Ayaan Hirsi Ali

 I cannot emphasize this enough:

     The Muslim Brotherhood exists for the purpose of Islamic conquest. That’s not an opinion, that is an established fact. It is imbedded in their secret documents. (see below)

     They recently tried (and nearly succeeded) to conquer Egypt – where they had been outlawed for thirty years – but failed after the Egyptian people rose up en masse and declared them “outlawed” once again.  Why? Because the Muslim Brotherhood is about fundamentalism, extremism, terror and radical Islamic thought which would set their people back fourteen centuries, as they have done in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan.

     The Muslim Brotherhood is so notorious, they were declared by Saudi Arabia in March of this year as a terrorist organization on a par with Hezbollah and al Qaeda.

     Saudi Arabia, together with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar because of that nation’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, our administration befriends them.

     The Muslim Brotherhood spawned its most notorious graduate, Osama bin Laden, and from there, the terrorist organization, al Qaeda.

     The Muslim Brotherhood murdered Egypt’s Anwar Sadat for daring to sign a peace

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Today – April 9th, 2014 – Is his 115th birthday. 

     Other than some background interest from one granddaughter, there is only one person remaining left on plant earth who thinks about the life and times of Arthur Robert Frank, known publicly as “Art Frank – Vaudeville Performer” or otherwise, “Old Man Whoopee.”

     Such is the cycle of life. We live.  We die. Then we are remembered by the living, which keeps us alive in thought and caring. When the remembering people die, we are gone for all time for there is no memory, no more significance.

     Does anyone really care that Maria Yketova was someone’s great, great, great, great, great grandmother in 1769? Yet, Maria Yketova was a living soul in those times, cared for by many, even after she passed away. When the memories of her died with the deaths of the rememberers, Maria’s life became but a grain of sand on the beaches of human history.

     Thus it is proper and caring – while still possible – that we give tribute to the birthday of a great and loving man, a little man, a Jewish man, born in New York City

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                    We’ve been raised to compete, to want more! More! More! It’s a way of life.  It’s about greed. 

                                                              —    Sandy Duncan, actress, singer

And so, the label “amateur” will likely be lifted from college football players very soon.  No more is it about earning scholarships, attaining a college education, and working hard at a sport in order to pay for that education. It’s all about greed.

     Gimme, gimme, gimme.

     The National Labor Relations Board issued a ruling in March declaring football players from Northwestern as “employees” of the university and therefore the right to form a union.


     That’s like saying tuba players in the band are employees of the college. Maybe even swimmers, cheerleaders and chess players. After all, they all compete, they all enhance the “sporting” events and they all work hard.

     Yes, football players work hard at their sport.  But they are not employees! They are students of a college or university who – in most situations – must maintain a particular grade average in order to be granted the privilege to compete.

     Now, a mighty foot has wedged into the proverbial door for unions to take over college

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Marshall Frank: Music programs essential for student development

Keep essential programs in school;

Marshall Frank

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

School boards around the state may have to cut many positions in the ensuing years, including hundreds of elementary art and music teachers, which causes my heart to skip a beat. The long-range consequences could be more far-reaching than we imagine.

Few subjects are more important in school curriculums than music and art, particularly music. As president of the Creative Arts Foundation of Brevard, a nonprofit, I have been privileged to interact with many hundreds of talented youngsters in the last seven years who are immersed in superior music programs available in this region. These youngsters thrive on musical excellence, bringing harmony and love to their lives among friends and family.

When we hold annual music competitions, we are witness to the wonders of music and how well-grounded kids are who study instruments, act and sing in their school programs and thrive on music in general.

It all begins in the elementary grades. Much the same as sports programs, music keeps kids from the streets, from wandering into trouble, from being vulnerable to negative influences because it gives them identity and

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The missing Boeing 777 from Malaysia is the hot item in the news for the last two weeks, making one wonder what other important information about other developments – domestic and foreign – would normally be, but are not at the forefront.

Be that as it may, this missing plane is a huge conundrum. And it may truly be the most crucial news item in the world. Like most of you, I have tried to follow the information and theories since day one, always bearing in mind to pay attention to the core facts. Truth: The authorities simply don’t have an answer. Thus, caring citizens like us do not have an answer.

But I do have a “worst case scenario” that is not outside the realm of possibility, and which could portend a grave disaster in the days, weeks or months to come.

The core facts:

1: Every piece of known data points to a deliberate act on the part of the cockpit operatives. The sudden shift in direction, the disconnect of transponders, the freezing of communications, and so forth, were acts that could only have been done – on purpose.

2: The pilots are Muslims. Sorry for the profile,

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     First, a big thank you to all my readers and supporters. Since starting this blog site in 2008, I have produced nearly 600 articles, covering a myriad of topics. Whether you contribute with comments or not, your following is always appreciated…no matter if you agree or disagree with the articles, or parts thereof. 
     This blog is directed to readers who have a big problem with many of my articles including and those who have a vehement dislike for me or my points of view, particularly on the political scene.
     Save the name calling. Calling me names make you look stupid because it points out that you have no response worth reading.  If you read these blogs, you’ll see I make a strong effort to avoid degrading anyone as “stupid” or “left wing crazies” or any other derogatory term that is a waste of keyboard energy because it says nothing of value.
     Sometimes, I receive requests from people to delete them from my e-mail list. That’s fine. No problem.  Sadly, they are too often accompanied with  snide, insulting remarks which are as necessary as cancer. That tells me a lot about that person. Here’s a few:
     “Marshall The Hater”
     “Don’t want to read your trash.”
     “You’ve gone
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 Once again, the world standing of the United States has dropped another critical notch on the international front.  Only this time, it was a quite coup under the radar. Few people have heard about it. But it is VERY significant.

     While the Olympic Games were going on in mid-February, most people were not aware that a significant powwow took place in Moscow between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chief of the Egyptian Army, Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.  In the meeting, Putin pledged economic assistance to Egypt’s new government and further supported al-Sisi’s projected run to be Egypt’s next president.

     And where is the U.S.?

     We’re out.  Our relationship with secular Egypt is history.

     Egypt is the strongest nation in the Arab world, with whom the U.S. has enjoyed a strong and important allied relationship for the last thirty years. That also strengthened the security situation for Israel who relied on our ties to Egypt, one of only two counties that signed a peace accord with the Jewish state when Carter was president.

     How did this all fall apart? 

     The so-called Arab Spring which started in 2011 was nothing more than a

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