“Black Lives Matter” is an anarchist movement funded by leftist Socialist, George Soros, in order to create a deeper racial divide inside America. It is based on a sham – or shams – which are an outgrowth from a number of publicized shootings involving black men/boys as purported victims and police officers as shooters, the most famous of which was Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson, Missouri in August of 2014.

The facts are irrefutable, that Michael Brown, a 300 pound mammoth kid, strong-armed a store clerk to rob merchandise. Moments later he was confronted by a police officer doing his job, telling Brown and his friend to stop walking in the middle of the street.  Brown’s response was a physical attack upon Officer Darren Wilson, who was sucker-punched while sitting in his police car, then struggled to prevent Brown from wrestling his gun away. Moments later, when the officer ordered Wilson to halt, Brown turned and charged menacingly toward the police officer who, at that moment, had no choice but to protect himself, firing shots that killed Brown.

At least six eye-witnesses, mostly black citizens, and independent of Brown’s thug friend, testified to these facts before a grand jury, which

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Marshall Frank: Let’s legalize, regulate prostitution

It’s time for legislators to wake up from slumber land by legalizing and regulating prostitution.

Brevard sheriff’s investigator, John “Casey” Smith was critically injured on Aug. 20 after being shot by an alleged pimp while serving a warrant in Port St. John. Shooter John Derossett, the uncle of the alleged prostitute, was also shot by deputies, but survived.

The Sheriff’s department was rightfully doing its job, enforcing laws. But for what end? Stopping prostitution? People have been actively engaged in this “crime” for 4,000 years. If it hasn’t been stemmed yet, it never will. Meanwhile, it gives cops, courts and jails more to do, as if they need it.

Prostitution is probably the dumbest of all “crimes.” Two adults who knowingly consent to engage in a sex act in exchange for money or favors is a private affair. Americans indulge in body rubs (massage) for pay by the millions, which is no different than prostitutional stimulation of body parts, except that the latter results in orgasm.

Some folks disapprove of the immoral nature of sex for sale and, perhaps, rightfully so. But judging morality is for churches,

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This is a personal tribute.

     Some people thought he was brash, intense, intimidating.  And yes, he could be abrasive sometimes.  But he got the job done.

     “There’s only one way to do anything,” he once told me. “That’s the right way.”     

     Charlie was tough to keep up with.  He had a brain that traveled a thousand miles-per-hour. Working with Charlie was like being at bat with ten pitchers throwing you fastballs simultaneously. He was a challenge, but he was worth it.

     He reminds me of another man in today’s political arena, one who is both hated and loved, with few in between. He says what he thinks, does what he says he will do, he’s politically incorrect, blustery, honest to a fault and apologizes for nothing. But he wasn’t Donald Trump. Neither was he rich.

     I met Charlie when he was assigned as my trainer, Station One, uniform patrol, Dade County, Florida, 1961.  As new rookie, I expected friendliness. But he seemed annoyed. “Let’s go,” he said, gruffly. “You write. I drive.”  That set the tone. He was all business. My job was to watch listen and learn.

     In the stationhouse, a beautiful young woman managed the phones, the typewriter

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This Op-Ed appears in Florida Today newspaper today.

Marshall Frank, For FLORIDA TODAY12:06 a.m. EDT August 13, 2015

Florence was an 81-year-old Oregon resident, diagnosed with painful pancreatic cancer. The doctor gave her less than six weeks to live. After a second opinion by another doctor, she elected to die with dignity.

On a Saturday afternoon, she invited her two adult kids and their kids, to her apartment. She hugged them all, shared loving words, sat on a sofa and lifted a glass of water. She swallowed 10 Seconal sleeping pills. Within 30 minutes, she was consumed in eternal sleep.

Some folks may find this gruesome, but it’s worthwhile talking about.

Free-thinking people with debilitating and incurable illnesses should have the right to choose when and how to end their lives (with restrictions and caveats). Once people arrive at advanced ages and then suffer with horrible diseases and/or pain from which there is little relief, they should be afforded opportunities to make a clear and thoughtful choice. The technology is at our disposal, so why not?

We have deep compassion for terminal animals in horrible pain, so we do the humane thing. The difference is that

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It is stunning to me, that a confirmed serial liar could be the recipient of even one vote for elective office. What does that say about our electorate?

     This is not a party matter. It’s an integrity matter. Gross dishonesty in public office is a sign that the person cannot be trusted with what they say. We had a president who, in 1974, resigned from the presidency in disgrace for being a serial liar. Yet, there are millions of people who are willing to wear blinders and cast a vote for the most despicable liar in the current political arena, Hillary Clinton.

     Imagine for one second, you are the father of a fallen son who was killed in a terror attack while trying to save the lives of others. Within hours, the source of that attack in Benghazi was confirmed as terrorism, though the Obama administration was still spinning a deflective line about an anti-Muslim video, which had nothing to do with the attack.

     Four days later you – the dad – are at the receiving ceremony where the bodies lay in coffins. As Mrs. Clinton performs her perfunctory duties extending condolences to the families, she says to you, the

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A quick comment about three movies we’ve seen in the past week, for movie buff friends:


  • – “Vacation”  –  Another garbage bag from Hollywood playing to the youth audiences who think dialogue about private body parts and the incessant “F” word is somehow humorous. I’m also dismayed that the scripts have a small boy using the “F” word which was once taboo in movie-making. This picture is a horrible copycat of the original Chevy Chase picture. Terrible writing, bad directing. We walked out at 45 minutes.  Rating:   0
  • – “Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation”  –  Better than I had expected. Action thriller was just that.  Very little sex or foul language, but full of non-stop action, and some scenes quite different from the usual bullets and car crashes. Most amazing is the energy we get from Tom Cruise, who still thinks he’s a 28 year-old athlete inside a 53 year-old body.  An entertaining flick. I’d give it a 6.5
  • – “SouthPaw”  –  Saw it based on the recommendations of friends.  Powerful and emotional film, somewhat “Rockyish”… but deeper with a story line that’s gripping.  Bring hankies, there’s several scenes which will pull at the heart
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There was only one stand-out in the two debates of August 6th.  Seventeen Republicans, most of whom have excellent records in the public arena and in the private world, did fairly well…excepting one. Some better than others.  Many viewers will see what they are predisposed to see because they have favorites.  I have tried to be open-minded and neutral (not easy). Here’s my listing of the best ten in the approximate order of how they faired.

  1. Carly Fiorina – knows her stuff, composed, articulate, fierce and presidential. Should move up.
  2. Mike Huckabee –  Besides knowledge, class and guts,  Huckabee has the maturity
  3. Marco Rubio –    Bright, quick, cuts to the chase, knows his subjects, staunch love of America
  4. Chris Christie –  Fiery , gutsy, candid, great experience in leadership and prosecutorial roles
  5. Lindsey Graham –  I thought Graham also cut to the chase very well, particularly about foreign threats.
  6. John Kasich –   High achiever in many realms of government, immensely likeable.
  7. Ben Carson –  Calm, composed, yet grasps needs of America, honest, incorruptible, understands ecomic issues. Surprising sense of humor.
  8. Ted Cruz –  A good debater, knows his subjects in depth, staunchly American and sticks to his guns
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