“The Boy Next Door” = 6.5 

     It’s a decent suspense thriller, not to the level of Fatal Attraction, but it seems to have tried, in vain.

     Middle-aged school teacher (Jennifer Lopez) is in the throes of a marital separation, living with her teen son, when she meets the 20 year-old handsome neighbor who moves to town to help take care of his ailing uncle. The first half of the movie is totally predictable, the lonely but gorgeous woman exchanges eye-candy ogles with the “hunk” until one evening they happen to be alone and – guess what – they just cannot control themselves.

     The embarrassed Lopez character puts an immediate stop to any more trysts, but the kid will hear nothing of it and, voila, he becomes her worst nightmare. The stalking continues until a violent climax (excuse the expression) which rises in intensity, suspense and sheer fright.

     The suspense is good, albeit so many implausibles dot the script that it takes away from the realism. Lopez is a good actress, but she’ll never be a great actress. Now that she has become a fixture on American Idol, it’s hard to see her as anyone but Jennifer Lopez.

     The young man

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Officer Darren Wilson


Well, waddaya know. The Justice Department officially eats crow.

     Watch for the small print, because the media, and the president, and Eric Holder, and Missouri Governor Nixon, and Al Sharpton – and the rest of the cowards – will have little to say about it all. 

     No matter how hard Eric Holder and his band of reverse racists tried to eviscerate Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, it took them six months of digging for dirt only to come up with no evidence – that’s ZERO evidence, to determine that the cop was guilty of no crime after all. Most informed people with a brain, and without an ulterior agenda, knew that fact within hours or days of the shooting.

     Darren Wilson is exonerated, folks.  He did nothing wrong! He did his job. He was attacked by a violent felon, who put him in a position where he felt he had to shoot the 18 year-old behemoth to avoid serious bodily harm. And, despite the Justice Department’s wrongful and dogmatic pursuit of a “racism” charge, they could find not one iota of evidence to support that.

     That won’t make the residents and business owners of Ferguson feel

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American Sniper  =  9.5

Three-word commentary:  Intense; Engrossing; Pitiful

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Clint Eastwood never makes a bad movie. When you see his name associated with directing a film, think in the company of Stephen Spielberg, Ron Howard and Martin Scorcese.

     Such is the case with American Sniper, the latest opus from of the 84 year-old legendary actor/director.

     This is not just a good movie, it is one of the best war movies to be released in recent years and will go down as an epic to be remembered in future evaluations about the top movies of all time.

     Going in, we all know what the true story is about. Simple Texas cowboy meets the love of his life, marries, then feels the call for duty to serve his country after 9/11 awakens America to the threat of radical Islam. A sharp, in-shape guy, Chris Kyle enlists in the Navy to be a SEAL.

     The next ten years swallows his life, as he serves not one, not two, but four deployments to Iraq, — totalling over 1000 days – eventually dubbed “The Legend” because of his deadly accuracy with a sniper rifle. More than 160 occasions, he saved hundreds

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Taken 3   =   4 

 If you like action movies where the protagonist can fight off dozens of brutal men one scene after another, where he never gets hit no matter the thousands of bullets being sprayed his way, where cars and trucks and buses continually crash, roll and explode in city streets and the entire story is utterly predictable from scene 1 through to the very end, then you’ll like this picture.

     It terms of sheer action, it’s a 10.  In terms of story and acting, it’s about 2 or 3. Liam Neeson has become the quintessential action hero, forever emerging as the hero in his quest to rescue a loved one. It’s a matter of genre that turns you on. For me, it’s a wasted movie ticket. When the action movies are all duplicates of each other, I see no sense in it all. I won’t even mention the ridiculous implausibles, (well…yes I will) like the chief investigative cop handling a paper bag from the death scene and chomping into one of the bagels. Puhlwease. Don’t these directors vet the script before shooting the film?

     What’s sad, is that there is only enough money and space for a certain

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Remember this face: 


     As usual, all the world attention is on current upheavals, mainly Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Israel, Russia, etc. and now France. (What happened to the anti-cops?)  Everyone is aghast at the world of terror, with varied points of view as to the source, though the answer to that question is very obvious to anyone with a brain.  The leadership of the U.S. works hard at diverting our attention from Islam when discussing terror. Under the Obama administration, the word “Islam” cannot be even associated with terrorism in training sessions to military, FBI, and etc., as though one has nothing to do without the other.

     That’s our leadership, folks. 

     No one has had a real solution, certainly not American leaders.  Many of us complain that no one within the Muslim world has taken a firm position against fundamentalists. Those of us in the know, who have studied this cancer on the world, have agreed that radical Islam – which numbers 15 to 20 percent of the world’s Muslim 1.5 billion population – can only be curtailed or eradicated from within, by the inner workings of peace-loving Muslims, of which few have been brave enough to be heard. It certainly

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SELMA  = 9 ½

     This movie has “Oscar” stamped all over. That was to be expected, considering the topic. But outside of the powerful story of America’s black Messiah figure, the movie depicted the era which few young folks can remember in today’s world, an era where black people in the southern states were treated, and brutalized, and relegated as second-class citizens.

     Some of the violent scenes where white cops virtually pulverize blacks for exercising their rights of peaceful protest were disturbing to say the least, especially for a Miami cop who lived through that same era.  Though I was never eye-witness to such brutality, I know that discrimination and profiling did exist as standard behavior – for some – until the late 1970′s.

     This film focuses primarily on the voting rights issue, and the resistance of white politicians, including President L. B. Johnson to propose a voting rights act. One salient scene depicts Oprah Winfrey playing an Alabama woman trying to register to vote, only to be rejected because she was unable to memorize the name of every county judge in the state.

     A little known actor, David Oyelowo, skillfully plays the role of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,

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The following report was compiled Robert K. Butler (pseudonym) an independent lay investigator and dedicated American who has had interest in getting to the bottom of the Benghazi attack and all its associated government fraud and secrecy. Some folks will say “who cares, this is old news?” But murder, aiding and abetting murder, corruption in government and conspiracy to obstruct justice knows no time frame limitations. 

I rarely allow independent reports on my blog site, but this poses numerous questions still unanswered about Benghzai which should be made public.  I congratulate Robert for his diligence and hard work, which amounts to nearly 1500 hours of his own time, reviewing, collecting, studying reports plus interviewing key individuals via e-mail. One can easily see he has done his homework.
• Why, on Sept. 12, 2012 (the day after the Benghazi attack) did the Attorney General Eric Holder, move the case of Mark Basselly Youssef to the Criminal Division and place Robert Dugdale, the same Robert Dugdale who obstructed the Fast and Furious investigation for years, in charge of the case? (Youssef was the producer of the controversial Muslim video)

• Why did the Justice Dept. “advise” the LA City Council to redact

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