When is enough ever enough?

     For nine years, Israeli citizens have been living a life much like the Londoners of 1940, awaiting the next air raid sirens and then making a dash to the nearest bunker within 30 seconds to avoid being bombed to smithereens.  Nearly ten thousand rockets and missiles have be fired by Hamas from the Gaza strip, and some from Hezbollah in the north, all for the purpose of indiscriminately killing any Jew;  man, woman or child, that happens to be in its path. Meanwhile the United Nations and the rest of the world, including the United States, sits impotently mute.

     A sovereign nation is blatantly attacked in acts of war, and no one says crap. Because the victims are Jews, it’s all right. Business as usual.  Ho hum.

     Hamas is not only a deadly terrorist organization, they are a government unified with Fatah, with allies throughout the middle-east throngs of Jew-haters.  Our president openly calls for Israel to retreat its boundaries back to the 1967 lines, music to the ears of terrorists.  The president makes no mention of the rockets being fired into Israel since Ariel Sharon did, in fact, do just that

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There’s something wrong here.

We denounce Hamas as a terror organization, then give them a half-billion dollars a year in foreign aid. That’s right…according to Wikipedia, $457 million was provided to Hamas/Fatah in 2012, while they were firing missiles on top of missiles – by the thousands – into Israeli cities and neighborhoods for no other purpose than to kill Jewish men, women and children. They’ve been attacking Israel for years with thousands of deadly rockets. According to current information, the foreign aid to Hamas will be about the same in 2014. There’s no other way to describe it: The U.S. supports terror. We provide a terrorist state millions of our tax dollars!

Where is the outcry?

That aid ostensibly goes for humanitarian purposes. Nice concept. However, we all know that terror-supporting groups are not known for honesty. Once in their hands, funds can be appropriated however they see fit. Have no doubts, most of that food money is being converted into rocket shells. The bottom line is this: Hamas/Fatah never has and never will accept the right for Israel to exist. They have never backed away from their goal to see the utter destruction of Israel. No amount of

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 Why is this important? Because it may explain some of the inexplicable actions, decisions and non-decisions of our president, particularly in regards to the international stage.

Think of tiles that form a picture. One tile by itself tells you nothing.  When assembling all the tiles into one mosaic, then the big picture comes clear. This one article cannot address every tile, but it can present a summary. Yes, (my opinion) I believe Mr. Obama is a Muslim. Here are my reasons:

1. During his four year period between ages ages six to ten, Barack Obama was indoctrinated in Islam while living in Indonesia. Kids of Islamic families are buried in the Quran because Muslim fathers believe it is the most important aspect of their education, memorizing, studying…it is their primary source of education in the early years. While adopted by his mother’s new husband, a Muslim. Obama was renamed Barry Soetoro, son of Lolo Soetoro, and a citizen of Indonesia. Obama’s school records there list his religion as: Islam

2. At age ten, Obama was sent back to the United States by his mother, only to live and be raised by his maternal grandparents in Hawaii. His name remained Barry

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This article appears today in four Treasure Coast newspapers (TC Palm) from Vero Beach to the Palm Beaches

Marshall Frank: Too many negatives to preserve death penalty

Marshall Frank is an author and retired South Florida police detective who lives in Melbourne. Online:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Many folks are pleased that Brevard County cop killer Brandon Bradley was sentenced to death for the deliberate and horrible murder of Deputy Barbara Pill. If anything would justify capital punishment, this would be at the top of the list.

About the same time Bradley was being sentenced, another ruling came down from the Florida Supreme Court. It ordered a new trial for death row denizen Paul Hildwin, after DNA tests showed that the real killer of Vronzetti Cox in Hernando County was the victim’s boyfriend, not him. Hildwin, who claimed innocence since his arrest, has spent nearly 30 years in a 6- by 9-foot cell, 24 hours a day, ostensibly an innocent man.

Having served most of my 30-year police career in Miami-Dade County Homicide, I am usually (not always) more conservative than liberal. However, these kinds of cases, plus other factors, have swayed my thinking.

Capital punishment must be abolished.

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Florida Today, in their TGIF Section this date, published a restaurant review of the newly opened Times Square Diner, in Suntree, giving it three stars out of five. That was unfortunate, undeserved and worthy of a counter review by yours truly.

Those who have lived in the Central Brevard area for a while know that the east end of the Publix strip plaza in Suntree always featured a local eatery; first a bagel shop, then a couple of breakfast/lunch houses for the last seven years. That has all changed.

In with the new, out with the old. The transition of this former hash house into a fine restaurant by owner, Nick Chios, is nothing less than amazing. If you’ve been there before, it will be totally unrecognizable. First, the outdoor facade has shielded the west windows with art work. The outer perimeter has been lined with trees and shrubs. The interior has been completely gutted and replaced with vinyl booths, tables, lighting and works of art symbolic of New York City. The TGIF review barely touch on any of this.

In terms of food, one word covers all the bases: Quality.

For breakfast, try any one of

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Marshall Frank: Ending Iraq War one thing, keeping peace another

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

In 2007, my artist-wife, Suzanne, created an event near Rockledge, in Brevard County, to honor the (then) 3,600 servicemen and women who had already sacrificed their lives toward a noble cause, fighting terrorism and striving to give the people of Iraq a sense of freedom and liberty.

In conjunction with the Unitarian-Universalist church property on U.S. 1, Suzanne’s vision was realized when 3,600 poles were impaled into the grounds facing the busy federal highway, each with banners of red, white and blue, and each with the names of deceased soldiers noted on the sides of the poles.

A memorial ceremony was held, tears flowed, patriotic music was played. Over one month, at least a half million cars passed the site facing the highway, many stopping to take photographs.

In the end, 4,486 American soldiers lost their lives while many thousands more Iraqi soldiers and civilians lost theirs in the noble fight. That, plus multi-thousands that came home with broken minds and bodies.

Did it all go for naught?

As I write, Iraq is falling. Hard-core al-Qaida terrorists and their savage partners from Syria are on the

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     Can’t anyone see the big picture here?

      All these hotbeds of terror and conquest is not limited to Iraq, or Syria. Look around, it’s in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, Chechnya, India, Indonesia, even Europe and China. It’s everywhere. It has even arrived in the west.

     Radical Islam is dedicated to establish world domination.  It is their Allah-given purpose for existence. There is no stopping them, unless we – in the free world – wake up and smell the proverbial roses.

     Radical Islam can best be defined as the segment of Islam that participates in Jihad, who support Jihad, who root for Jihad and sympathize with Jihad. Jihad is technically translated to mean: Struggle.  To Jihadists, Jihad is a struggle toward conquest. If the naysayers would simply take the time to do a minimal amount of research, all these facts are out there for the asking. People should pay attention to those in the know, who have studied this problem in depth.

     Iraq isn’t just about Shiites and Sunnis. Neither is Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. It is about the long range goal of destroying Israel and then destroying western democracy.


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