In a word:  Dark

     This is a movie for wannabe movie actors, who seriously study the art of acting by watching every move, every expression every nuance, every word spoken (or unspoken) by star, Frances McDormand, the quintessential thespian. This is what Oscar performances are made of.  

     The plot surrounds the single, middle-aged mother of a girl who had been raped and murdered in a small town in Missouri, where the perpetrator(s) were never caught or brought to justice. After several months of no action by police, Frances Hayes (played by McDormand) runs out of patience and proceeds to rent three dilapidated billboards, in consecutive arrangement, off a desolate road near blue-collar Ebbing, Missouri (a town that does not exist) where she pastes three large signs that read: 1) RAPED WHILE DYING, 2) STILL NO ARRESTS and 3) HOW COME CHIEF WILLOUGHBY?

     The bold action by the take-no-crap woman ignites a firestorm of reactions from the entire town, including the chief of police whose name appears on one of those signs, deftly played by Woody Harrelson. Enemies erupt from everywhere, but this is one tough gal who dazzles and puzzles the authorities

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This is a pitch hoping to interest my readers and friends in giving books as Christmas gifts this year. Yes, MY books. 


The Christmas holiday is but 3 weeks away. I many published books, half fiction and half non-fiction, some of which would make excellent gifts to readers with varied interests.  And for everyone who makes a purchase for the holiday, I will sell (and sign) each book at a discount, and charge no shipping costs.  Can’t beat that. Certainly a better deal that Amazon.com.

Order books by sending check (and your mailing address) to Frankly Speaking Enterprises, P.O. Box 411841. Melbourne, Fl.  32941.  Cost for each book is denoted below.  (If you have a special message to be penned, let me know)
Here’s a brief synopsis of each:
 The Upside To Murder:     $15
(This book was recipient of the Don Argo Award in fiction by the Space Coast Writers Guild. It also was contracted two years for the rights to a movie – which never materialized). 
After 16 year-old Cassandra is gang-raped, shot and left for dead, African-American physician, Orville T. Madison, embarks on a stealth campaign to protect his daughter from reliving the terrifying ordeal
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(This article appears as an Op-Ed in Florida Today newspaper, this date)

“Sexual harassment fund is taxpayer-funded bribery”

What do you call it when criminals pay off cops and/or witnesses in order to prevent being arrested? Simple answer: Bribery. They lose their jobs and often go to jail.

I knew three judges in Miami in the early 1990s who took illegal pay-offs in exchange for special favors. After being caught in a sting, they went to prison for bribery.

What do you call it when Congress uses taxpayer money to muzzle: bribe someone who alleges sexual harassment and/or assault by a member or employee of the House of Representatives or the Senate? Answer: Legal process. Not only that, this “process” has been engineered by Congress itself.

That’s like passing a law saying it’s okay to break laws if we are the law breakers.

This is beyond comprehension. A law was passed by congress and signed off by President Bill Clinton in 1995, then put into effect in 1997 which not only covers allegations of sexual impropriety, but other administrative violations by employees. However, now that the secret is out, it’s pretty clear the original purpose of this funding. According to

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Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, is Suzanne’s birthday. The most remarkable human being known to me.   My bride of nearly 29 years. Here she is, the day we were married. She even made her own dress.  (She makes everything!)


 — Suzanne, June 14, 1989 —


Three years ago, Suzanne accepted an offer to tell part of her personal story on video.  It’s about 8-9 minutes. Enjoy:


In 2011, Suzanne was nominated for Citizen of the Year in Brevard County, for her work in bringing awareness to our fallen soldiers and victims of terror, by installing flags and banners across the giant Unitarian property abutting U.S. # 1 in south Rockledge. It was a major project to coordinate, indeed.


FIELD OF REMEMBRANCE:  2007.                                      

FIELD ON THE UNFORGOTTEN   September 11, 2011







Suzanne’s son, Tyson, and family:  Lisa (wife)

Grandkids: Logan, Andrew, Avery, Carling


Plus OUR kids, Jason 32, and Lacey, 31  (It’s a long story) But they ARE our kids…who Suzanne (and I) took in some 22 years ago. One of her life’s greatest achievements…for which I…and they…will always be grateful. 


Sue, Shilpi, (girlfriend) Jason                          Lacey, Daniel

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Of Course, hindsight is 20/20. But has anyone ever wondered what would have happened if Hillary dumped Bill Clinton once she learned that he continued to brazenly cheat on her, in the White House itself? She would likely be, or would have become, president, by a landslide.

Instead, she has chosen to stick by her sleazy spouse, despite the overwhelming evidence of his disregard for fidelity to his wife and family, even to the point of debasing his accusers.

You ask why?  Is it not obvious? Hillary took the wrong course in all of these incidents that dishonored her. Her ambitions from day one was not to be a good wife, nor a good senator, or a good secretary of state. Her goal has always been obsessively fixated on becoming the first female president, to the point that she would allow herself humiliation and dishonor, while doing her best to pretend she’s a women’s rights advocate.

Give me a break.

If Hillary was truly a thumper for women’s rights and role model for the weaker gender in America, she would have acted like one. She would have taken no crap from a husband who – for decades — continually refused

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This Op-Ed, by yours truly, appeared in the November 17 issue of Florida Today.

It was another routine day as a homicide commander in Miami, where I often spent time visiting the Medical Examiner’s Office — aka the morgue — because that was the hub of forensic analysis in death cases.

One day, as I chatted with doctors performing autopsies, I looked to my left and saw a dead female child, about 11, lying on a steel tray, clad only in a toe-tag for identification. I looked twice, then gasped. Lori was my wife’s niece. I had visited her house often. She used her father’s .22 revolver to fire a bullet into her brain.

Lori was just a little girl who seemed normal, yet suffered with emotional anxieties and a lopsided temperament adults dismissed as simple childhood behavior. “Oh, she’ll grow out of it.”

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. and the second leading cause for kids ages 15 to 24. More than 90 percent of children who commit suicide suffered with a severe mental disorder. Veterans commit suicide on average of 20 per day.

Mental illness

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“Protect Second Amendment with Common Sense” – Florida Today Op-Ed by yours truly appears today, November 9, 2017.

Every time there is a senseless shooting in America, a large segment of our populous, including politicians and the media, jump on the gun control bandwagon. Contrarily, right wingers forever cite the Second Amendment as though it was Biblical, claiming any and all restrictions should be minimal. Meanwhile, the left seems to endorse a disarmed citizenry without regard for personal protections. Common sense takes a back seat to both sides.

We often fail to consider how and why the Second Amendment was embedded into our constitution in 1791, when guns were single-shot muskets, the population of the new nation was under 4 million and there were no organizations called “police.” The only civil protection people had from intruders, thieves and killers, were the citizens themselves.

The language is clear: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” In today’s America, we have well-regulated militias in every town, city, county and state, the most visible of which are some 800,000 sworn, well-armed law enforcement officers.

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