Rep. Trey Gowdy may not be the handsomist, most charsimatic politician, nor does he play to voting blocs and camera-angle likeability, but he sure gets a powerful message across without mincing words. 

     This is a six-minute clip from his address to congress regarding the dangers that are inherent in having a president who disregards the constitution and behaves as a king. Not only is it dangerous by this president, it sets new and irreversible precedents for future commanders in chief to expand the powers of the executive branch so far, that congress may, and can, be rendered insignificant. If that ever happens, we can kiss out constitution goodbye, along with al the rights and protections that are provided to Americans.

   Obama said, before he took the oath of office in 2009, “We are five days away from the fundamental transformation of America.” Now we know what he meant. 

     It’s amazing that someone like Gowdy was ever elected to office, because he’s a rare statesman, meaning he cares more about the state of the union than he does about how people like, or do not like him. This video should be seen and heard, not only by my readers, but by

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Tarek Fatah, 65, is a Pakistani-born Muslim intellectual reformist, journalist, author, who lives in Canada.  Three years ago, he gave a speech in Canada, warning that associates in the Muslim Brotherhood were imbedded in the White House.  He recently wrote this piece for the Toronto Sun. It’s short and powerful. I thought it important to share, especially considering the Tarek Fatah
The Toronto Sun
February 3, 2015


Kenji Goto, a fellow journalist, died Saturday.

Another innocent man beheaded by those among my co-religionists who wish to rule the world and to annihilate all non-Muslims. This in order to pave the way for an end-of-times apocalypse.

Many Muslim heads hung in shame as Goto’s head rolled into a barren desert ditch, while western politicians and media refused to call the Islamic State jihad what it is – a jihad.

Similarly, the now-familiar masked man who kills for the camera and who beheaded Goto, was referred to by most media not as a “jihadi terrorist of the Islamic State” (which is who and what he is), but rather as “a militant with a British accent”.

At the official level, the Obama White House announced it will host

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I wasn’t going to, but with second thoughts, we went to see it out of curiosity and all the fanfare. Here’s my review of 50 Shades of Grey.

     We walked out after an hour of boring, inane dialogue and virtually no story line other than lust and sex between two hot people in their 20’s. What a hunk-a-junk.

     Young woman appears for an interview with a handsome billionaire tycoon at his lush office, their eyes meet, her heart beats with lust while he sees her as a recipient of domination if and when he can lure her into his sex-toy house.

     End of story.

     The rest is all about passionate eyes, heavy breathing, close-ups, sex and more sex, and not an ounce of character development, plot or struggle.

     It’s nothing more than a shallow porn flick that doesn’t show the bare penis.

     The male actor, Jamie Dornan, is obviously a fashion model with extraordinary good looks, but without a character that invokes an iota of gravitas, nor intellect to show us how and why he became such as success at the age of 27. 

     The girl is a better actor, but the repetition of glossy eyes and panting heart

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On the shores of Libya, ISIS recently beheaded 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt.  What did President El Sisi, of Egypt do?  He called it a national emergency and sent in firepower to bomb the ISIS militants, promising vengeance.

Click here: Egypt bombs Islamic State targets in Libya after beheading video – The Washington Post

Click here: Sisi says Cairo will avenge IS beheadings of 21 Egyptian Copts in Libya – Breaking News – Jerusalem Post

      What did King Abdullah of Jordan do when he learned that a Jordanian fighter pilot was burned to death by ISIS?  He returned back to his country from the U.S. and authorized immediate air strikes against the ISIS militants, vowing to avenge the savage killing. In addition, he authorized the execution of two al Qaeda prisoners.

Click here: Jordan unleashes wrath on ISIS: ‘This is just the beginning’ –

         What did President Obama do when he learned that an American journalist, James Foley, had been beheaded before video cameras by ISIS militants? He gave a brief innocuous statement then, within minutes, returned to the golf course in Martha’s Vineyard.

     Click here: President Obama Plays Golf After Making Somber Statement On Beheaded American Journalist James

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The greatest catastrophe in the history of the United States, other than wars, has been the election of Barack Obama as president.

     As far back as 2009, I have been writing blog articles, with associated credits and attributions, declaring that Barack Obama’s agenda (which includes his stated “transformation of America”) is in line with the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, which calls for ultimate conquest of western civilization by Islam, whether through violent or stealth means.

     Obama has done nothing to dissuade these beliefs. Since he has been in a position of no longer running for election, he has affirmed these beliefs in a number of ways:

1        Refusal to acknowledge Islam as associated with global terror

2        Erasing references to Islam in military and civilian training in regards to terror

3        Continually declaring sympathy and allegiance to Islamic ideals

4        Siding with the notorious Muslim Brotherhood in their failed conquest of Egypt

5        Continuous so-called errors in judgment which have led to utter chaos in the Arab world

6        Allowing Iraq to collapse to radical Islam

7        Daring to suggest that “negotiations” should be conducted with Iran, a radical Islamist      state which has called for the utter destruction of

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Oscar awards are due to be aired on February 22nd, so it’s time to make predictions in the major categories. Last year I did fair, but not as good as previous years. I made accurate calls about the Best Picture (12 Years A Slave), Best Actor, (Matthew McConaughey) and Best Supporting Actor, (Jared Leto). I was also happy to see the young woman from Kenya, Lupita Nyongo, win for Best Supporting Actress for her stunning performance in 12 Years a Slave.

     This year’s contenders should be happy that Daniel Day Lewis didn’t release any movies, as he’s a sure bet for nominations every time he stars.  And, of course, Meryl Streep can’t miss, she’s a regular on the nomination list now with a record 19 Oscar nominations to her credits.

     I must confess. Of the eight nominated movies for Best Picture, I have seen only seven. Therefore, I cannot include Whiplash within my prediction list.  But from what I’ve read, it’s not a front runner.  Here we go:

Best Supporting Actor

     I see this as a toss-up between Robert Duvall (The Judge) and Ed Norton (Birdman), both of whom gave us wonderful performances.  Both are solid

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When are we going to start holding politicians (and journalists) accountable for bald-faced lying?

     Too often, we dismiss mendacity as a standing joke when it comes to elected officials. “So he lied. So what? That politics.”  

     Reporters may taint the truth by omission or commission to present a biased point of view. Sometimes, they outright lie.  It’s really us, on the receiving end who are at fault, because we minimize it all until it becomes old news. Meanwhile, people in public positions of great responsibility get away with blatant dishonesty.

     Think about children. We parents know if they get away with lying without repercussions, they find it easier with each lie that follows. It’s never just “one.”

     NBC anchor, Brian Williams, perpetuated a lie for nearly twelve years about being in a helicopter in Iraq, shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade. Finally, some folks who were there called him down, from which he retracted saying he’d made a mistake. That was no mistake. The mea culpa was just another lie. The only reason he confessed is because he got caught. The network will likely continue to employ him as a reputable journalist. Lying journalists should be summarily fired.

     People forget

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