I like rich people.

     Rich people give me, my kids and their kids, something to aspire to. That’s part of what makes America great; Opportunity. The skies the limit.

     Rich people (not all) own companies and businesses that build America’s wealth and provide jobs and benefits for millions of people. We need to keep the rich investing in America and not China or India. Rich people make cars, houses, tall buildings and factories. They provide trillions in charity to the unfed, uneducated, unhealthy and unprivileged, not just in America but all over the world.

     There is a lot of banter in the political arena these days, demonizing the rich as though they are the evil bad guys. The poor economy is all their fault. The far left wing, to which our president belongs, makes no bones that they believe in spreading the wealth, taking more from the rich and giving to the poor. The rich should pay more, more more more and more. The president has secured the endorsements of some wealthy backers who spin the truth by saying they’re not taxed enough, and the poor are taxed too much.

     Thus, Mitt Romney — the likely republican nominee —  is on the demonizers block for daring to be rich. We’ll be hearing a lot about that in the coming months, Mitt Romney’s success and wealth as though it was a negative. Every time the Obama campaign team attacks Romney’s wealth, people should remember;  John F. Kennedy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Kerry and Lyndon Baines Johnson. All wealthy, all revered democrats in high office. If you’re a rich democrat, it’s okay.

     But it’s not okay for a republican to be wealthy. That’s a sign of greed and selfishness.    

     Well, I want to see more people becoming rich in this country, no matter what party they belong to. The more rich people, the more investments into business and then jobs and benefits. From there, less people will have their hands out demanding entitlements off the taxpayer.

     I did a little homework about the despicable rich who are weaseling out of tax responsibilities and laying the burdens on the middle and lower classes. According to a number of sources:

     Americans in the top 0.1 percent income bracket  — the very richest — pay 16.4 percent of the total tax burden. One of every six dollars is paid by this citizenry. On average, a member of this top 0.1 percent pay $1.1 million in federal income tax.

     The top one percent of income earners pays 37 percent of all federal income tax.

     The top 10 percent pays over 70 percent of the total income tax.

     The top 50 percent of income earners pay over 97 percent of total income tax.

     Excuse me, but will someone tell me what is so unfair?

     One only has to study the life and times of Barack Obama from his early days being mentored by communists (Frank Marshall Davis included) and socialists to understand where he and his ilk are coming from. It doesn’t take a mental giant. Yet, good Americans are still taken in by smooth talk, charm and charisma, which makes all the cynicism disappear. After all, how can such a nice fellow be so sinister?

     The basic tenets of socialism, and it’s more drastic counterpart; Communism, is to diminish the rich and spread the wealth among everyone including people who have no ambition or desire to earn it. It is not how America came to grow and become the most powerful and envied nation on the planet.

     The rhetoric coming from the Obama camp is replete with socialist ideas and objectives. I dread to think how an emboldened Obama will govern once he no longer has to run for another election.  One cannot imagine what will be accomplished with all that “flexibility.”

     The message: Don’t get caught up in all the political spin. Rich people are good for America. And they pay plenty. If they are gouged any further, they just might take their businesses elsewhere. Then where will we be.

       “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name
of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program until one day
America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

        —   Norman Thomas, 1884 – 1968  – Six time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America.

  Top 0.1 Percent Pays More Income Tax than Bottom 80 Percent | The Weekly Standard



  1. JustMe June 6, 2012 at 12:16 am #

    Marshall, you are so right. My parents worked hard all their lives, without taking a penny in welfare or any other handouts from the government. They believed you should work for what you get and help others when you can.
    My divorced mother with eight children went back to school to become a nurse while working as a clerk at the W. T. Grant store. She kept a garden out back and cooked on a wood cook stove. We never did without because my mother, and later my stepfather, worked hard, did not spend lavishly, and provided for us. We did not have luxuries but our bills were paid and we were clean and well fed. And, I never once heard them berate or speak jealously of the wealthy in our community. Further, I frequently witnessed my parents giving to those who had less than our family.
    My parents’ work ethic inspired me and I had a job since fourth grade. Later, while getting a college education, I continued to work. The point of this tale is not to glorify anyone, it is to recognize that hard work and being monetarily responsible pays off. No one is entitled to what others earned through their taking business risks, working hard, or having inherited it.
    Earn your own way, America. To you takers, leeching off the hard working taxpayers, get a job. No job is too menial for a person to take. I cleaned houses from the age of nine and for several years on to earn spending money. It wasn’t beneath me and I’m not embarrassed by it.
    To all you Socialists/Communists who keep the hard working taxpayers in bondage to the government taxes, stop stealing from those who work just to give to those who won’t. Your Socialist/Communist philosophy is historically a failure as noted in those countries which tried that blood-sucking way.
    By the way, those who know history will also note that Socialists and Communists leaders who over-tax their workers, have always themselves, lived expensively off the backs of the same hard working taxpayers. We are seeing it in our own government today. Those who are governing our country and call for more taxes and give-away programs, are the same ones who live lavishly, treat their friends and supporters to tax breaks and hand off to them, the taxpayer’s money.
    They are shameless hypocrites.

  2. Yoda June 6, 2012 at 12:19 am #

    Good Captain: Outstanding!

    Almost half of the homes in America recieve some government benefit. Nearly the same number pay no taxes.

    :Our great leader President Obama has declared war on the successful luring more loosers with the promise of additional free stuff.

    “Entitlements are the opiate of the people” Unknown.

    Are we greece yet ?

    Right on good Captain – WRITE ON

    Respectfully, Worried

    • Patti June 6, 2012 at 1:40 am #

      Right on oh Great Yoda.

      During the Obama reign the true decline of the economy has been felt. Many not so wealthy small business owners, have been paying their employees, while taking nothing out of the lean till for themselves. This has kept bread on the table of those employees or independent contractors. Until the new executive takes over the White House who knows how to put some steam in the engine of the greatest counttry on earth we are stalled. I think we can. We can. We Can. We can!

      Patti in Calif

  3. Ron Kennerly June 6, 2012 at 11:11 am #

    Unfortunately the majority of the people in the USA are oblivious to what is happening around them, even on a hourly basis….most Americans are actually stupid when it comes to foreign affairs…..go stop the next 20 people on the street…any street that you choose….and ask a simple question such as….where on the globe is Iran….see what kind of an answer you get…..and these are the people that will get out and vote in the damn current administration while the people who know better will stay home and suck their thumb…..Oh My GOD.

  4. george p.wolf June 6, 2012 at 12:13 pm #


  5. reality June 7, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    Then let’s stop this claim of being a “Christian” nation, please. Remember Him, the guy who told the rich man who wanted to be His disciple: Give all your riches to the poor. And He also said: It will be harder for a rich man to enter heaven than for a camel to pass thru the eye of the needle. Obama’s not demonizing “the rich”. He is rich. And he and both Michelle realize “there but for the grace of God, go I”.

  6. Pamela Jarvis June 7, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

    A question for “Just Me”. In all due respect, did your mom receive any welfare checks or help for her eight children while she was going back to school to become a nurse? Did she get any subsidies to pay for her education? Would she have denied help from the government if offered? Did she realize that helping those less fortunate than she may be construed as you said….”helping those leeches that won’t get a job”? Could any of her actions in that respect be considered Socialistic, Communistic, etc? I admire your mom for all her hard work. However, in today’s world, people actually can’t find a job….they have been laid off, lost their homes, and are desperate. The attempts of our administration to create more jobs improving our environment, contracting for infrastructure repairs, higher taxes for American manufacturers that take their business overseas, etc., have all been thwarted at every turn by those who want the status quo to prevail….for their own purposes and for political gain.

    Let’s check more facts please. Marshall says if we gouge the rich any further, they will take their business elsewhere. Well, I do believe they have already done that, which is a problem. Do you see any significant manufacturing going on in our country? Look to China for that….thanks to the lobbyists for the richest of our providers. Nobody is demonizing the rich. Just the way they finagle their excesses. For all you out there making more than 250,000. a year, would you mind a few more pennies for the cause of a better education for our children, affordable healthcare, dire environmental concerns, and all the other things that are conducive to a better way of life for everyone? Is it not a good thing to try and correct the past mistakes that are being denied by those that want to go back to the same stuff that got us into our current fiscal problems? Are we truly a Christian Nation? We all know about those off-shore bank accounts, loopholes, tax write-offs, out-of-country manufacturing, secret (see Dick Cheney) contracts for “reconstruction” of countries we’ve invaded illegally, and all the propaganda that they, (meaning the rich Scrooges who don’t give a hoot for the downtrodden of this world) are putting out there. The middle class are becoming those who need help finding jobs….but the tea party faction (and other right-wing extremists) are persuading them to vote against their own best interests. They are being duped by watching FOX news and the propaganda of the far right-wing agendas. Watch out……all you fiscally comfortable people who live without thought of other’s dire circumstances…….someone once shouted “Storm the Bastille”! ……and look what happened.

  7. reality June 8, 2012 at 7:42 pm #

    Thank you Pamela Jarvis; but non violent protests are the only answer. Ghandi and Martin Luther King are the examples to follow. The “Storm the Bastille” mob was just plain wrong, and it took 3 centuries for France to become a parliamentary democracy.
    I hope the Wisconsin debacle shows Dems that marches, sit-ins, interfering with everyone’s normal lives, are NOT the way to win friends and influence people. Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert on the Comedy Channel, really are the best news sources. Rachel Maddow too, often has many facts, and now this past Sunday, Chris Hayes had a very interesting discussion. Please do not give up, but please, PEACE .

  8. reality June 9, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    Did you all see this?

    What will it profit us if we have missiles, joint strike fighters, and Arms galore, but poison our own people? Half the mercury comes from coal-fired plants. Obama’s plan to require scrubbers on all coal plants has been stopped by Republicans in Congress.

  9. paul vincent zecchino June 14, 2012 at 2:17 am #

    Rich people put other people to work and create opportunities for us to start businesses of our own. Least that’s our experience as well that of friends above.

    1984, starting over after divorce, friend said, ‘you need money? Cleaning is a good way to make it. Lotta offices need cleaning. Lotta homes too, their owners are too busy making money to clean ’em themselves.’

    Why not? Ran ads. Hired by ‘rich guy’ year younger than me. Cleaned his home. Then he as asked if I’d maintain his pool, stock up on supplies, fix busted classic 30’s Philco floor radio, so on so forth.

    Yeah, well, OK. Why not? Led to referrals, clean up after construction, lotta cleaning.

    Put cash together. Renewed licenses for small investigative business, cold trail skips, missing long lost people, etc. Got busy with that. Plenty busy with it prior to divorce, why not again? Why not indeed? Plenty those ‘bad rich people’ for customers. Get to work.

    Then by pure happenstance while seeking parts for personaly owned military surplus R-390A receiver, made acquaintance of Harry Anker of Wilkes-Barre, PA. Harry prolly was one a them bad ‘rich guys’ onna counta he and brother, Murray made piles cash post WWII buying war surplus a penny a ton, selling it slightly higher. Smart.

    Harry a great guy. Wanted out. Ill health. We talked. We talked more. Bought most his inventory, R-390 receivers, tubes, rack cabinets, CV-116 teletype converters, etc.

    Harry passed away too soon. Got to know brother Murray. Mentioned to Murray, who ran similar operation, San Diego, customers balking at price of restored R-390 receivers we were selling.

    Murray’s advice? Raise price, they’re balking because you’re not asking enough, and they think they can talk you lower.

    Murray was right. Price raised. Sales increased. Thank you Murray, you bad ‘evil bad rich guy’ you.

    Thems the ones what give us our start for which my family and I remain grateful.

    Wasn’t fatso sharpton nor was it jackson who kicked out business into gear. Nor was it the EPA, nor some NGO that’s always gassing off at some UN coven of ignoramuses, losers, and commie rats.

    Nope, it was the young guy making his fortune who needed his home cleaned, and his friends to whom he referred me. It was cash accrued from those jobs which enabled us to buy Anker’s inventory, overhaul it, and sell it to customers who had money to spend because rich guys also put them to work or patronized their business.

    Commies aren’t pig-ignorant. They know how it works. And they know jolly well that it does work. But one needn’t be a licensed contractor, knowledgeable in plumbing, finish carpentry, u.s.w, if all one wishes to do is burn down the house with everybody locked inside.

    Which is what the satin-tongued leftist rats have long craved to do.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    12 June, ’12

  10. reality June 14, 2012 at 4:22 pm #

    Gee, I had heard a WWII vet talk of jeeps and other paid-for-by taxpayers-equipment just being pushed overboard as “Excess”. And Aristotle Onassis bought old ships from us too, at pennies on the $. Harry Anker, and then you, really got a handout from the taxpayers, didn’t you? And all the American businesses who had profited from govt. contracts during WWII, grabbed on to the “Commie Menace”/Cold War, as an opportunity to keep those taxpayer $$ coming in. President Eisenhower can be seen on “Why we Fight”, looking tired and worn out, and warning that we had never ever had a govt. supported “Defense Industry”, and we really did not know what the effects would be. Now we know. More bombs dropped on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, than on Germany and Japan combined. Getting rid of excess inventory? And now its Ike’s former soldiers & their descendants willing to spend Billions of $ on the “next generation” of Blue Angel” jets? While defending “The Rich” who Ike taxed at the Max? Ike knew what a “real” economy paid for-schools, roads, bridges, etc.
    Ike looked worried back then. He said he was a Repub, because Repubs brought Americans together, and never divided them. “We the people of the United States…in order to form a more perfect union….”

  11. Paul Vincent Zecchino June 14, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    Reality –

    Have you tried Kaopectate?

    mk, fl
    14 Jun.’12

  12. reality June 15, 2012 at 6:49 pm #

    It was FDR who kicked our businesses into gear, wasn’t it? After reading Russ Lemon’s interview with the WWII vet who flew B-29’s and “saw it all”, I remembered losing presidential candidate George McGovern had flown Bombers during WWII. Wikipedia says george flew B-24’s, which started working in 1939. Like George enlisted the day after Pearl Harbor. B-24’s were manufactured in San Diego, Oklahoma, and then 2 huge Ford plants in Michigan. Talk about big government aid to businesses! Who got all those contracts to make all that “Army surplus” you got to sell? That was Govt. making a lot of people rich. FDR’s Glass-Siegel law kept banks from gambling with their customers money. Yes, Clinton was a fool to sign the repeal of it, but those were “Rich people” pushing for it. TARP bailed out how many rich people? The $84 Billion Bush gave to AIG has yet to be paid back, but the rich who “work” there are still getting their huge salaries and bonuses? And JP Morgan is STILL backed by American taxpayers-like we give them an insurance policy, but they pay us nothing for it, Elizabeth Warren says. Bloomberg news and the WSJ reported on JP Morgan’s $2-7 BILLION loss, a MONTH before Jamie Dimon knew about it? But his stockholders? still vote to give him $25 million in salary for 2012? The very first Republican president said Labor should not be taxed as high as money made from investing. Ike kept taxes high on the rich-and he must have met a whole lot of them. Richard Nixon started the EPA and wanted universal health care. Ronald Reagan raised taxes. Reagan wanted to abolish all nukes.

  13. Frank Pierce June 20, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    Go get’em Marshall. I like the rich, and they do pay their share. Stop giving our country away, to loafers, ahd make them work for a living like other Americans do.

  14. reality June 22, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    “Freedom isn’t free”-Did George Washington tell the states that, when he wanted to buy supplies and housing for his troops at Valley Forge? For 8 years, under the Articles of Confederation, states did not have to pay for the Revolution that it sure seems like a lot of rich people wanted. George had to get on his white horse & parade with Layfayetter thru Philly when spring finally came, to get the states to spring for some money for the Continental army. Pres. Bush believed war was good for the economy, as in WWII, but didn’t realize it was American taxpayers, with the rich paying a 72% tax rate, that bought all those planes, ships, tanks, etc. So “W” cut taxes in 2001, and again in 2003. Now we’ve been in Afghanistan 10 years, and Repubs still refuse to end the tax cuts that were only suppposed to last 10 years. And now Alllen West says the VA budget could use some trimming! Leon Panetta says spending on VA mental heath people has increased 35% in the last 3 years. He says it is essential that healthcare overall be improved; reservists & national guard don’t get the benefits active duty military gets, so they depend on family & community. You want war, you have to pay for it. And it sure seems like the rich get a whole lot more benefit from War, than those actually fighting it. Have you seen the photos on PBS news hour, of those killed? There were 10 last time.