We have all heard about Sharia Law.  Ten or twenty years ago, it was an unknown factor by 95 percent of Americans. Now it’s almost a household term.

     Imagine where we may be in another twenty years.

    There are forces within America that are slowly but surely pressuring courts and lawmakers to accept the fringes of Sharia in their decisions and legislation. Some cowardly judges have already ruled in favor of the Sharia system, as opposed to the American civil system, only to be overruled by appellate courts. The organization behind the forces of creeping Sharia is CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) which is an arm of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood. It’s their job to relax the U.S.system from its so-called fear (Islamophobia) of  Sharia, purporting it is nothing harmful and only pertains to religious freedom.


     In case anyone has not read the mottos, doctrines and goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, they are the international organization that calls for the ultimate destruction of America– From Within.  That is their phraseology, not mine. It’s in their manifesto and all the secret planning documents which call for deception and propaganda in slowly implementing Islamic values and laws in the western world.

     The Muslim Brotherhood has unlimited funding from their Mideast petro-glut supporters, thus CAIR can file lawsuit after lawsuit to keep the pressure on, without concern over funding the lawyers. 

     (If anyone thinks CAIR is nothing to worry over, suggest reading the book “Muslim Mafia” by P. David Gaubatz, which is about how one man infiltrated the inner sanctum of CAIR. Very revealing and frightening).

     Thus, part of their goal is to slowly, but surely, incrementally inject Islamic law into the network of our own legal system, inch by inch.

     Some folks will tell you that Sharia Law is not much different than Jewish laws and customs and those of Christianity. The people who spread that kind of propaganda are as dangerous to Americans as al Qaeda itself, because they are falling into the very trap being set for them.

     The laws of Judaism and other religions generally pertain to dress, diet, worship regimen, gender roles, some issues of domestic rights and rules of the household. Sharia is Islamic law, which embodies all those kinds of law, plus criminal, civil and domestic laws which go far beyond Jewish laws. Orthodox Jews in America practice their religious requirements within the laws of the land, much the same as the Amish, the Hindu, Buddhists and of course, Christians. Most religious doctrines in the U.S. are not incompatible with the legal system. Islamic aw goes much further.

     Where Islam rules predominantly, Sharia is the law of the land. It goes much farther than banning interest rates and dividing property unequally from failed marriages. It includes unimaginable punishments (like all criminal laws) for violations of Islamic law, to an including death, torture and banishment for what are deemed vile acts, such as homosexuality.

     Sharia Law is totally incompatible with the constitution of the United States, and the constitutions of most other free nations, unless the government of those nations choose to ignore their own legal systems and look the other way when violations occur, as they are doing in France and England. In those, and other countries, the Islamic population has crept in with so much power and influence they have intimidated their own police and court system into accepting Sharia, i.e. No-Go zones. France has over 750 No-Go zones alone where Islamists are free to practice Sharia outside the laws of the land, to and including some of the most detestable punishments for actions such as apostacy and dishonoring the family. Many more No-Go zones exist officially and unofficially in Belgium, England, Netherlands, Denmark, and other countries. The snowball is rolling down the proverbial hill.

     In strict Islamic societies, there is no separation of church and state. The Quran is not only a holy book, it is the law of the land, along with the Hadith, which is held as sacredly perfect.  The Hadith, in a nutshell, is the word and deeds of the Prophet, Muhammed, which cannot be questioned or altered. The Quran and the Hadith make up the constitution of Islamic laws all over the world.

     Our administration would have us believe the only threat of radical Islam is from al Qaeda. That’s much like the shell game. We’ll make you pay attention to your front side, but not the back side, because that’s where Islamic extremism is actually making their gains. And, part of that equation, is incremental Sharia.

     There are people connected or associated with the Muslim Brotherhood who are actively working in our State Department, our Department of Homeland Security, our Justice Department and The White House today.

     Countries where Sharia law is dominant include, but are not limited to,Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Yemen, Gaza, Pakistan, Chad, Somalia, Afghanistan and many more.

     Under Sharia, here is a list of the most extreme laws and punishments

     1)   Islam commands alcohol drinkers and gamblers to be whipped.            

           Hadith: Bukhari 6774-6775

     2)  Husbands may beat their wives. 

           Quran:  Surah 4:34

     3)  Exacting legal revenge –  and eye for an eye.

            Quran:   Surah  5:45

     4)    Thievery – Cut off hands

              Quran:  Surah  5:38

     5)    Highway robbers – Crucifixion or mutilation

             Quran:   Surah   5:33

     6)    Homosexuals to be executed … in some cases, flogged and imprisoned.

              Hadith:  Abu Dawud  4447

      7)    Unmarried fornication, adultery, punishment is flogging.  Adultery, punishment is death by stoning in some Islamic societies

              Quran:  Surah   24.2

              The Hadith also addresses adultery in conflicting punishments

       8)   Apostates (those who leave Islam) are to be killed

              Quran:  Surah  9:11 and 9:12

     This is but a glimpse at the extreme end of Sharia if and when a society becomes predominantly Islamist. But it all begins with a foot in the door, which is what CAIR and other minions of the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to impose on all nations of the western world.  Sadly, they are finding success in Europe and in Canada. We are the last holdout.

     That is why it is so important to support the organization called “ACT For America” and its legal teams in fighting the imposition of Sharia Law into our court systems. Thus far, several states have begun legislation to that effect, with bi-partisan support in supporting American Law for American Courts, which then precludes all judges from considering Sharia, or any other foreign legal system from being imposed on our own citizens. Those states are:

 LouisianaSenate Vote: 33-3

LouisianaHouse Vote: 94-0

TennesseeHouse Vote: 96-0

TennesseeSenate Vote: 32-0

OklahomaHouse Vote: 76-3

IndianaSenate Vote: 50-0

MissouriHouse of Representatives Vote: 110-46

FloridaHouse Vote: 92-24

FloridaHouse Civil Justice Subcommittee: 13-0

FloridaHouse Judiciary Committee: 14-1

FloridaSenate Judiciary Committee: 6-0

AlabamaSenate Judiciary Committee: 9-0

Georgia House Judiciary Committee: 7-2

     Sharia is far reaching with hundreds of laws and requirements far too numerous to list here, but they include such impositions as Dhimmitude; Special tax against non-Muslims for refusing to convert. I urge all readers to use Google and conduct their own research.

     Bottom line:  Fight CAIR and anything that smells like Sharia in the United States with all the fight we have in us. Do it for our grandchildren.

     See links below for supporting documents:

 ACT for America

American Laws for American Courts | The Counter Jihad Report

Shariah Law a Real Danger to the US

Islam: Governing Under Sharia – Council on Foreign Relations






  1. Ralph E. June 18, 2012 at 10:09 pm #

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    Marshall Frank Warns Apathetic Americans… Stay Alert, Be Vigilant.
    This bold author deserves national recognition!

    Two Items From Saudi Arabia Today:

    a) CNN – Saudi Arabia names new crown prince – CNN.com

    b) CNN – New testimony given in rape investigation of Saudi Prince
    Alweed bin Talal. (Guilt or Innocence is yet to be determined)…

    but it is interesting to note that this fellow is one of the world’s richest
    men, that doesn’t mind spending a great amount of loot to influnce our
    American lanscape with donations to Harvard Law School, 20 million
    bucks, and another 20 million to Georgetown U in Washington, D.C.

    He is also identified as the wealthy donor that funded Barack H. Obama’s
    Legal Education at Harvard in 1988 to 1991, long before BHO became
    a professional politician in Illinois, and a Black Liberation 20 yr member of
    Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity Church in Chicago.

    Question: Is Obama a Reverend Wright Type Christian, or is he a dedicated
    Sly Muslim, following the dicta of Allah’s Apostle, Mohammed, in 622 A.D.?

    Reb The Snake Hunter Wants To Know!

    ___ ___

  2. Patti June 18, 2012 at 10:41 pm #

    Mr. Marshall,

    This is a very important article at a time when the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over Egypt and Sharia is creeping into our court rooms, neighborhoods, and society like a virus. Islamists, especially outside the U.S., are intolerant of other religions. Protestants, Jews, Catholics, Hindus, and Budditists don’t push for Theocracies and they do not threaten the lives and houses of worship of the non believer. A Theocracy is the antithesis of what our founders sacrificed and fought for. There is not a American that would want to to be ruled by any church, however benevelent.Where Islamists are in competition for supremacy they rape, kill, and burn. Search keywords, “churches burned Africa”, as an example of the Islamists intolerance.

    Be alert to the creeping intrusion of Sharia into our courts and take action when you can, such a blog comment or letter to the editor or a letter to local official or U.S. officials. For more about the “no go zones” see https://islamquotes.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=780

    Patti in Calif

  3. Paul Vincent Zecchino June 19, 2012 at 12:11 am #

    Patti in CA –

    Thank you for Daniel Pipes’ article. Doesn’t this again indicate if not prove that despite liberal spook stories re ‘The CIA and the MOB’, it’s in fact the MOB and the jihado-communists.

    Uncanny, they way two groups which cannot coexist with any others get along so swimmingly.

    Paul VIncent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    18 June, 2012

  4. Eileen June 19, 2012 at 1:44 am #

    Unfortunately, I can see this happening, as I believe Americans tend to be short-sighted and complacent. Didn’t know about the ACT group, but checked out the website and have added it to my “favorites” for further info. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jeff June 19, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    An excellent piece of writing. It’s amazing to me, though it shouldn’t be, how many Americans remain ignorant of all things Islam. Many of them realize, vaguely, that their way of life is threatened, but simply fall back on “tolerance.” Europe is on the skids with its Muslim problem, and we seem bound to follow.

  6. Ron Kenerly June 19, 2012 at 1:17 pm #

    If the people of the USA are so damn stupid to allow this to continue and take hold, then they deserve exactly what these bleeding hearts will get.
    It is time the general public gets their head out of their ass or pay the price

  7. Yoda June 19, 2012 at 4:31 pm #

    Greetings good Captain:

    One can’t be a Muslim with a small “m”. The radical religion requires it’s adherents to be all in, including Sharia law.

    Here is an excerpt from an email exchange with a friend living in Pakiland

    My query: “What percentage of Paki’s would you define as “fanatics”? What percentage of populations in other Islamic countries you have traveled in are “fanatics”?

    His response: “As much as I hate to say it, the liberal, non fanatic percentages are quite low. In Pakistan its barely twenty to thirty percent. Forty at best, in some areas, like Islamabad. Saudi Arabia is pretty much all fanatic, one way or another, the few liberals (1% or so) just end up getting jailed or stoned because they were caught sleeping with someone or holding a party. Other Arabic regions, like Lebanon, now they are extremely liberal. Dubai, well you can say fifty fifty but the liberals are liberals to a certain degree. Morocco and Turkey are the same way – fifty fifty.”

    There is not a scintilla of doubt that our great leader is a Muslim. Look at his admin’s insistence that the Ft. hood atrocity was a “Work place incident”

    There are de facto “no go” zones in effect in Dearborn, Michigan. I fear a Burka’s R Us store is coming to a mall near me.

    I will leave the where is the US feminist outcry question for another time.

    Right on good Captain – WRITE ON!

    Respectfully, Yoda@magnifiedview.com


  8. Christopher Jones June 19, 2012 at 11:26 pm #

    From your lips to……………………………………..

    This is the United States of America, and we have a Constitution. Nothing I ever read there says anything about us following sharia law. I use small letters, because it is not worthy of capitalization. It is a gutter (at best) way of life, and we need to fight it every way we can.

  9. reality June 23, 2012 at 2:52 pm #

    Ralph doesn’t mention that this Alaweed bin Taleel owns 7% of Newscorp stock, making him the 2nd biggest stockholder in the parent corp. of Fox news, after the Murdoch family. The U.S.A has been kowtowing to the Saudis since the 1970’s at least. Even when Bush I sent 500,000 Americans to protect them and other Sharia law countries from Saddam Hussein (the one and only Mideast leader who did not tolerate religious extremism), American female troops were not allowed to drive, or go about unescorted.
    The Saudis have long financed the Wasabi schools, thet teach kids to be suicide bombers all over the Mideast. President Obama’s actions have helped the U.S achieve more energy indepence-85% of our oil now comes from domestic sources? When do Repubs start helping, by renewing the wind energy tax credits, which expire at the end of the year? Simple action. But Boehner’s calling the House to work only 39 days out of the 137 days remaining till the Nov. elections?

  10. Ralph E. June 24, 2012 at 3:29 am #

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    And Why…does a pinhead continue to ‘instruct us’ in the most basic of fundamentals that is commonly understood by most folks that have tracked midddle eastern affairs and the poltical agendas of national politicials for many decades.

    This cowardly person, to maintain an ounce of credibility, should reveal a name and town, and work history, or business background, if there is one. Where’s her profile?

    Marshall could easily build a ‘rap-sheet’ on this vain, bum-rapping clown.

    ___ ___

  11. reality June 28, 2012 at 8:44 pm #

    Ralph, if you and Marshall have “tracked middle eastern affairs and the poltical agendas of national politicials for many decades”, then surely you know about the 500 or many, many more, shoulder held missiles that can shoot down armoured helicopters, that President Reagan OK’d giving to the radical Sharia law believers of Afghanistan. We know it was at least 500, because we then tried to buy them back, and could only find that many. “Charlie Wilson’s War”, by George Crile, is full of facts, has a summary & update at the end. Steve Coll is often on TV. His book, “Ghost War” or “Ghost Warriors”, is even more detailed, revealing that the really scary, cut off heads, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, was the main conduit of at least $2 BILLION American taxpayer $$. And the Sharia-loving Saudis, were persuaded, for 8 years, to match our expenditures $ for $ to prevent those “godless Commies” from taking “our” oil. Do you ever think how many Americans might be alive today, if we had let the Soviets wipe out Sharia law in Afghanistan? Which was on their border, after all. Ironic how General Santa Anna is portrayed as such a villain, and the slave-holding Texans as such heroes, for beating Mexico. While we raised up and trained maybe 300,000″Holy Warriors”, who morphed into Al Qaeda.

  12. ROBERT L. ELLIOTT June 28, 2012 at 9:54 pm #


  13. Ralph E. June 29, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    To: Sir Robert L.Elliott
    From: Ralph E. Benn

    Robert – I do a lot of serious research on Islamic history, and also on human behavior,
    esp. as it relates to political parties, and how they affect the mental health of fanatical blind followers of either party.

    Pamela and ms reality.. are object lessons…that have marinated themselves in left wing propaganda for so long, that chronic patterns develop that eventually lead to a sense that they alone recognize the beneficial intentions of their favorite politician.

    Notice how bewildered ms reality seems…when she insists that Marshall and I should stop hurting, and start “helping obama” in his efforts to save america from those evil republicans?

    These two ladies believe that they are essential to the re-election of their celebrity god, so they panic when they see that Obama is not doing well in the national polls.

    I’ve talked to similar delusional folks at Starbucks, Panera’s and other places. One fellow called me the “Oracle of Oak Ridge”. I had to laugh, then confess that I’m as common as dirt, not brainy at all, and that I spend many leisure hours per day at my keyboard doing the research, and I’m as slow as molasses on a cold day.

    My Computer Is My Source For Verifiable Information. I also have an Arab Glossary, of
    muslim words and phrases, to get the “FIGH” or Deeper Meaning of Muslim Strategies.

    Time Is Of The Essence, and I suspect I may be running short of that too! – reb
    ___ ___


  14. reality June 30, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    Ah, but neither of you has read “Charlie Wilson’s War”, by George Crile, or “Triple Cross” by Peter Lance. You just don’t care about all those who died on 9/11?

  15. Ralph E. June 30, 2012 at 10:16 pm #

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    Ah, there she goes again, after reading a book “Charlie Wilson’s War’ ms reality thinks
    she has the reality-track to the CIA plot to harrass the Russians that have occupied the primitive mountains of Afganistan for ten years.

    Reality: “Ah, but neither of you has read “Charlie Wilson’s War” blah, blah blah….”

    Fact: Charlie Wilson and some friends had some highly placed contacts that supplied
    this group with some ground-to-air, shoulder-fired “Stinger” missiles that they used to train some mujahidin fighters to point at any passing Russian Helicopter, and it was
    U.S. Military Intelligence R & D that forced the Russian Military, after losing quite a few aircraft… to Give Up And Go Home.

    I KNEW about Charlie’s Mini War long, long before Ms Reality read her book, and it’s quite likely that Robt Elliott also had the same available Information.

    Be Advised: Stop pretending that you are the source of secret info… You’re making a Damn Fool of Yourself. Read Marshall Frank’s Book “Militant Islam In America”, then come back and tell us what you’ve learned. – You friend, reb

    ___ ___

  16. reality July 1, 2012 at 5:36 pm #

    So you knew President Reagan authorized the handing out of at least 500 shoulder held missiles capable of bringing down a 747, to the Mujahideen? We know it was at least that many, because we tried to buy them back, and that was all we could get. And when 9/11 happened, you didn’t feel guilty at all, because you STILL haven’t figured out that the Muslims got fed up with 500,,000 American troops, in their countries. You see the photo of Obama in a turban, and yell, “hey, there’s the guy responsible”. I guess you’ve never read the story of the Pharoah in the bible either, where Moses warned him that God said he would turn whatever action the Pharoah did, into something worse on his own people.

  17. Amy Rosebush July 30, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    “In all debates, let truth be thy aim, not victory, or an unjust interest.”
    ― William Penn

    “I am very cautious of people who are absolutely right, especially when they are vehemently so.”
    ― Michael Palin

    So what I can glean from this article is that I should focus my book choice on one containing information regarding Sharia law?

  18. Ralph E. July 30, 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    Ms Amy – It would be a mistake to purchase any book, or “speed-read” any article… until you have an open-minded attitude, and a desire to search diligently, in the defense of liberty.

    As William Penn has wisely said: “Let Truth Be Thy Aim, Not (shallow) Victory.” – reb


    I had nearly forgotten a s/h post from a Delta Airlines senior pilot, dated May 2008; it was
    titled “A PILOT’S STORY”, by Pat Gilmore. It will only take a few minutes of your value-time, and relives an incredible hour when he nearly became the victim of the man sitting in in the jump-seat next to Captain Gilmore on a regularly scheduled flight. Short & Scary, Amy!

    All folks are invited to comment, without prejudice. – Here’s the link to May, 2008 Archives.

    ___ ___