I’m a 30-year retired cop. I’m also the father of a lifelong drug addict.

I’ve witnessed the bane of the drug world on the inside and the outside, from a professional standpoint, as well as a personal one.

On its merit, I support Amendment 2, concerning the legalization of medical marijuana, on the November ballot. There are worthwhile uses for people with symptoms of nausea, glaucoma, seizure disorders and more. But we cannot be dismissive. There’s much more to the issue of using marijuana for medical reasons, or debating the pros and cons of pot in general.

If and when the amendment is approved, it would be naïve to believe that all marijuana use will be confined to health issues. Profiteers and users will exploit the new relaxations, which will transgress into abuse for purposes other than relieving pain and nausea. That’s a guarantee. I suspect it will open the floodgates for marijuana highs in the name of health