This past week, a Phoenix jury convicted an Iraqi Muslim (not a terrorist) of killing his daughter in 2009 by deliberately running her over with a car. The reason: The 20-year-old college girl refused an arranged marriage, had her own boyfriend and had become too westernized. Question: Why choose to live in a western society if being westernized is so horrible?

Here’s the article:

Click here: Jury convicts Iraqi immigrant in ‘honor killing’

In 2008, a ‘moderate” Muslim man from Jonesboro, Ga., strangled his own daughter to death in her bed with a bungee cord because she wanted a divorce from an older man who she was forced to marry.

Click here: Dad charged with murdering reluctant bride – CNN

In 2009, a model “moderate” Muslim man, who owned a New York television station meant to portray Islam in a positive light, murdered and beheaded his wife for wanting a divorce. Ironically, he was only convicted of 2nd Degree Murder, though it was clearly premeditated.

Click here: Buffalo, New York: Moderate Muslim who beheaded his wife

In 2008, a “moderate” Muslim shot both his teenage daughters to death for dating non-Muslims. He fled the country and is still at large.

Click here: Dailymotion – Father Murders His Two Daughters In “Honor” Killing.

Click here: First Time FBI Calls Case an ‘Honor Killing’ –

In 2009, a 17 year-old Ohio girl converted to Christianity then fled to Florida seeking asylum, in dire fear of her Muslim father who threatened her with honor killing.

Click here: Christian Teenager Flees Home,

These are some of the atrocities within Muslim families that have made it to news print. How many others do not? In Turkey, it was reported that the incidents of honor killings were rising at such an alarming rate, that they had to think of a way to make it appear otherwise. The answer: Forced suicides. A girl who disgraced the family is made to enter a locked room with no provisions, never to be reopened while she’s alive, and the only objects present are a gun, a rope and a box of poison. One Turkish city is called “Suicide City” because 75 percent of victims are female.

Click here: Muslim women told: Please commit ‘honor suicide’

In America ninety-nine percent of the cases, it is the females who are victimized, yet no woman’s group has the courage to come forward and condemn this barbaric practice. One can only imagine how many women, young and old, are living in state of slavery, in fear of death should they want to speak out, refuse an arranged marriage, convert to another religion, or form a relationship outside of Islam. Yes, many Muslim women will claim their love for living as a Muslim, but once they do, what free choices do they have?

Statistics show that at least 5,000 honor killings occur annually, and many more possible that are not reported or disguised as something else, i.e. murder, suicide, accident.

This does not take into account other forms of barbarism toward women in the Islamic world, including mass genital mutilation, beatings (allowed by law), rape, forced marriages, and sheer domination, better known as slavery.

Yet, as Sharia creeps into the U.S., the women’s groups pay no mind and remain eerily silent. And people — like me — who disclose this kind of information, are labeled as “racist” “Intolerant” “Hate mongers.”

You figure.

Suggested source of information to learn more about the plight of women in Sharia. Go to Facebook: OF THE WORLD UNITED AGAINST ISLAMIC/MUSLIM SHARIA LAW

I have three granddaughters and one great granddaughter. I care about their future world.



  1. Ed Hensley February 26, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    More troubling still, is the common practice of U.S. DA’s to pc chicken out and not
    prosecute these barbaric murders as First Degree Murder. Pre-meditation is all
    but programed into nearly all of these murders, by the 7th century honor codes of
    Islam. Even the sadistic “Mr. Moder Muslim” who beheaded his wife in upstate NY
    got off on a Murder II conviction. What a cruel joke on justice to fail to find, charge
    and convict on Murder 1, in a beheading murder. America, wake up!

  2. Tom Ault February 26, 2011 at 7:31 pm #

    Until our country stops long enough to see what IS going on, and what HAS BEEN going on, that our law givers HAVE FAILED to handle, we will continue to have this, and worse things, happening.

    When a country leadership tries to lead its peoples toward Sodom and Gamorah, their ideals have been compromised by money, greed, sex, hatred, and complacency. It is a FOOL’S ERRAND that many or our so-called leaders have decided they are smarter than, faster than, stronger than our God.

    He will one day weild that cold sword of His, and the world will end in tears and sorrow. Those that have decided to follow these leaders, or attempt to lead the sheep will certainly have a very large cross to bear..

  3. Nick February 26, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

    General Rommel comitted honor suicide after being implicated in the plot against Fuhrer and got Hitlers “honorable” funeral. All in good old days of WWII. Human nature.
    Honor killing should have automatic death sentence without appeal. Too draconic? No.

  4. LES February 26, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    What aa tragedy that our government can’t see Sharia law for what it is and ban it absolutely. We are NOT a Muslim country, and it is OUR laws which must be followed, not theirs. When will our leaders wake up? Thank you for keeping this in front for all to see.

  5. Brenda Homefield-Rosenzweig February 26, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    For the longest time, I “assumed” (what apparently is a FALSE ASSUMPTION) regarding the Universal nature of Parental Love. Protecting one’s young from danger seems to be a Universal Instinct, shared by the animal kingdom, Yes, there are child abuse cases, usually related to severe mental illness,or drug/alcohol abuse. But HONOR KILLING?? Pre-Meditated, Deadly Commitment to SACRIFICE, to intentionally Destroy one’s Child- in the name of Honor?? In the name of Allah? Does such an act guarantee some future reward in the hereafter?? If so, there is no greater demonstration of SELFISHNESS on the part of the “parent”. Getting themselves some favorable status- perhaps in the eyes of their creator, by throwing their own kid under the bus! Talk about “climbing the ladder” on the backs of others. Outrageous! Disgusting!

  6. Eileen Dykeman February 27, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

    Most Americans seem to be very engrossed in maintaining all the material possessions our society offers and, therefore, have no time or interest in paying attention to the types of vital issues that Marshall presents here. So many are worried about the price of gasoline rising, while there is much more at stake for our country that the cost of a gallon of gas. So many continue to fight for higher wages and better benefits and, all the while, fail to realize that even if their demands are not met, they are stilling living in the greatest country on the globe. Freedom is better than any possible THING we can ever possess; but if Americans don’t wake up before it’s too late, my granddaughter may well lose her not only her liberty but also the smile I love to see on her beautiful young face.

  7. Christopher Jones February 27, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    I urge anyone who reads this to google Usama Dakdok, and consider strongly buying his translation of the Koran (Q’uran). Dakdok does not translate this as a Muslim. He has translated it as a translator…scholar. This is not an interpretation.
    One must read about the alleged prophet Mohammed, to find that he was given prophet status by one of his wives. Interesting story. Anyway, after he was “ordained” by his wife, later, at the age of 51, he married a six year old girl (one of his many wives). At the age of 51, and her six, he began having sex with her. Now, I do not care what age, religion, society, or cult you may belong to, that is nothing but child molestation. Was then, is now.
    Why point this out? It goes to the mind set of the brainwashing that must be taking place that would actually allow AND condone “honor killings”. Is Islam a religion?

    The PC crowd…especially the liberal feminists in this country, had better wake up and smell the coffee before it gets burned. Women…female children…are the targets of what can only be described as barbarism. Jihad is headed this way…they WANT our country, they WANT world domination. They do NOT assimilate into a society, they assume control of bits and pieces of it, until they have it all. Just look at France. There are now zones in France, that no one is allowed in, unless they are Muslim. Not even the French police. Sharia law must NEVER be allowed to exist in the United States. It is unconstitutional, barbaric, and a throw back to some camel dung eating desert wanderers, who still think that this Mohammed dude was some kind of prophet. God ordains. Wives do not have that ability.

  8. Dale February 28, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    And just where in the hell is the National Organization of Women ? The only time they get outraged about anything to do with women is when they think the Republicans did it.

  9. Ron Rico March 4, 2011 at 1:39 pm #

    You never touched on the “political correctness” that may allow a barbaric action like honor killings to take root! If the liberals in our society continue to push political correctness, the country is eventually doomed!!!

  10. Brenda Homefield-Rosenzweig March 4, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

    Just thinking…and worrying…and thinking. Each and every day, we are blitzed with disturbing events, foreign & domestic. So I keep hoping that someone really smart, really wise, will come to our collective rescue. I’d really like to depend upon someone ELSE to fix the scary things we are facing- so that I won’t have to witness my young Grand kids being cheated out of their American culture, their American Future.
    Where, oh where are these Heroes? Where are “the Good Guys”, the “Grownups” to the rescue..and, Why are they still sleeping in a trance/dream state- (as if all is well enough), when it obviously is not! Then I realize- with a start, that I’m actually a “grownup”, so I had better know how to fix these despicable things. So, I faithfully forward emails -(that no one really wants to read), but, I’m still clinging to the false hope that someone ELSE will know what the hell to do with such bizarre, dark information…My “new” vocabulary list: Muslim Brotherhood, Homicide bombers, WMDs, Dirty bombs, Grids, Global Jihad, Financial Jihad, Cultural Jihad, Sharia Law, Caliphate, Infidels, Apostates, Moderates,MOSQUES, The Koran, The Haddith, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! O.M.G! Oh, if someone suggests “prayer is the answer”, I may as well give up. Like chicken soup, it can’t hurt…but “G-d helps those who help themselves” Sometimes yes, sometimes it’s no. Thanks for listening.