obama, his priorities are how much he can spend on his next vacation, how much he can put the US in unnecessary debt, how to play the most golf in presidential history, how to fund raise, fund raise, fund raise, and to mingle with the liberal hollywood stars.
    2-not the liberal majority Senate.
    3-not the wimpy Republican majority House

    So who remains that has any power or influence to address, “What Should We Do About It?”

  2. Shirl July 18, 2014 at 10:52 am #

    Thanks, Marshall,
    for summing up the crazy head-in-the-sand attitude of so many. It is very depressing but articles such as yours may open some minds.

  3. Roger L. Cox July 18, 2014 at 10:59 am #

    Go Israel!

  4. Charles Pierce July 18, 2014 at 11:20 am #

    The UN has reached the point in its history that the League of Nations was in the early 1930’s. It has no real power and is controlled by 2nd and 3d tier nations who simply want to extract money and resources form the 1st world nations. The United States pays about 22% of the operating cost of the UN and frankly is getting nothing form the UN. I do not see why the US is still a member and why the headquarters is in NYC. We need to simply leave the organization.

  5. Steve Gure July 18, 2014 at 11:29 am #

    I agree with your overall assessment of the situation. I would be happy if the U.S. would put a stop to all foreign aid from America that is directed at radical Islamic powers. As far as Israel is concerned, I am glad they hjave finally come to their senses and started the ground offensive. Concentrate on destroying the terror group in every way nd stop apologizing for killing innocent civilians. The terrorists are laughing. There are no innocent civilians. They have elected the Hamas terror group and are supporting them in every way. They alone, are responsible for their plight.

  6. BARRY CRANE July 18, 2014 at 11:46 am #


  7. David Lee Valdina July 18, 2014 at 1:15 pm #

    I agree 100%. This is one conflict I would volunteer for.

  8. Jose July 18, 2014 at 3:55 pm #

    I hope they level the Hamas stronghold on Gaza. However, I disagree with the comments about the media. They will always show the people getting killed, not those who are not. They report airplane crashees not safe landings. Pro-Hamas/Gaza news slant? I don’t think so! Much has been written about Jewish media and network contrul. Lots of evidence to support that fact. Therefore, why would a Jewish influenced media not support the Jewish story line? Let’s quit bashing the media, let’s bash terrorists!!

  9. Lunar Day July 18, 2014 at 5:02 pm #

    Now everyone can understand a bit better why The West Bank hand over is too frought with danger. Look what has happened since Israel handed over Gaza. All Gaza has to do is stop the bombs. sounds all too simple, but hate is a powerful tool and they start the hate campaign early. Of course what the world doesn’t see is the ambulances from Gaza racing into Israel so that Israeli doctors can use their excellent medical care to treat the bomb victims. What a mess.

  10. Ron Fischer July 20, 2014 at 7:20 pm #

    Go Israel.

    As for the UN, it’s nothing more than an expensive joke for international liars and thieves. We should have left years ago (it would have collapsed immediately). Strong alliances are much better than a liars kitchen.

    As for “Foreign Aid”, America should never give anyone a dime unless the people say so by a popular vote; and then it should never be for more than 1 year at a time.

    I can easily see a lot of Americans supporting Israel any way they can. Israel has taken enough crap from these religious vermin who call themselves HAMAS.

  11. Larry G. Tate MD July 21, 2014 at 9:48 am #

    Until HATE is replaced with LOVE nothing much is going to change. I believe that America could bring about a willingness for peace if it would use it’s power with it’s purse strings; i.e. “SHOW ME THE MONEY”. The U.S.A. could, if it so desired, be an immediate broker of peace when it cuts off all AID monetarily and otherwise to all nations intent on destroying the Jewish People. If the USA stated unequivocally that USA AID will only resume once the warring stopped, we might see peace return. And if it didn’t it would at least allow America to pay down it’s debt.
    The following is from and dovetails nicely with the problems Israel has to deal with .
    Whither Israel?
    The Road to Ruad
    July 20, 2014
    I first heard the phrase in Phnom Penh during the siege: “The situation is hopeless, but not critical.” As Israel and the Moslem world claw at each other unendingly, I wonder whether the same diagnosis doesn’t apply. Perhaps I am wrong. I don’t see how.

    To begin at the beginning: The Jews had long wanted a country of their own and, after Germany, understandably really wanted one. The problem was that all the countries were already taken except maybe Antarctica, so they conquered parts of Palestine by force of arms.

    There was nothing Jewish about this. Most of history consists of groups conquering each other’s territory. When you do this, the conquered people hate you, and begin to resist. To control them you resort to the rifle butt, the torture chamber, the air strike, and the secret police. This makes them hate you more, world without end. Consider the occupation of Jewish Palestine by the Romans, the Jewish resistance, and Rome’s murderous responses.

    The neighboring Moslem peoples, and indeed all Moslems, came to hate the modern Jews like poison, and the Jews, now become Israelis, soon returned the sentiment. Historically, this was business as usual. Christians, Jews, and Moslems have spent a phenomenal amount of time hating each other. It doesn’t seem to have gained them much.

    Anyway, a vaguely possible modus vivendi was the Two-State solution, now dead, if it ever wasn’t, because Israel is absorbing the occupied territories. So many Jewish settlers now live on occupied Moslem land that no Israeli government could force them to come back, even if it wanted to, which it emphatically doesn’t. So much for modus vivendi.

    In what amounts to Greater Israel, the Jews came to have custody in Israel proper of about 1.7 million Moslems, in Gaza of over a million and a half who hate Israel and, in the West Bank, pushing toward three million more, who hate Israel. Why Israel wants additional Moslems isn’t clear—I don’t want any at all, as they seem to be nothing but trouble–but it does seem to be collecting them.

    This means that Israel can never be a democracy because, if the Moslems had the vote, Israel would stop being a Jewish state and just be a country with a lot of Jews. Worse, the moment Moslem voters, who breed faster than Jews, outnumbered these by one vote (if they ever did), Israel would become an Islamic republic, like Afghanistan. I do not think the Israelis have this in mind.

    How a First World people can live as keepers of what appear to irremediably primitive Third Worlders is not clear, even without hatred.

    There is worse. The Moslems cannot be allowed much commercial success, since it would translate into political power. And intermarriage must be prevented at all costs, since Jews, of whom there are not many to begin with, could be bred out of existence. Is this not Alabama in 1900?

    So what can Israel do with its internal Moslems? Logically it can (a) shoot them all, which even Netanyahu probably wouldn’t do, or (b) exist forever with a huge and perhaps growing number of hate-filled subjects, or (c) push them across the borders at bayonet-point. Is there another choice?

    Since the Moslems both internal and external hate the Jews, Israel must constantly fight them off, often militarily. Just now it is invading Gaza again, which has been firing rockets into Israel. The Moslems are always doing something, such as blowing up buses full of Israelis, so Israel is always bombing Gaza, invading Gaza, killing Turks, bombing Lebanon, invading it, bombing Iraq, killing Iranian scientists, and so on. There is the usual political posturing and kindergarten yelling about you started it, no, you started it, but underlying the noise is that the two sides bitterly hate each other.

    If there is any reason to believe that it will ever stop, I am unaware of it. Does anyone seriously foresee a multi-culti, Koom Bah Yah amity, with turbans and yarmulkes back-yard barbecuing together and swapping dirty stories? Anybody who thinks this possible must be smoking Drano. The two flavors of Moslem are murdering each other in droves, and they have the same faith. They’re going to learn to love Jews?

    Any day now.

    No military solution is possible. Israel’s First World, heavily armed, high-tech forces can defeat, usually easily, any forces arrayed against it by its Third-World enemies. It just can’t keep them defeated. Nor can the Moslems decisively defeat Israel. The only remotely plausible approach would be to force Israel to mobilize and stay mobilized until its economy collapsed, which for a lot of reasons isn’t going to happen, and anyway the US would intervene.

    The beat goes on.

    Meanwhile, Israel depends utterly on America for its survival. Yes, it is an advanced, highly educated, commercially astute nation, and if it lived in peace would be a small roaring success. But it doesn’t live in peace. And it is too small to buy or build the forces it needs to repel its neighbors and keep its supply lines open. It cannot field a large army other than briefly because it just doesn’t have the population. A garrison state, it very much needs US support.

    Said support is not just military and economic. If votes in the UN are an indication, Israel is detested by most of the planet, which would endeavor to do all manner of anti-Israeli things if the US didn’t veto all of them. Israel has a PR problem. In Gaza we see the now-common spectacle of a national military fighting a non-state enemy of barely armed militants. The result is dead children, recorded on cell-phone cameras. Image-wise, not good.

    In America politics regarding Israel are often bitter and even more confusing. For example, I know feminists hostile to Israel, which doesn’t mistreat women at all, yet well disposed to Moslems, for whom mere misogyny would be a great step upward. Many Jews of my acquaintance are ambivalent or confused, wanting Israel to survive yet loathing its government.

    How firm is American support for Israel? Very—for now, anyway. This is due in part to the immensely powerful Israel lobby in Washington, in part to a certain lack of enthusiasm for Moslems after 9/11, and in part to the lack of strong anti-Jewish sentiment in America. The United States isn’t Poland. In fact there is a lot of pro-Jewish feeling, seldom mentioned because it doesn’t fit the journalistic template of the eternally endangered Jew on the raw edge of extermination, sieg heil. Of course, pro-Jewish and pro-Israel are different categories.

    If there is ever a threat to American support, it will be not from anti-Semitism but from indifference. There is a potential softness in the support. When Netanyahu gets 29 (was it?) standing ovations in Congress (which he did) it is not because all Congressmen are wildly enthusiastic about Israel. God himself would not receive such unanimous enthusiasm. Electoral politics screens out principle, and politicians will vote for whatever they think in their interest. If congressmen spoke honestly (yes, I know) I think you would find a small neo-Nazi group virulently against Israel, a substantial Christian group strongly for—and a majority who just wanted the question to go away.

    There are powerful forces—Big Oil, companies that want to do business in Iran—that would happily abandon a small, petro-dry nation with no resources. Thus the crucial importance of the lobby.

    All in all, it seems to me that Israel has gotten itself into a horrible situation, hated within, hated without, and hanging by a lobby. What can the Israelis do? Emigrate to New York? Undertake an absolutely horrific ethnic cleansing? Exercise the Antarctica Option? Spend all eternity ducking rockets and bombing neighbors? Live as herdsmen of unwanted Moslems that they have to avoid assimilating?

    I don’t see a happy ending. Or any ending.

    Philip Francis Stanley and Grotesque Ophthalmological Malpractice

    THE MONEY”. The U.S.A. could, if it so desired, be an immediate broker of peace when it cuts off all AID monetarily and otherwise to all nations intent on destroying the Jewish People. If the USA stated unequivocally that USA AID will only resume once the warring stopped, we might see peace return.

  12. Jose July 21, 2014 at 5:20 pm #

    This was quite a read. This hate runs so deep, I’m not sure there’s even a financial solution. People can’t really be paid to not hate! Awful situation that gets nothing but worse.

  13. Joyce Strauss July 22, 2014 at 9:16 am #

    We just returned from Israel.
    The Arab world could really learn from Israel.the country is progressive, beautiful
    And involved in research that will benefit the world let alone the Arab world.
    It’s the Arab criminals who are doing in their own people while they bask in luxury
    In Eurpean spas.
    Joyce and Gordon

  14. Murray levone July 22, 2014 at 8:30 pm #

    Your summary was perfect.our Muslim president is not a fan of Israel. Thank god they have nuclear weapons… The ragheads love death.western countries love life .let’s keep both happy.

  15. J Beeson July 28, 2014 at 10:53 am #

    This article comports with the truth I understand about attacks on Israel and Hamas initiation of such. We have a “do-nothing” president about any international conflicts about which the USA should take a firm stand. We also have a “do-nothing” Congress, most of whom are “fat cats” rather than statesmen such as we once had.

    Our leftist media no longer reports news; they feed us their biased view of all news, be it US or international.

    Let’s take our country back and elect Ben Carson who has a chance to win in 2016.