People just don’t get it.

     Donald Trump’s rise in the polls has nothing to do with what he says or what he doesn’t say. It’s all about independence and ownership.  Nobody owns Donald Trump which comes across loud and clear. He doesn’t worry about political correctness. He doesn’t worry about raising money. He doesn’t even care if fellow republicans like or not like him.  People gravitate to that rare glimpse of anyone in politics who can come across as independent.

     Yes, he stumbles over his words sometimes, which can be troublesome. But Trump is showing us how voters are sick and tired of the same old political blah blah about jobs, terrorism, immigration, abortion, gay marriage and such, that it’s refreshing to hear a candidate who doesn’t fit the mold, who says whatever is on his mind and not the minds of those who own him. When he touts change, he is believable, even if we don’t like the message.

     Our political system should be the first stop on the “change” train. Candidates are so desperate for campaign finance they spend several years ahead of an election groveling for money. Other industrialized countries allow two or three months for campaigning,

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In a word: Garbage.

We walked out at the 40 minute mark, which was not soon enough.

A young, AP journalist named Lindsey Bahr, gave this film 3 stars out of 4. She should be fired for encouraging young people to see a movie which glorifies multiple sex partners and drugs. Just what America youth needs.

With rare exception this was one of the grossest pieces of junk movies I’ve ever seen released from Hollywood. Written and starred by actress , Amy Schumer, “Trainwreck” is nothing but pure pornography without exposing the bare penis. Almost every spoken line is about sex, masturbation, body parts, and not to mention sex acts which are graphic as one can get without the “exposing.”

It wouldn’t be so terrible if there was any redeeming scenes which would draw interest into the characters, or at the least, make us laugh…because it is an alleged comedy. In truth it is a porn film cloaked as comedy, or perhaps, a comedy film cloaked as porn.

I realize Suzanne and I are older and we may not be in with the times these days. But neither are we prudes,

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This Op-Ed appears in Florida Today newspaper this date.


Frank: Offended by the offended

Marshall Frank , For FLORIDA TODAY12:04 a.m. EDT July 8, 2015

I’m offended.

I’m a straight white male born of east European ancestry, a taxpaying American citizen now retired after gainful employment for 40 years with no handicaps or religious affiliation. I have no standing to be offended.

But I am. I’m offended by people constantly being offended. Seems that every conceivable minority group who is “offended” gets just what they are looking for: attention from news media and politicians. News organizations cash in with stories while politicians wave their wet fingers in the air to cash in voting blocs.

I don’t care if Donald Trump ever becomes president, but I will defend his right to freely express viewpoints as a public figure just as I would Sen. Bernie Sanders who openly espouses his politics as socialist. “Socialism” was once a dirty word in American politics, as was “communism,” and for good reason. No more.

Times have changed. Socialists are often applauded today in liberal circles, but anyone who exclaims being offended over illegal aliens committing crimes in our country is branded a “racist.”

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This Op-Ed, by yours truly, appears in today’s edition of Florida Today.  


Frank: Time to put an end to death penalty

Marshall Frank, For FLORIDA TODAY12 a.m. EDT June 22, 2015

“To die, to sleep, perchance to dream. Aye, there’s the rub. For in that sleep of death what dreams may come…”

— Shakespeare: “Hamlet.”

What do we do when a little Chihuahua is old and suffering? We bring him to the vet and put him to sleep. We call it euthanasia, a humane act of compassion.

When a human being is convicted of murder, we bring him to the executioner to him put to sleep. We call that an act of justice.

What’s the difference? Same method, same result: relief to the afflicted.

Lester Bower Jr., 67, was put to death by authorities in Texas earlier this month. Was it an act of compassion or an act of justice? Bower was convicted of a 1983 quadruple murder, of which he forever claimed innocence. While questions remain about his guilt, we will assume Bower committed the dastardly crime. But, have we punished him, or

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If black folks thought that opportunity, conditions and lifestyle were going to improve under the first black president, they must be sorely disappointed. 

     The statistics are overwhelming.  Just about every economic, cultural, familial and criminal justice indicator points out that life is not better for blacks since Obama became president, unless you want to factor in the number of minority appointees he’s promoted into federal judgeships and other cushy government jobs.

     Lauren Burke, a black columnist for BlackPress USA, reported in her article of January 2015: During Obama’s first 6 years in office, average black unemployment soared to 14 percent, compared to 10 percent in January of 2009 when Obama took office. There’s more:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, youth unemployment (ages 16-24), this time in 2014, was 14.3 percent. For blacks in that age group, it was nearly 25 percent.
  • Ninety-two percent of black males in Chicago, ages 16-19, are unemployed.
  • The Huffington Post reported that 72 percent of black babies in the U.S. are born to unwed mothers, i.e. fatherless homes. According to the Moynihan Report, that figure stood at 23.6 percent in 1965. So much for the war on poverty.
  • According to the U.S.
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Democrats and Republicans are squaring off to instill as much damage as possible against probably opponents in the next presidential field. Rather than going after a person’s credentials, or track record in public office/private enterprise, the key is to damage a candidate any which way you can.

     Remember Republican Herman Cain, in 2012, a formable business man who was high in the polls, who also happened to be black. Obviously, Cain was a threat to a sitting black president. And, he seemed very bright, successful and articulate. So, the Democrats dug up a pair of females who claimed Herman Cain flirted or sexually harassed them.  Never mind that one of those accusing women resided in the same apartment building as David Axelrod, Obama’s campaign chief. What mattered is that Cain’s political message was resonating.

     I guess it was okay for Democratic presidents like Kennedy, LBJ and Clinton – each lionized as heroes in the annals of the presidency – yet amassed a miserable record of philandering and cheating with women.

     With nearly 20 Republicans going after the Oval Office, watch for personal accusations against the front runners as the clock ticks. It’s already starting.

     Get this:  We now learn that

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This Op-Ed appears in Florida Today, a Gannett newspaper serving the Space Coast of Florida.  I think it is an important message for all Americans, no matter which side of the fence you sit, pertaining to the current anti-police movement.  Cop haters and young people in particular, should read this article.

Frank: Police officers deserve unmitigated support

Marshall Frank, For FLORIDA TODAY12:05 a.m. EDT June 2, 2015

Show weakness in the face of evil aggression and evil will prevail.

We’ve seen this on the international stage, now we’re seeing in the domestic arena. Police are weakened, criminals are emboldened. Anti-police hate rhetoric is catching on. Criminals know that cops will likely back down and do nothing because they are under orders or they’re reluctant. As cops back off from proactive policing, criminals seize the moment and innocent victims suffer consequences.

I recently overheard a Denny’s waitress talking to two patrons at a table. Her husband was a veteran policeman with a short time to go to vest his retirement, but may not make it. He’s afraid, she said. He’s not afraid of criminals, he’s afraid of being the target of hatred; he’s afraid of leaders who will cower,

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