I urge everyone who is interested in learning more about the Islamic Jihad problem throughout the world, to read this article in the Wall Street Journal, penned by Ayaan Hirsi Ali (linked below).  Ms Ali is a Somali-born, Muslim apostate who escaped as a young woman to the Netherlands, where she began her crusade in awakening the world – and women in particular – to the threats of Islam.  She has since become an American citizen.

     Ms. Ali is under constant threat of being killed, starting with her partnership in 2004 with film-maker  Theo Van Gogh, with whom she co-wrote a 12-minute film expose’ titled, Fitna, which highlighted the abuses of women worldwide under Islam and sharia.  Shortly after the movie was released, Van Gogh was murdered in the streets of Amsterdam.

     Last year, Ms. Ali was invited to speak at Brandeis University where she was to receive an honorary degree.  Apparently, intimidation from behind the scenes took control, and Ms. Ali was unceremoniously uninvited, and her award was rescinded. She was not allowed on campus.

     This is one example of muting free speech and imposing intimidation against anyone who is willing to speak the truth about radical Islam in

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Younger people of the modern era have little or no concept of how much destruction a fascist ideology can achieve through the use of deception.

     The best teacher for understanding terrorist ideology is to look clearly at the past.  You can call it Nazism. You can call it Radical Islamism. It’s basically all the same. They are both determined to conquer the world and they don’t care who or how many people they exterminate along the way. One worships a God you can see (Hitler) and the other worships a God you cannot see (Allah).

     There is no such thing as deal-making among governments unless two sides have the integrity to keep promises. Historically, leaders of fascist, murderous ideologies use deal-making as a ploy to stall or obtain their long range objectives. Fascists don’t think twice about lying or deceiving in order to further their long-range goals.

     There is no better learning platform than the Nazi era. For example:

  •  Hitler not only hated Jews, but he was clearly hostile toward Christianity, as noted by German hierarchy pals, Albert Speer, Martin Bormann and Joseph Goebbels. But he allowed himself to be seen as a Christian during the 1930’s in order to
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It totally amazes me that millions of bright people within the national electorate care nothing about integrity, accomplishments and track records when supporting a presidential candidate. The nation is full of brilliant high achievers on both sides of the political spectrum, but they are all trumped by voting blocs that can be chummed to the boat, regardless of ability, and regardless of trust.

     Are women’s groups in America so desperately obsessed with the need to elect a female into the Oval Office? Does not the absense of qualifications and integrity matter?  Is electability and gender all that counts?

     I’m referring to the heir-apparent to the throne, Hillary Clinton. The most unqualified, low achieving, serial lying, deceiving, non-transparent, and possibly the most corrupt candidate in the political arena of 2016.  Where do I begin?

     Let’s start with corruption, not the average bribery syndrome, but an issue which seriously compromises the national security of the United States.  The current issue has been overshadowed by the well-deserved private –e-mail scandal, but it shouldn’t have been. We’re talking about her foundation accepting multi-millions of dollars in foreign, Islamic money.

     Sure, the money is on record as going toward the Clinton foundation, but that’s like

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Our president and his administration lackies would have us believe that an infinitely small percentage of the Muslim world are in support of fanatical movements, with or without violence. One of Mr. Obama’s statements went so far as to claim 99.9 percent of Islam is a peaceful religion, and that only 0.1 percent could be considered violent or sympathetic to jihad.

     Not true. (as usual)  Our president cherry-picks facts from thin air and thinks because he holds the elected office of president, his words cannot be disputed.  Perhaps he would like to be renamed “God.”  (or Allah, as the case may be). Meanwhile, he tells us that 99.9 percent of Muslims in the world reject the terrorist’s understanding of Islam.

     In these times, polls are conducted constantly but we hear little of the results unless it’s a headline issue.  Reputable research institutes, like Pew, BBC, Gallup, CSC and more, can be found on the net.  I searched for polls that deal with Muslim attitudes toward and within western society, specifically on violence, sharia and the grand jihad in general.  The links below provide hundreds of sources and web sites on this subject, if you want to delve further.  But I’ll

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Rep. Trey Gowdy may not be the handsomist, most charsimatic politician, nor does he play to voting blocs and camera-angle likeability, but he sure gets a powerful message across without mincing words. 

     This is a six-minute clip from his address to congress regarding the dangers that are inherent in having a president who disregards the constitution and behaves as a king. Not only is it dangerous by this president, it sets new and irreversible precedents for future commanders in chief to expand the powers of the executive branch so far, that congress may, and can, be rendered insignificant. If that ever happens, we can kiss out constitution goodbye, along with al the rights and protections that are provided to Americans.

   Obama said, before he took the oath of office in 2009, “We are five days away from the fundamental transformation of America.” Now we know what he meant. 

     It’s amazing that someone like Gowdy was ever elected to office, because he’s a rare statesman, meaning he cares more about the state of the union than he does about how people like, or do not like him. This video should be seen and heard, not only by my readers, but by

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Tarek Fatah, 65, is a Pakistani-born Muslim intellectual reformist, journalist, author, who lives in Canada.  Three years ago, he gave a speech in Canada, warning that associates in the Muslim Brotherhood were imbedded in the White House.  He recently wrote this piece for the Toronto Sun. It’s short and powerful. I thought it important to share, especially considering the source.by Tarek Fatah
The Toronto Sun
February 3, 2015



Kenji Goto, a fellow journalist, died Saturday.

Another innocent man beheaded by those among my co-religionists who wish to rule the world and to annihilate all non-Muslims. This in order to pave the way for an end-of-times apocalypse.

Many Muslim heads hung in shame as Goto’s head rolled into a barren desert ditch, while western politicians and media refused to call the Islamic State jihad what it is – a jihad.

Similarly, the now-familiar masked man who kills for the camera and who beheaded Goto, was referred to by most media not as a “jihadi terrorist of the Islamic State” (which is who and what he is), but rather as “a militant with a British accent”.

At the official level, the Obama White House announced it will host

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I wasn’t going to, but with second thoughts, we went to see it out of curiosity and all the fanfare. Here’s my review of 50 Shades of Grey.

     We walked out after an hour of boring, inane dialogue and virtually no story line other than lust and sex between two hot people in their 20’s. What a hunk-a-junk.

     Young woman appears for an interview with a handsome billionaire tycoon at his lush office, their eyes meet, her heart beats with lust while he sees her as a recipient of domination if and when he can lure her into his sex-toy house.

     End of story.

     The rest is all about passionate eyes, heavy breathing, close-ups, sex and more sex, and not an ounce of character development, plot or struggle.

     It’s nothing more than a shallow porn flick that doesn’t show the bare penis.

     The male actor, Jamie Dornan, is obviously a fashion model with extraordinary good looks, but without a character that invokes an iota of gravitas, nor intellect to show us how and why he became such as success at the age of 27. 

     The girl is a better actor, but the repetition of glossy eyes and panting heart

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