A number of mysterious homicides and other deaths are unexplained in the wake of American politics, strangely linked directly or indirectly to the Clintons and/or Barack Obama. Nothing is provable or determined to be sinister on the part of any politicians. Yet, questions linger.

The following “whydunnit” murder got little follow-up attention in the media, though it leaves a myriad of unanswered mysteries about the possibility of  links to political figures.

On August 13, 2008, less than two weeks before the Democratic Convention, the chairman of the Democratic Party for Arkansas, super delegate and former state senator, Bill Gwatney, was murdered in his office. The killer, identified as Timothy Dale Johnson, 50,entered Democratic Party headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas in the morning hours and shot Gwatney three times.

Entering the office, the gunman told a worker that he wanted to speak with Gwatney about volunteering. He then sidestepped the assistant when she said Gwatney was too busy. After the shooting, the gunman fled the scene in his truck and led police on a 30-mile chase out of Little Rock. In an exchange of gunfire, Johnson was fatally shot by police after being forced off the road. 

Absolutely no motive was determined for the killing of Bill Gwatney. Research thus far, cannot find any connection between the killer and the victim.

With no past criminal record, Timothy Johnson was a two-year employee of Targets with a good work record. But on this morning, he acted unusually strange, argued with fellow employees and stormed out. The store manager found profane graffiti on the bathroom walls by Johnson, but it was erased by store managers before police had a chance to see it. Johnson quit his job at Targets that morning.

At least ten other workers were at the democratic headquarters office that day, so it is clear that Johnson went there to kill Gwatney and no one else. But why?

Here are some facts we know about:

1. Johnson lived alone in his own house, tended a garden and walked his dog every day.

2. A Post-it note was found in his house with the name “Gwatney” handwritten on it.

3. He traveled thirty miles from the Target store to the Democratic Headquarters to kill Gwatney.

4. Johnson was prescribed antidepressant medicine called Effexor XR

5. Johnson owned several guns and was a member of a rifle club

6. Johnson had voted in Republican primaries and in Democratic primaries in the past twelve years.

7. The victim, Bill Gwatney, was a very close friend to Bill Clinton.

So why would a man with no history of violence or criminal behavior and no connection to the victim, suddenly quit his job and travel thirty miles and by-pass numerous others to specifically murder Bill Gwatney? I don’t have the answer. And, police investigators at this stage are not at liberty to release all the investigatory information. Cases can remain “open pending” it it’s suspected that other people may have been involved in the killing. 

This case lost steam in the media at an early age.  Like…We caught the guilty guy, he’s dead. Case closed. No one seems to care about the “why” factor.

There are some who claim they know more than we. One of those is Hollywood movie producer, Betinna Viviano, who told World Net Daily’s, Jerome Corsi, that she was present at a conference call in 2008 when she heard Bill Clinton state that Barack Obama was not eligible to be president and that he was a non-citizen. The fight for the nomination was in high gear. Prior to the democratic convention, many of Hillary Clinton’s delegates were claiming that Obama’s camp was “stealing the nomination.” Allegedly, Bill Clinton was about to go public with the birther bombshell which would halt the Obama train in its tracks.

Viviano, who is neither republican or democrat and never votes, was preparing a documentary about voter fraud when the “floodgates opened” from Clinton campaign insiders talking to her about Obama’s ineligibility status. One of those insiders informed Viviano that the Gwatney killing was intended as a message to Bill Clinton that he could be next. Allegedly, Clinton was not fazed until another threat was received which named Chelsea, the Clinton daughter. From that time on, the Clintons were a loyal partner to Barack Obama.

Viviano is a literary agent and Hollywood producer with nine films to her credit including the 2011 release, Jack And Jill. Her bio is impressive.

For the Viviano video interview, and the Corsi report, click here:

Hollywood producer heard Bill Clinton say Obama ineligible

Corsi also interviewed Michele Thomas, activist for Hillary Clinton, who reveals that Bill Gwatney, as head of the Arkansas delegation, was set to break ranks from other democrats and call his delegation to support Hillary for president. Gwatney was murdered the day after he made that known to his delegates. Here’s the video with Thomas and Corsi:

One thing we know for sure. Someone wanted Bill Gwatney dead. And we don’t know the reason. All we can do is follow the trail, check the facts, examine the timing, evaluate the killer and the victim, and then try to connect whatever dots we can. If it was merely a case of some nutball flying off the handle, then why the concerted effort to target this one man for death?

We may never have the answers. But neither should we forget about it.

This is not the only one. There are other murders connected to the modern political spectrum that are still unexplained. Watch for future articles.

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  1. Yoda June 12, 2012 at 5:20 pm #

    Intriguing expose good Captain:

    The Gawtney mystery looks like a good plot for a John le Carre spy novel.

    The Clinton’s connections to communist China were nefarious and the Obamanations conspiracy with the Russians is clearly diabolical..

    Right on good Captain – WRITE ON!


  2. Jack A. Milavic June 12, 2012 at 5:33 pm #

    Many questions surround this mystery. Like other unexplained occurrences those within the government and outside are simply not allowed to comment or are indeed threatened in covert or overt ways.

    Please keep up the great work of informing the public but at the same time also exercise great care in your activities.

  3. Les June 12, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    That the Obama WH has a hit list is not new. Bill Clinton had one too. I recall reading tht somewhere around 42 people wound up dead from Clinton’s list. So far, most of those on Obama’s hit list have been suspected terrorists. Or maybe not. We may never know the whole truth about any of them. But absolute power corrupts absolutely, as they say, and we have had a history of corruption in DC for a long time, perhaps dating from the Nixon ara. Time for another novel?

    • Paul Vincent Zecchino June 13, 2012 at 1:33 am #

      As time advanced during the sordid clinton era, the body count increased. Some lists which began at around fifty-six eventually grew to more than one hundred.

      The sport of kings – just asck Sir Thomas More. Sorry, gallows humor again. Can’t be helped.

      m’soviet key, fl

      “That can’t be helped.”
      – President Merkin Muffley (Peter Sellers(
      “Dr. Strangelove”
      Hawk Films, Ltd., c. 1964

  4. Repisky June 12, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

    Who killed Nate Bland and Donald Young and why?

  5. Paul Vincent Zecchino June 13, 2012 at 1:03 am #

    Thank you, Marshall for exposing that which the marxstream media won’t.

    Reminds one of the aircraft crash which killed former clinton official Ron Brown. Attributed by press to ‘the worst snowstorm in history’, wx conditions were later revealed to be hi overcast, mild temps, nothing unusual.

    During mid90s era of the Net, even then people got on the story and published accounts which indicated crash was likely caused by meaconing.

    Meaconing is one of many old tricks perfected by the soviets. It involves spoofing of legitimate navigation signals with false ones. Radio navigation equivalent of shipwreckers who lit bonfires to spoof lighthouses to confuse ship captains.

    How convenient that an old commie trick played so nicely for the clintons, who now position themselves as saviors from the present regime.

    You talk about outa the fry pan & leapin’ strait inna the fire, eh?

    Reminds one of that timeless Cuban adage, from a people well acquainted with the beast:

    “A coincidence is just a coincidence. Two are a pattern. Three? Conspiracy.”

    Thanks for the heads up on this compelling account.

    Paul VIncent Zecchino
    Manasoviet Key, Florida
    12 June, 2012

  6. reality June 13, 2012 at 6:29 pm #

    Gee; almost 3000 people were murdered horribly on 9/11. I bet many of them wished someone had just walked in and shot them. Giuiani and FEMA had the evidence hauled away, much of it destroyed, and there waas NO real investigation at all, for 2 years. And then NORAD was NOT under oath, neither were Bush & Cheney, who were allowed to testify hand in hand. “Triple Cross”, by Peter Lance tells of FBI agent Nancy Floyd. You have a movie producer/literary agent. Peter Lance has NYPD arson investigator and former Military guy, Ronnie Buca, who did investigate the first WTC attack, which led him to be certain a second attack was coming. He died in it, trying to save people. I forget the soldier’s name, Schaffer, who told of the huge data mining the Pentagon did in 1990-hey-maybe you can prove Clinton had it destroyed. It showed Osama bin Laden contributing to the Defense fund of the guy who shot Rabbi Kahane. Remember the little news article a few weeks ago, about Osama long contributing to terrorists? Peter Lance has facts.