Senator Barack Obama has been accused of speaking in ethereal terms, promoting hope and justice, rarely engaging in specifics about his proposed policies. That’s not exactly true.

There is a 52 second video floating around the Internet circuit in which the senator looks directly in the eye of the camera and announces his intentions about global weaponry and war systems, and what the United States would do if he were in the top position. 

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This is good. Now we know. Americans should listen closely to those 52 seconds because — in a few words — it tells us much about what to expect if this man ascends to the Oval Office.

Evaluate for yourself:

* He will end the war and immediately start pulling troops out. He’s already told us this. Ending the war is a good thing. We all want to see an end to the war. The questions remain, however: In what manner, how rapidly, will there be chaos, mass murders and destruction in the path, what will happen to the 100,000 civilian workers in Iraq, how will this affect the current government in place, and how will our image play out to the world community if we immediately abandon our commitment toward protecting and stabilizing the Iraqi people?

* He will impose massive cuts in defense spending, eliminate unproven missile systems, slow development of future combat systems and not weaponize space

* He will set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons, cease developing new weapons, seek a global ban on the production of fissile material, take ICBMs off hair-trigger alert, and seek deep cuts in our nuclear arsenal.

I must say, that sounds great. There could be nothing better than creating a world without war, without hate and without weapons, especially the nuclear variety.

If only the other nations would agree to do the same, and then keep their promises. If the governments of Iran, North Korea, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas – plus the extreme factions of radical Islam everywhere — all agree to disarm and promise not to be aggressive, then we should believe what they say. Eh?

Does the name: Neville Chamberlain come to mind?

First of all, anyone who has read my writings knows I was opposed to the invasion from the start. That’s where my agreement with Obama comes to a halt. Right or wrong, we are there. We can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube. And as Colin Powell told us, “We break it, we have to fix it.”

A rapid departure from Iraq would exacerbate the situation by inciting a collapse of the Iraqi government which is not yet prepared to go it alone. Thousands of citizens would be sent to their deaths at the hands of rebels and al Qaeda, a blood bath between Sunnis and Shiites would ensue, and Iran — an avowed enemy of Israel — would be given an open door to take control. The people of the world — who already have a negative view of the United States — would loathe us even further for turning our backs and failing to keep the commitment we made to the Iraqi people.

“Sorry, Tariq. We changed our mind.”

Scaling down weapons and combat systems is also a great idea, if only everyone else would do the same. From all I have read, it’s doubtful that al Qaeda — nor other radical Islamic groups — will change their minds about bringing down the west. Iran’s leaders have sworn to destroy the state of Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah are committed to driving the Jews into the sea, which is consistent with the intentions of Palestinians — and most of the Arab world — since the inception of Israel in 1948. Nothing has changed there. Those commitments are etched in concrete.

Of course, some of these nations and/or extremist organizations might tell us one thing, then do another. If our leaders haven’t learned the lessons of history at this point, then they should not be our leaders.

Most every scholar and politician agrees that the fall of the Soviet Union was primarily a result of an unwavering position of strength on the part of the United States. In the 1980’s, had we scaled down our military, or slowed development of combat systems, or cut defense systems and reduced missiles, we would still be dealing with the Soviets as an “evil empire.”

Mr. Obama suggests that we should weaken?

Today, we are still at war — maybe it’s against radical Islam, maybe Iraqi rebels, maybe al Qaeda, maybe even Iran, but to be sure, foreign enemies are out there who are sworn to destroy the United States, by violence or subterfuge, from within or from outside. They’ve made that crystal clear. Those voices of hate and power cannot be ignored any more than the world should have ignored Mein Kampf. They are well armed and well financed. To propose weakening our defense systems at a time when we are constantly in fear of being under attack as we were on 9/11, is naive at best and utterly incompetent at worst.

I’m like everyone else. The people of this planet would love to see the eradication of nuclear weapons. So…let’s just agree to do it, right? Seeking deep cuts in our nuclear arsenal in the hopes that other countries will do the same can only be proposed by someone who still believes in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.

Madeline Albright is a liberal Democrat and no fan of George W. Bush. She said it best. In her book, Memo To The President Elect, the former Secretary of State writes, “If we disarm, and others cheat, we would be vulnerable to nuclear blackmail.”

Blackmail would not be the worst of it — should others cheat.

I hope U.S. Congressman Steve King was dead wrong when (should Obama be elected) he told the Daily Reporter, “The radical Islamists, the al-Qaeda … would be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on Sept. 11th, because they would declare victory in this war on terror.”

It’s one thing to have varied views regarding government. It’s another to live in La-la Land and self-destruct. Forget about all the other domestic issues. That 52 seconds of video tells us why electing Barack Obama to be our president is tantamount to national suicide.

But…he speaks so good.


  1. Steve Gure March 30, 2008 at 9:17 am #

    Dear Marshall,
    I agree with your overall assessment but not entirely with your disagreement for the invasion. I considered Bush’s finest hour when he declared after the 9/11 disaster that we will go after all those that commit terror and all those that aid and abet them and allow them to function on their ground. Unfortunately, he did not follow through. He started with Iraq and did not do a good job there much less act against others
    There can be no doubt that Saddam paid each suicide bomber in Israel $25,000 whom he considered the little Satan. What do you think he had in mind for the USA whom he called the Big Satan?

  2. Bob March 30, 2008 at 10:57 am #

    Only the Iraqis can solve the problems created by Bush and Cheney. As long as the U.S. is there, the secftarian fighting will continue. Obama is correct in pulling our troops out. What is needed in Iraq are mediators, not gladiators.

  3. Tom March 30, 2008 at 11:04 am #

    As usual, you have called a spade a spade. While we do not agree with each other totally, and thank God there is room for disagreemnt in our country without suicidal results,I believe you are correct in this situation.

    As to Bush, I think had he gone where he started to go instead of where he went we would all be better off. The world could and probably would have agreed with seeking out and elimination of bin Laden, and perhaps with Saddam, but to continue being the agressor and causing lesser countries to live in fear of us causes nothing but hatred.

    Marshall, there is no fast track to winning people over whether it be one person or one empire. It takes time and dilegence. Both of those require dollars as well in today’s marvelous society.

    Keep writing, I shall keep reading as I am sure most of your past readers will.


  4. George Wolf March 30, 2008 at 11:19 am #

    I can’t imagine on which planet Obama (Clinton et al.) has been living.

    I guess they have stopped teaching history
    at Harvard, Princeton et al.

  5. David Tipps March 30, 2008 at 11:51 am #

    Dear Marshall, I agree with much of what you said, especially his being simply idealistic and naive in believing other countries will lay down their weapons. I think part of why he feels he can gamble is that he does not really believe America is his country, but more of a vehicle to work out his own plan. Plus he has never had to face the draft, strap on any kind of uniform or weapon or defend anything, so he just dosen’t get it or believe that people really do want to kill him and all of us. I know standing on a picket line in Chicago might take some form of courage and could be seen by some as “fighting in the streets” but it’s not the same. I have no doubt he would be an excellent statesman in creating new relations with other countries. But part of that also means having the ability to draw a line in the sand, and I don’t think that’s part of his agenda. When it comes to someone getting into office who “loathes” the military as the Clintons do I think we will always be able to expect them to rip the guts out of the military. Clinton always holds the accomplishment of balancing the budget as superior presidential work. I say a blind monkey could balance the budget if you take the greatest military in the world and cut it in half, cut back on salaries and benefits and still expect the military to perform at the same level. No genuis there. And Obama or Clinton will do the same thing. I don’t feel we had the justification to invade Iraq anymore than if we had invaded Russia because of the POTENTIAL of what they could do with their weapons of mass destruction. And they were holding some Weapons. Growing up in the cold war, Americans understood that we had to carry a big stick, just in case, and understood the price you pay in taxes but it was worth it. I agreed with what we did in going after al
    Queda but didn’t feel right in my heart to attack Iraq. It wasn’t very John Waynish of us and that is what I’ve always felt was part of we Americans. The fact that we attack when were attacked was an American belief I clung to. I also believed that “one nation under God” held us to a higher standard in the international use of force matrix, and that we lost something of ourselves in attacking Iraq. Maybe I’m naive. Thanks for letting me share these thoughts and feelings. Keep up the excellent work. Dave Tipps

  6. jack maclean March 30, 2008 at 12:54 pm #

    I think they will be dancing in the streets if McCain is elected because it will give them another 100 years to blow up our troops while they continue to kill each other.
    And oh yes Tariq years ago said that Iraq did not have WMD – too bad “they” didn’t listen to him.

  7. Grace Urrows March 30, 2008 at 1:06 pm #

    Having worked for the US, Atomic Energy ommission in a very public position,I served as a consultant to CBSTV on a special white paper called “In the Case of Nuclear War”Nobody would survive a nuclear firestorm.
    Remember the movie “On the Beach?” Yet we need a big arsenal of nuclear wseapons to keep
    state enemies from taking the chance that we might use them.. They are our big stick and we need them, have to keep them refreshed, and develop newer versions while we hope never to have to use them.What we lacked vz Russia was enough spies so we didn’t know the Russian economy was so bad they couldn’t make war.I wonder if we have enough spies in
    Iraq or are we totally dependent on news reporters for our understanding of what’s going on. Certainly, General Petraeus isn’t telling us and I’m not confident he knows.
    What scares me about Obama is his nievete and his utter confidence in his ability to “bring people together.” It’s wishful thinking. The world is not the streets of Chicago. Al Quaeda fighters may seem like the same thugs but in Chicago a street organizer has U.S. laws to back him up. No such support out in the world. I’ll take my chances with realistic Hillary despite her poor memory and lack of organizing skills. I think she is open to information even tho’ it may not be what she wants to hear and that she isn’tconfused abouthow bad the bad guys are. I think Truman was right to use the A bomb at Hiroshima thereby saving the lives of thousands of Americans including my husband who had studied Japanese and who would have been shipped from Germany to help storm Tokyo had the Japanese not been forced to surrender.To get our good reputation back we have to do good while we wield our big stick. Maybe we could send Mr Obama out to make a few speeches. We could trust him to be able to do thatafter others had decided policy

  8. Ernest R. Melby March 30, 2008 at 4:51 pm #

    We will never see a world without weapons. War seems to be built into the human genetics. I think it might give a purpose to life and death.
    Wars in the Mid-East have been going on for thousands of years. To think they would stop with Obama as president is very naive at best, and very dangerous to Western civilization.

  9. gloriadisanto March 30, 2008 at 6:34 pm #




  10. M. Wiley March 30, 2008 at 6:55 pm #

    I refer to the mentioned comments concerning Mr. Chamberlin and his naivete which gave the go ahead to Hitler. Now on the other hand, from my unguided study of history, Mr. Churchill took pen in hand, and drew lines in the sand and created regions for the inhabitants in that part of the world which did not exist prior to external intervention. The result of his nation building appears to be a large part of what we are trying to do all over again. In the end whether we leave next year or stay there for a “hundred years” puts us in the mix of that caulderon which has been boiling over for thousands of years. We are committed and can now never come out of this puzzle place completely. We must, however, at some point get our people as far from the lines in the sand as we can and still hold some measure of safety. We can not and should not draw any lines nor try to put the puzzle together. In the end, the world has changed and the stakes are higher. We must play our awesome part to some degree, maybe for more thousands of years. If the world last that long, I wonder what the history books will say and more so, what will our children think about what we were thinking about.

  11. Terry March 30, 2008 at 7:33 pm #

    Now that you mention it, Neville Chamberlain does come to mind. I sigh.

    You are giving me the old food for thought, and I am … well, thinking.

  12. Ed Hensley March 30, 2008 at 8:38 pm #

    Great analysis Marshall, of 52 frightening
    seconds of Obama Direct on National Defense.

    It is good to see the view count of this video on youtube now at 1,185,000. It was just over 800,000, when I began circulating it about two weeks ago.

    It is frightening to me to think America
    might actually elect a Neville Chamberlin
    like “Alice in Wonderland” figure as C in C.

    Your analysis here, of 52 Seconds of Barack
    Direct, will help me oppose that danger.

    For additional youtube fodder on why we
    really don’t need a President Barack Obama,


  13. Bill Solen March 31, 2008 at 8:36 am #

    I totally agree with Tom in his response. If we are to follow Barack’s plan of disengagement and disarmament then let’s start on a smaller scale and work upwards.

    I say let’s work on the local and state levels first. When getting a driver’s license everyone must sign an agreement never to break a single traffic law and that way we can eliminate most state troopers and save millions in administartive and judicial costs. Understand of course that the current lawbreakers (a minority of drivers) will now abide with the rules.

    Now we can move to the criminals. Police departments must cut back on budgets, officers and certainly they must return to carrying minimally effective firepower, no more semi-autos, m16’s, etc. No need to, the criminals have also signed an agreement that we will solve their economic issues through negotiations and diplomacy and they will lay down their arms.

    This probably sounds stupid to most but of course Obama is a better speaker than I am.

  14. marvin schild March 31, 2008 at 9:18 am #

    Marshall. Suggest the following:
    1. We can scale down weapon development because we have far more than any other country including Iran and Russia and probably the entire world put together. The nuclear bombs that we have now are the greatest deterrent to the type of war that we fought previously, and we have more than an ample supply. Future wars will be fought differently than WWII, just as WWI was fought differently than WWII.
    2. You may be correct that if we pull out of Iraq, there could be devastation. However, approximately 100,000 Iraq citizens have already died in this conflict. How long do you propose that we stay in Iraq, 50 years or 100 years. At that time the Sunni’s will hate the Shites, and the Kurds will remain on the fringe. Some matters cannot be solved.
    Neville Chamberlin negotiated out of weakness, not strength. I suggest that without expanding our munitions, even reducing them, we have more strength than any other country and possibly the entire world because we are now the major manufacturer of munitions in the whole world.
    Israel will protect itself because they have enough Atomic Bombs to blow up most of the Arab countries and the Arabs know it. This is the strength deterrent that you refer to.
    I agree that we must fight Islam but we must stop fighting wars the old way. We must use covert actions and this is the method that you suggested in your book. We are not now fighting a country, we are fighting a religion that crosses national boundaries.
    In conclusion, although I am not for Obama, his conclusions on these matters are acceptable to me for the reasons given above. Marvin

  15. Ed Hensley March 31, 2008 at 2:12 pm #

    Marvin, – I respectfully suggest you read
    this transcript of the Obama Video on his plans for National Defense. I think you
    take considerable liberty on what he said.

    Transcript of Obama campaign commercial on the US military’s national defense:

    “I’m the only major candidate who opposed this war from the beginning.
    And as president, I will end it.
    I will cut tens of billions of dollars in wasteful spending.
    I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems.
    I will not weaponize space.
    I will slow our development of future combat systems.
    And I will institute an independent defense review board to endure that the quadrennial defense review is not used to justify unnecessary spending.
    I will set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons.
    To seek that goal, I will not develop new nuclear weapons.
    I will seek a global ban on the production of fissile material.
    And I will negotiate with Russia to take our ICMBs off hair-trigger alert
    and to achieve deep cuts in our nuclear program.”

    –Barack Obama on National Defense (campaign commercial) >


  16. Pat Wilson March 31, 2008 at 4:20 pm #

    Once again, you’ve said it all. Others enlarged on it, but your message was consistant throughout, except where one or two sounded as naive as Obama. And yes, I can make the comparison with N. Chamberlain and his belief in that nice Mr. A. Hitler!

  17. Nancy March 31, 2008 at 8:33 pm #

    “Those who ignore(or forget) history are doomed to repeat it”–Neville Chamberlin, my rearend!This will (would)far outdistance him in poor policy judgement–I remember my father, A Navy officer, back when the “Pueblo” was captured –I was a teenager and very concerned about the violence–Dad was a WWII vet (retired)–I asked him-“What would you have done, Dad?”–He said he would have burned the ship to the waterline–I said “But what about your crew?” He replied, “They knew the job was dangerous when they took it!That ship should never have been taken intact!” I trust my father’s judgement–And I finally understood then- that we cannot be weak, or vacillating or in any way show compromise.The United States is the most Fabulous place on Earth–If we fail or falter, the rest of the “Free” Nations of this planet will perish into a miasma of Chaos–Just look at what has come before (U.S.)us–Many nations, all trying to become supreme, to rule the (known) World–Islamic domination is the stated goal–Look at what is happeneng in England, France, Canada,Australia,Germany and many 3rd world places–Islam is making great inroads in local laws–In Germany, it is OK to beat your wife into submission–courts ruled it is “part of their religion and not subject to civil law”–In England, Grocery clerks who are Muslim do Not have to check out alcoholic drinks or pork products–In France, for school kids,wearing a Christian Cross or Cruisefix is banned because, in an attempt to “level the playing field”,Muslim girls are not allowed to wear their headscarves–This from a country that has been Catholic since the Dark ages?–In large U.S. cities, Muslim cabdrivers will not carry people who have been drinking alcohol–We are being invaded at a low level–Slowing coming under Islamic law–There are other notes–Fathers going unpunished for killing their daughters for being “too Westernized”–Make-up,clothes, deportment in public–If they do not like result of living in “Western” nations–They should go “Home”—wherever “Home is”–Instead, they are forcing all of us to capitulate to their laws—Wake up,People!!–Doesn’t seem like much in little bits, but the whole is being constructed–If we cannot be conquered by outright Force, we will be conquerd by increments–We are facing the most insidious campaign ever launched–And worst of all, we are being seduced by the Hillary Clintons and Barak Obamas in our own system–They are Facists and Socialists and will destroy this Nation as we know it(if we allow this to happen)–Hooray for that “Nice Mr. Hitler”–He was elected, you know–

  18. marvin schild April 1, 2008 at 1:47 am #

    Ed. I did watch the Obama 90 second video. Respectfully I suggest the following to you. 1 President Eisenhower in his farewell speech said “Beware the military-Industrial empire. 2. A retired Major General, the other day on television said that the most difficult type of fighting was being enacted in Basra when the soldiers were going house to house. Note, no major weapons.
    3. Many years ago a movie was made titled”The Mouse That Roared”. This mythical country in middle Europe needed money so they decided to attack the US and lose the war, with the concept being that every country that lost a war to the US was then given substantial reparations that gave them a strong economic base again. Their 12 soldiers in a row boat landed on the beaches of New York dressed in 18th Century armor and scared everyone so much with their appearance that they almost won the war, until the General reminded them that they did not want to win. Now I do not make light of the religious enemies of this war. They are very dangerous and we need extreme protection against them which should be accomplished through Homeland Security, to prevent another Trade Tower destruction. Please note the similarity of an airplane destroying the buildings with a rowboat landing on the beaches, not a major invasion.
    We must fight this religious enemy with the proper weapons not the weapons of recent wars.
    In conclusion we must fight todays enemy and that will not require any more modern weapons than we already have. We have enough munitions to destroy the world already. What we do not have are the weapons to protect our ports from the enemy as well as other types of invasion that they could use. That is where the money should be spent. Beware the “rowboat”. Incidentally, are you the Ed Hensley that is an attorney in Maggie Valley? I lived part time there for about 10 years. Marvin

  19. Ed Hensley April 1, 2008 at 6:45 pm #

    LOL! Me an attorney? Thanks for the laugh
    Marvin! I’m just a retired sailor, retired
    private security supervisor, turned house
    grandpa, who had enough print journalism in
    Jr. College and USN Instructor Duty, to B.S.
    at or near the level of political hacks and
    lawyers. For a personal profile on me, see

    > http://www.topix.net/member/profile/edhensley

  20. Rich Moore April 2, 2008 at 6:51 pm #

    Why take the words of any politician seriously? The CONGRESS will stop any meaningful changes..they always do for the sake of the special interests. Obama can say he will do this and that, but in the end you have to have so many votes and they never have them. They cannot get the biggest crimes solved, or announced anyway: look at the ANTHRAX ‘ investigation ‘ the FBI has been dragging on for all these years…they know darn well who did it, and why. But they cannot go there: It leads to the top, and as always they are protected.

    Obama is just another minor player for the real bosses, the money issuing elite..and it really doesn’t matter who winds the Oval Office, the same old failed policies will stay. McCaine is demented and a war monger who would fulfill the Bush cabal’s plans for a permenent takeover in Iraq: We have built many huge permenent bases there, who here thinks that we ever had any plans to leave? No hands? Good, you are starting to get it.

    9-11 was planned and executed by the Neocon/Mossad NWO cabal so Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan…and later Syria, could be taken and their oil stolen and their peoples ravaged and killed. It is all planned. We all know that Bush and company lied, totally lied, knowingly lied, to get us into Iraq, simply as part of the PNAC plan.

    But who is doing anything about it? Clinton lies about sex and gets impeached, but Bush and Cheney stage a fascist coup on the USA, openly, and no one lifts a finger. The media is silent. Sibel Edmonds has proof and gets ignored. The dollar is being destroyed purposely and will be replaced by the AMERO, already printed, and will be the currency for Mexico and us and Canada, very soon.

    People, this has gotten far past being a situation that can be remedied, they really intend to trash the rest of the Constitution, what little is left, and turn this nation into something that we would not wish on our kids…or anyone else’s. Obama, McCaine, Clinteon, what does it matter? The strings are pulled out of sight, and the warning that Eisenhower gave us as he left office has now come to pass: The worst possible scenario has happened, and America has been taken from within, not by communists or Muslims or Chinese invaders, but by a far right wing cabal that welcomes Armageddon as a means to an end, and one that will make as much profit as possible getting ready for things to get really hot.

    As Amwerica spirals downward and prices rise, never to fall again, and more and more outrages occur in high places, I just hope that those of you that laughed at the warnings will recall these words:

    9-11 was an inside job, done with the military and intelligence resopurces of the USA, along with help from Israel and others.Qui bono? Who benefits? That is who does the crime…and we know who benefitted and who suffered, and who continues to suffer. It is almost too late folks, open your eyes and go to Patriotsquestion911.com and read the testimonies of the people there, it will change your life.



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