Why Trump?

     Because he’s not Hillary.

     This isn’t about Democrat versus Republican. It’s not because of liberal or conservative thinking. Because there are good and decent people in both camps, who mean well and have different visions on how to achieve the same, basic overall objectives for the people.

     But a Hillary Clinton presents a whole other story. What boggles the mind is that people have all the knowledge about her morality, but millions simply don’t give a damn.  Why is it that people can be so easily led over a cliff like herds of mooing cattle as people blindly go in droves supporting Hillary Clinton who strives to give America the most dishonest and corrupt politician in the history of the presidency.

     It is sad, indeed, that good and decent people will turn a blind eye to known facts – by the hundreds – that have clearly identified her, over and over, as a pathological sociopath who holds no remorse or accountability for her mind-boggling list of incompetence, mendacity and deception.

     Sure, Trump has plenty of faults, so do all the other Republicans (and Democrats) who vied for the presidency. But comparing her to any of the others is

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According to the Bureau of Justice, 1,574,800 inmates are housed in America’s state and federal prisons. Only 7 percent of those are female.

     Is that fair? Why do men face such lopsided discrimination? If police and courts did their job properly, shouldn’t women comprise 51 percent of prison inmates?

     That’s a question I would like to have posed to Fox News Analyst, Julie Roginsky, who confronted Eric Trump on “Outnumbered” recently, citing how blacks make up only 13 percent of the population, but they are subject to 31 percent of police shootings. There they go again, I thought, making police officers out as violent Negro-hunters, comprising an evil cabal to target and shoot down black males. I was sorry that Eric wasn’t armed with the facts and figures, because it would have made Ms. Roginsky look like an idiot.

     The reason women are incarcerated so much less that men, is because men commit the overwhelming majority of serious crime. That’s a well-known fact.  

     Of course blacks are subject to violent police confrontations in America, because they are responsible for a highly disproportionate number of violent crimes. Like it or not, that’s also a fact. It has nothing to do with

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I wasn’t going to write a review on this movie. Then I saw it.

Snowden will not go down among the most entertaining movies of all time. Parts are dull, others are hard to understand. In particular, there is (as expected) an overdose of cyber jargon that the average non-techy viewer will find hard to sort out.  But the good news, is that it doesn’t matter. What comes through loud and clear is the message; Does the government have a legal right to invade the privacy of any and all Americans in the name of national security?

This movie is more of a docudrama as director Oliver Stone lays out the life, missions and tribulations of Edward Snowden, who — in the minds of some — is seen as a national traitor, and to others, a hero. There is no mystery here, as Snowden clearly admits to what and why he did when providing the press the information about the NSA and CIA spy network which actually has the capacity to invade anyone, not just suspected criminals. He also knew the risks, which are still pending as he has been holed up in — of all places — the country

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President, protests haven’t improved black lives

Marshall Frank, community columnist12:05 a.m. EDT September 18, 2016

I’m one American citizen who’s heard enough of the rhetoric about black oppression and white supremacy. Race baiters continue to stoke the flames of hatred because it intimidates and garners attention.

Fact: Race relations in this country have taken a nose dive since the inauguration of Barack Obama. And that’s not because more people have become racist.

Despite being led by a first-black president, little has improved for poor blacks in America today, than in 2009. Obama has made some black appointments in high places, hosted lots of rich celebrities in the White House and made lots of speeches, but the fact remains, black unemployment remains dismal today and the plight of violent, inner-city criminal activity among black youths has soared.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rate for young blacks up to age 24 stands at 20.6 percent, more than double that of white males in the same age bracket. According to the Pew Research Center, the rate of blacks living in poverty is 27.2 percent, higher than in 2009 when the

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There was a time – up to 2008 — I thought Colin Powell would make an excellent choice for president. He was dignified, smart and full of track-record accomplishments in the public sector. And, among black dignitaries in government, he was unequaled except, perhaps, by Condoleeza Rice. Then, he showed his true colors…literally.

     Figure this:  The nominees running for president in 2008 were John McCain and Barack Obama. One would think Colin Powell would be giving his support to McCain, a slam dunk.  After all, both men were career military officers with sterling credentials, both were Republican, both had spent a lifetime in public service, in many positions, contributing to the well-being of this nation.

     There was nothing in common between Colin Powell and Barack Obama. Obama had no track record of accomplishments, no service to his country other than winning an election and earning a law degree.  Obama’s only career path had been as a Chicago community organizer…which, in other words, was a political position aimed at amassing minority voters. His background was marinated with associations and advisers who were closely aligned to communist organizations. That was no secret. And, he was a Democrat.  Basically, there was no way

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If a country has laws that are not enforced, where people can break laws at will with the full knowledge of the government, without repercussion, the country will slowly cease to exist as a sovereign nation. That means the people, and their goverrnment leaders, can pick and choose which laws they will or will not obey. Please view this 6-minute video link, from a San Diego news station, with jaw-dropping revelation of facts, even to the reporters. Watch the whole segment, please:

The Obama administration not only fails to enforce the illegal immigrant violations of law, it encourages them.  Nine of every ten illegals that cross, are released if they utter the magic words, “Claim Asylum.” The Border Patrol operates with a manpower shortage of 2000 officers, with no efforts to fill the vacancies. Illegals no longer run from Border agents, they run to them.

200 sanctuary cities would not exist if it were not for the blessing of the Obama administration, where illegals — including those who are caught committing felony crimes — are free to roam about though they have not been properly

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“Sully”  –   9 1/2 

Who doesn’t love a story about a true hero?

This review is short and sweet. It doesn’t matter that we already know the story and how it ends. After all, the story of Jesus (and others) has been filmed over and over, same characters, same events that most of us have memorized, but we still reach for those feelings of adoration, admiration and inspiration.

Tom Hanks deftly plays Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot of US Airways 1549 which, on a cold winter day in January of 2009, became instantly disabled within minutes after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport after the engines sucked a flock of birds. Though he first considered returning to LaGuardia, his keen instincts from 40 years of flying experience told him that it was unlikely the plane could make it back. He then glided the aircraft into a “landing” (not a crash as Sully emphasized) in the middle of the Hudson River.

All passengers and crew aboard survived without serious injury.

What we learned from the movie was that officials with the FAA were not so convinced that Sully had done the right thing, putting him through the proverbial wringer in having to prove

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