This was a first, too important to not pass on, about a gutsy Texas Sheriff and an even more gutsy television talk show host. For those who missed the broadcast, I wish to share it with readers, adding only few words of commentary at the end. The repartee speaks for itself.

On November 8th, just two weeks past, I was viewing the Glenn Beck show on CNN when I caught some of an interview between Beck, Sheriff Rick Flores of Webb, County, Texas, (a border county in Laredo) and Congressman Henry Cuellar who represents that district.

The discussion concerned the out-of-control drug trafficking in the border region of southern Texas, the astronomical crime rate and the ill-reported kidnapings of more than seventy Americans in the last four years, twenty of whom are still missing. The issue is the lack of support for American interests versus uncanny support of the Mexican government by U.S. politicians.

The dialogue is much too long to publish in an article, but here’s the crux. To start, Beck is addressing the congressman:

BECK: You tell me the next time — you tell me, sir, the last time we won in anything with Mexico. You tell me the last time we actually got a fair shake, we actually got rule of law from Mexico. It doesn`t happen.
We bend over backwards for that fricking country, and I`ve had it up to here, and most of America has as well. Sheriff, I want to change the subject as well. And I`m sorry, I`ve got to go to the hostages. Can you please tell…

SHERIFF FLORES: OK. I need to say one — I need to say one thing, Glenn.


SHERIFF FLORES: I want to ask the congressman, who is he representing, President Calderon or his district here in Laredo, Texas, where we haven`t received any resources at the local level to be able to combat the problems on the border?

CONG. CUELLAR: Well, first of all, let me say this, Mr. Sheriff, what we`re looking at is you have got more money than you`ve ever gotten in the past, and we`ve got to keep in mind that the border will be patrolled by the Border Patrol and by the federal agencies. We will work with the local law enforcement, and we represent, but your job is to be a county sheriff, not a U.S. congressman, which is a big difference.
My job is to look at the big picture. Your job is to look at the smaller picture. And I will do my job as long as you do your job.

BECK: Boy, Congressman, I don`t think I have ever.

SHERIFF FLORES: I`d like to find out how much money has a congressman allocated to our county. How much money have you allocated for border security for Webb County or from the counties from Brownsville all the way to California? How much money have they allocated for border security? Nothing. They`ve allocated money for.

BECK: Congressman, I`ve got to get to the hostages. Guys, I have to tell you, Congressman, shame on you for that response. That was the most belittling response I have ever heard. Shame on you.

CONG. CUELLAR: Well, let me tell you, let me.

BECK: No, sir, I`m going to change the subject now and I`m going to go to the hostages. You`ve had your piece. Let`s talk about the 70 people that have been kidnaped now. I know, sir, you have spoken out about this. Can you tell me about the progress with the 70 people that have disappeared on the American and Mexican side? They are Americans. Can you tell me a little bit about them, sir?

CONG. CUELLAR: Yes. As you know, we have set up a joint task force with the FBI and the Mexican law enforcement. They have started to investigate some of the law enforcement — some of the cases we`ve had. As you know, Glenn, this is a different jurisdiction. You might call that a “fricking”country. And I appreciate your comments. But you`re wrong. We have to work with Mexicans to find answers, and that`s what we`ve been doing.

BECK: Yes, well, I.

CONG. CUELLAR: Glenn, let me finish. Let me finish, Glenn. I know it`s your show, but give your guests a little respect. And what we have to do is we have to make sure that we understand what has been happening down there. We have seen some progress. We need to do more. And we`ll continue doing that.

BECK: All right. Sheriff, please just tell me a little bit about the progress that has been made on the kidnapings. Can you tell me about that?

SHERIFF FLORES: Your answer is as good as mine, Glenn. We haven`t gotten anything regarding the missing Americans in Nuevo Laredo.


SHERIFF FLORES: And if the congressman is saying that we`re getting support from Mexico, please tell me who are the people that you`re working with across the border, because some of those people can`t even be trusted.

Three cheers for Sheriff Flores and Glenn Beck for crossing over the politically correct barriers toward truth. What the congressman, and much of Washington fails to acknowledge, is that when a 911 call goes out, it’s not the FBI that responds, nor the DEA or Border Patrol or Customs. It’s the local police officers, some of whom have been victims of murder. They are the ones on the front line who need support and obviously are not getting it.

I’ve written about this before, and I’ll say it again: Something stinks in Washington.

For a full transcript of the interviews, see: Click here: – Transcripts


  1. Dale November 26, 2007 at 4:16 pm #

    Your’e right Marshall, something stinks to high heaven in Washington and the only thing we can be sure of is that George Bush is part of it.
    Like the outrageous gas prices he never addresses illegal immigration never gets a single bit of action by this president. Wait, I take that back, he and his puppet, Federal Prosecutor Johnny Sutton did take action by unfairly jailing two Border Patrol Aents who were doing thier job.

  2. Mireya Bier November 26, 2007 at 6:00 pm #

    Right on Marshall: The Border Patrol Crimes and kidnapping of American citizens by Mexicans is outrageous! Doesn’t the U.S.A. Government protect his citizens anymore? What is going to become of us? Mireya

  3. CAROL BRINKLEY November 26, 2007 at 6:52 pm #


  4. Frank Fiordalisi November 26, 2007 at 7:09 pm #

    Thanks for a heads up on this interview.
    Congressman Henry Cuellar (Dem. Tx. 28th CD)
    disclosed exactly where Congress is in regard to boarder security. The Federal Government has refused to enforce existing immigration law for over fifty years at the behest of special interests.

  5. Bill Bell November 26, 2007 at 8:41 pm #

    Thank you, Marshall, for this interesting interview. I agree with your other responders, something seems to be far out of order in Washington. I suspect the failure starts in the Whitehouse.

    Regards, Bill Bell

  6. Mike Smithson November 26, 2007 at 9:37 pm #

    Thanks for posting the interview, Marshall. Of course, these are all symptoms of the Drug War, fm the violence along the border , to the excessive amts of money to fight the drug war, to the behind-the-scenes bureaucratic bs that goes on in washington trying to double-speak their way out of this century-old mistake of a policy.

  7. Joe Haymes November 27, 2007 at 10:46 am #

    I know that the government in Washinton and a number of big business interests have been in cahoots all along, and now we have an illegal alien problem that defies a fair and prompt solution. Is it of interest to anybody that the Muslim community in the world is tking advantage of this mess to move more followers of Islam into this country than most of us would evn dream of. We have a growing dilemma, with no easy way out. But I am hearing zilch from the 2008 candidates for president. No, getting to be president is more of a personal thing, right?

  8. Grace Urrows November 27, 2007 at 3:00 pm #

    The politicans are lying low because they want the Hispanic vote… want any Hispanics who have citizenship and can vote to vote for them because they are sympathetic to the plight of illegals.Bill Richardson, running for President, though otherwise highly qualified, does not want us to call illegals “illegals” He wants us to refer to them as “undocumented.” What made my hair stand on end during one of those protest marches was an unshaven guy carrying a sign that read: TODAY WE MARCH. TOMORROW WE VOTE. THAT WAS BLACKMAIL AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED. Understand, “A path to citizenship” would result in a huge influence on who is elected in this country,locally as well as nationally. Although some of what is “representing” us now, Cellular for instance,we could well do without, what we don’t need are more American voters whose hearts are still back where they came from.

  9. Kay williamson November 27, 2007 at 3:21 pm #

    Thanks the interesting and informative interview, Marshall. I get so upset and frustrated knowing I can’t do a damn thing about these situations! (Unless you have some ideas)
    I’m still fumming about the two patrol guards that were put in prison for shooting a drug illegal. It’s difficult to imagine how such a thing could happen.

  10. Kay williamson November 27, 2007 at 3:23 pm #

    I spelled fuming wrong! But you get the idea…I’m all heated up!

  11. larry November 27, 2007 at 5:50 pm #


  12. larry November 27, 2007 at 5:51 pm #


  13. Pat Wilson November 27, 2007 at 9:08 pm #

    A salute to the sheriff and Beck for taking the Congressman to task and asking for some straight answers (unfortunately not many received) More local officials along the border should start loudly making the same demands–MAYBE something positive could come out of it! The increasing doublespeak coming out of Washington is a reflection of corporate interest and successful lobbying–and the drug business is a corporation–with many fingers in the pie! Instead of strict adherance to our own immigration laws, Washington continues to walk around them. And to think that two Border Patrol agents get jailed for doing their job, while the criminal was freed to continue to ply his trade is abominable! Just how many of those in a position to do something about this increasing problem are getting a piece of that big drug pie?

  14. Ron Kenerly November 29, 2007 at 8:51 am #

    I fear the illegal immigration problems and their related problems that we see are not even the tip of the iceberg… I do not understand why Glen Beck gets this type of subject and people on his show and then bows to time constraints…open the door and go after the culprits and do not worry about the “time frames” allotted for the interview…finsih the job, don’t stop becasue the time is up…we need complete answers!

  15. Lee Boyland November 29, 2007 at 10:36 am #

    Hurrah for Glenn Beck. He is doing a better job than Rush and O’Riley. He will be signing copies of his new book at Books-A-Million (Wickham at Post Road) on Friday, 4-5 pm Friday (Nov 30th).

    Our federal government is responsible for the mess we are in, Republicans and Democrats alike. The only answer is to vote all incumbents out of office. What we get can’t be worse than what we have. Doing so is the only way to shake up the system—well there is also revolution.

    I do talk shows across the country, and I have been picking up a quite undercurrent of people advocating revolution. If the liberals succeed in taking over the government in Nov 08, I am beginning to worrie that the seeds for a second civil war could have been sowed. Hope I am wrong.

  16. Fred Smith December 1, 2007 at 12:47 pm #

    Thanks for the exposure. perhaps this way the truth will come out. Political mess, if I ever seen one. Keep the good work, Frank

  17. Gypsy Marie Roberts December 2, 2007 at 7:04 pm #

    Have you read The Daughters of Juarez? Over 400 raped, tortured, and killed girls, mostly teens or younger, whose bodies have been found along the Juarez/El Paso, Tex. border, and still counting! Those are indigenous children–poor parents with no influential persons to help them. The U.S. did send FBI profilers, who were ignored, along with President Fox’s request that they release a man who the FBI said was innocent(a patsy). The Juarez police refused the president, who had forensic evidence and professional profilers advising him! Is Juarez independent of Mexico? Are all presidents merely figure heads, and Congresses powerless? If so, then why the hell do we vote? Where is accountability? We don’t seem to have any on either side of the border! Do the military industrial complexes, and organized criminal networks covertly run things everywhere? Now we’re going to send one billion more to Mexico to fight drug cartels. Hell! They don’t even do anything about the slaughter of children. And we expect them to do something about the missing Americans? Wonder who will get cuts of that billion? Mexico has proven to be as much of a failure as our own country in the so-called “War on Drugs!” Who the hell is kidding who? I’m not saying that is definitely how the game will play out, but I am suspicious, of course. Who isn’t if she/he has kept track of what is going on? Two border patrol are still in prison because the hypocrites in our government were more concerned with a drug pusher’s being shot than with Compean’s & Ramos’ efforts to staunch the flow of poison our enemies love infecting especially our young, inexperienced kids with, knowing that peer pressure is extremely effective–even more so than parental influences! How ’bout telling the Mexican President: “Prove you can do something about the slaughter of indigenous children along the border–then we will consider sending you money to fight drugs!” If they can’t fight sick pedophiles, how the hell can they do anything about dangerous drug lords? I called Bush’s phone line, and reminded him that his sister-in-law is Mexican; therefore, she should be very concerned about this issue. It infuriates me that no one cares about these children, and that those who are trying to do their jobs along the border are being undermined, and even imprisoned! However, I do believe that Amnesty may have been a first step in helping the indigenous. Mexican leaders have never given a damn about them! We must do something, because if we don’t help the Mexican poor who come across the border to save their children from starvation, lack of medication and education–Chavez will! Get it! I taught comparative government and controversial issues–I get it! Communism. Don’t be fooled about coalition governments between Socialists and Communists; these invariably end with Communist control. Without help, there are millions of Catholic Socialists south of the border who could be turned. We must get our heads “out of the sand” and think about the future, the kind of legacy we are leaving our children! I believe the best thing anyone can be, regardless of labels, affiliations, wealth, ect.–is a good human being. I also staunchly believe in safeguarding Americans. There must be very studied steps taken to both protect us from terrorists along the border (including the white supremist element who get their jollies maiming and killing those not like them), and to help those who are good people coming here for the right reasons–to take care of their families–which any of us would do, also! As I stated in my researched book on retirement communities in the U.S. (A Travel Memoir to The Villages, Fl.)–the border is a mess! And while the politicians play (not with your fiddle, Marshall)–will Rome (the U.S.) burn again as it did on 911? Complacency, overconfidence, slack security, lack of cooperation between agencies, and possibly even turncoating contributed to 911. We must all be alert. When I first started teaching comparative government over fifty years ago (Gads!), I taught that it is the responsibility of all citizens to insure a democratic governance, and idealistically and naively–justice for all–equity, which we still do not have for women, who birth lives, by the way–all of our asses, both male and female! One is superior to the sex who birthed him? Nope! I’m tired of the repetitious black bag ops (tricks of the trade)–utilizing race, sex, and creed to incite people against one another. I want a woman, who is qualified to be president, to become president–before I die. Now I am close to the end of my life, and before my little light expires–it must be now, and we have only one female candidate. Why does the party of my father’s choice, Republican, not have a female candidate? I vote independently when I do vote, but have realized for years that we’ve alternated a “one party system” to pacify the constituency. Does what we have really allow us “checks and balances”? I wonder. Do you? My confidence in both parties has waned. On the whole, I’m sorely disappointed with our candidates, but at the same time, I’m glad we have a woman who is qualified to hold her own with “the boys”, for if we had enough men in our country who would stand for what is right, there would be support for brilliant, competent women–not jealous, petty males posturing as men–hiding behind labels, and sexist religious dogma. I don’t like voting for two people in the same immediate family, but I just may do it this time, if the military industrial complex relents, for some unforseen reason, allowing a woman to become “commander in chief” (symbolic as it is)–then, possibly, perverts who are torturing and killing little girls and young women along the border may be in for a “rude awakening.” Just maybe. And maybe some weak males will get the message–that greed and cronyism is not acceptable when it comes to helpless little lives be they children along the border or drug addicts, or the victims of drug addicted parents or neighborhoods. I’m tired of trash! And believe me, I see the big picture, as well as the little picture. I could write for the rest of my life on this topic alone. This is the topic of my novel which I have nearly finished–the abuse of women and children. The focus is how insipidly sexist religious dogma contributes to the will of sick, weak males, insuring helpless members in societies will be scapegoats for whatever feelings of inadequacy, incompetency, sexual deviancy, or other psychological problems that weak males have. Our friends, the Saudis, for example, are going to give a rape victim 200 lashes (beat her to death) because she was raped! Did she rape herself? Was she supposed to be able to fight off seven pieces of trash, who their country insists on calling “men”? Are the little girls along the border raping, torturing and killing themselves? Once upon a time, as a child I heard “Do unto others….” As an adult who has studied people for over 33 years in education, I realize that there are those greedy, seventh grade egocentrics who believe this statement refers only to fools who are unbelievably naive. Is it any wonder, after NAFTA wiped out the farming markets (open air) the indigenous did have, and considering the total indifference to their children’s safety–that poor Mexicans flow across the border to what they believe is the “promised land”? Transference of ones own weaknesses into others is Psy. 101, but if you don’t allow your citizens to be educated, and endoctrinate them into hating the sex that births them–the outcome will always be vile. I’ll make friends! Have already! Little sarcasm here! But not about the topic. That’s sincere!

  18. Tom Ault December 4, 2007 at 5:53 pm #

    I agree with you Frank. I also have to add that all governments are headed up by figureheads, some wise and some not. It is unfortunate that countries are not run by people for it they were, as they are supposed to be, we would probably have less famine, hatred, war and crime and probably equality would increase. This will not happen, but it is possible that when politicians become too powerful they get eliminated………I often wonder where all of their wealth gets redistributed though?

  19. Rich Moore January 20, 2008 at 6:39 pm #

    The congress is useless. You expect them to listen to complaints about the border when they are ignoring Sibel Edmonds and high treaon? The Congress is a cover up and a sham for a real representative body.

    They WANT the borders to be a massive mess so they can implement the NAU accords fully and bring the Amero in when the dollar finally tanks ( any day now ! ) .

    These things are decided far in advance in secret meetings and history reflects the will of the few, not the common sense of the citizen. Too late..too late.

  20. Gypsy Marie Roberts February 14, 2008 at 3:03 pm #

    P.S. I started teaching when I was 26, and I am now 67–so I did not teach comparative government fifty years ago;I tried to correct this mistake, but couldn’t? I was 26 when I began teaching that subject, but after 3 years of teaching about man’s inhumanity to man, I decided to teach English: writing, literature (both English & American), plays, speech, drama, yearbook, newspaper, AP English, etc. Why? Because the emphasis was on people’s creative accomplishments! What is your new topic, Marshall? Pat Wilson told me you have another topic on the hot plate!

  21. mary February 21, 2008 at 10:18 am #

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