(This Op-Ed was published in Florida Today newspaper this date, April 24, 2016.)



Since when did my vote as a citizen, carry less weight than another citizen’s vote? Why should an ex-president or former governor carry more clout in the voting process than me?

Answer: Since the parties started rigging primaries with Super Delegates and Super Pacs.

This primary season has proven to be an obfuscation of voter rights, both parties, which nullifies the precepts of democracy, i.e., one man, one vote.

On the Democratic side, someone with the political notoriety of Hillary Clinton can assemble nearly 714 former and current politicians whose votes are already in the pocket without going to the polls. They are free to vote as they choose, or as they’ve been lobbied, but not as ordinary primary voters. Hillary gets most of those 714 votes au gratis, without earning them. That gives her a major head start against anyone running in the primaries, a near-impossible hill to climb for a challenger. That’s democracy?

I would not want to see a Socialist as president for many reasons, but Bernie Sanders deserves a lot of credit for the

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This and That:

  1. I think selecting the photo of Harriet Tubman as the first woman, on a paper currency ($20 bill) was the best of all the options.  This was a truly remarkable woman who suffered greatly, yet devoted her life to the freedom of others against all odds. Well deserved. Particularly remarkable is that the picture of a former slave will replace the picture of a slave owner.
  2. It’s time to release Leslie Van Houten, the 19 year-old killer (among others) who followed the hypnotic, drug-induced lead of Charles Manson in 1969. She is now 66, having spent 47 years in prison for her crime, rejected in 22 applications for parole. Her prison record is sterling, her admissions and repentance sincere and to call her a threat to others today is absurd. She has paid a huge price (rightfully) and we need to show compassion.  She is not the same person today, who committed those horrible deeds 47 years ago.
  3. The death of singer, Prince, will undoubtedly be revealed as drug related. He was a talented rock star, but he was also a drug abuser, not much different that many other stars who suffered early deaths from similar causes.
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The following is a brief excerpt from Chapter 1 of my new book: “The Way Things Oughta be,” released by Everly Books. This segment pertains to the U.S. Attorney General’s office. The book covers 36 chapters and hundreds of issues

(Copies are available as e-book or soft cover from Signed copies at a discount at web page: .  Cost, $20 incl. shipping.)

     Subject matter in this particular chapter was written a year ago, which should have, and could have, included the morass involving the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s wrong doings while Secretary of State. 

     “The office of president of the United States is not supposed to be above the law. In the first seven years of serving as president, Barack Obama has ostensibly violated numerous laws and established procedures in order to further his chosen agendas.  Among them: implementing the Dream Act by executive fiat, making recess appointments when the senate was in session; changing Obamacare laws on the fly without congressional action, authorizing military action in Libya without congressional approval, killing American citizens with drone strikes in other countries, disregarding illegal gun running by the Justice Department in Fast & Furious, IRS selecting adversaries based

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The movie runs one hour and forty minutes, but feels like two hours and forty minutes.

     Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of an investment banker, driving with his wife on the highway when he suddenly struck by a high speed vehicle. Gyllenhaal survives with minor injuries, but his wife is killed instantly. The story centers on Gyllenhaal’s oddball character who suffers severe mental trauma that gradually worsens, plunging into the depths of depression, detached from reality and costing him his job where he had enjoyed a prestigious position working for his father-in-law, played by Chris Cooper.

     After writing an innocuous complaint letter to a vending machine company, Gyllenhaal is contacted by a woman representing customer service (played by Naomi Watts). The two strike up a platonic relationship as the Watts character, a habitual pot smoker and single mother of a teenage boy, finds him somewhat fascinating. Gyllenhaal goes into complete psychosis, out-of-control, evolving into a one-man wrecking machine, destroying anything and everything physical in his home. This behavior seems unnecessarily repetitive and tends to draw the movie into a state of boredom.  We get the picture, Jake, you’re

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A FRANK MOVIE REVIEW:  “CRIMINAL” – Rating 8 out of 10.


Aside from Dances With Wolves, Kevin Costner’s best acting performance ever.

     An American CIA agent on a mission in Germany is tracked down and killed. The dead man has vital information about impending rocket attacks planned against America , which is stored only in his brain. With time of the essence, top CIA bosses recover the body and approve of a scientific  experimental procedure that can transfer memory from a recently deceased person into another living human being. The CIA selects a Death Row subject from inside the walls of a dark prison, a dangerous, ragged, dispensable convict played by Costner. When Costner awakens with the dead CIA agent’s memories, his mission is to reveal the dead man’s secrets and find the enemy to eliminate him before he launches ICBM’s and starts World War III.

     Later in the story, the disheveled Costner character eventually meets the widow of the dead CIA agent. The woman is stunned as Costner, a stranger to her, reveals intimate memories between she and her deceased husband.

     Hollywood heavyweights Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds and Gary Oldman deftly play supporting roles. Yes, there

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I propose that we overhaul the police profession to correct sexism in law enforcement activity. Women make up 50.4 percent of the nation’s population therefore they should be arrested and incarcerated along those some rates. Yes?

     Those cops! Always picking on men.    

     The statistics indicate the numbers of people arrested and incarcerated in America are far higher for men – 93% compared to 7% – than for women. The numbers of violent confrontations with police officers run along the same proportions. That’s statistically unfair and prejudiced. I call on men to organize protests against this policy of discrimination and demand that women be arrested, shot or incarcerated at the same rate of men. Perhaps, George Soros would like to organize and fund a new group called, “Male Lives Matter?”

     But wait.  Could it be that men fight with cops, commit crimes, face arrests and/or imprisonment Thirteen Times more often than women? That’s the current statistic.  Thirteen Times more than females. Duh.

     Now let’s shift that same idiocy to the issue of race, and not gender. This, of course, is certain to evoke accusations of racism. If relating facts and telling truths is an act of racism, then I am most

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Eye in the Sky  – Rating:  9


I didn’t expect much from this picture; We got much more.

     We generally avoid movies that are high tech based stories, laden with complicated digital, computer, fast-track, razzle-dazzle, new age technologies…but this turned out to be an exception.

     It’s a story based in the international war arena. Drones spot a group of terrorists hiding in Kenya while an array of military and political characters argue and decide whether to take out a high value target in a slum area of Nairobi. High-powered diplomats and lawyers watching clear-as-crystal video monitors as tiny cameras invade a house where terrorists are seen preparing for a full-fledged suicide bombing attack. Decisions are made from bases in Nevada, London, Washington, and more…where the top officials from Britain and the U.S. are mired in moral and legal arguments before deploying a kill shot from the drone that will take out more people than the just the bad guys.

     The movie gives us more than many other modern warfare type scenarios:

    1 –  High tension edge-of-your seat suspense

    2  –  A stark introduction to viewers of life within the dusty, third-world streets of Kenya

    2-   An insight into the

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