If President Bill Clinton had Eric Holder for attorney general in 1998, there would never have been an impeachment for committing perjury. Instead, America was treated to a fair investigation. Clinton had appointed a straight-laced attorney general named Janet Reno, probably the least political-minded AG in history.

I knew Reno as the state attorney in Dade County. She was so honest and self-dependent she wouldn’t even allow her employees to gas her car. She solicited no favors. It’s a mystery how she survived in a political world.

When the scandal broke about Clinton’s mendacity under oath, Reno knew being a member of Clinton’s cabinet would be a conflict because she would face expectations from her boss. Therefore, it was prudent to step aside and appoint a special prosecutor to handle the investigation.

Americans have not been privileged to that level of integrity today.

Eric Holder has spent a good part of his efforts in office dodging presidential scandals, some of which would