Such chants came from protesters in New York City last week.  They got their wish. No one knows how far this will go.

     The mayor of New York City, along with Sharpton and Holder and the president, have ratcheted up the hate meter, instilling anti-police fervor throughout the nation. Mayor DiBlasio, along with Police Commissioner Bratton by his side, appeared at a press conference following the double execution of two officers sitting in their police car, to tell us how terrible it was. 

     Too late, Mr. Mayor.  Some of that blood is on your hands.

     “People need to know that black lives matter,” he said in an offensive one-sided speech at the Police Academy. All his rhetoric has been in support of protesters, as though they are indubitably right and police are inevitably wrong. The cops have been tried and convicted by the reverse racists of America, and in some parts of the media. It didn’t have to come to this. The leaders who were most responsible to ensure peace and justice was maintained, screwed it up royally.  Include in that bunch, the governor of Missouri who made sure the rioters could have a

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A few brief comments on the latest headline news – plus one:

 1    Obama normalizing relations with Cuba.

 This is one of those rare occasions I will side with Obama. We originally imposed the embargo because Cuba was a communist country and a satellite of the USSR. More than fifty years have passed. The USSR no longer exists, Cuba is not a satellite to any nation and we engage in trade with a number of communist nations like China and Viet Nam. Maintaining the embargo seems hypocritical. Resuming tourism and trade with Cuba would be a good thing for America and for the Cuban people. Canadians travel to Cuba as a regular vacation destination.

 2    Mass demonstrations against police brutality throughout the nation.

 It’s all manufactured by anarchists who know the art of mobilizing Anti-police, Anti-American people who don’t know what they are really protesting against, repeating phrases and gestures that are taught to them like school children. One day, the anarchists might find a valid case of police brutality to protest, but these two cases are not valid.

 3     Jeb Bush throws his hat in the ring.

 Biggest hurdle: He’s qualified, but his name is Bush. That’s a

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Something stinks in the land of anti-cops.

     Have we been had? Did the cops in Ferguson and Staten Island get lured like fish and then bite the bait? Is this all about a higher purpose, engineered in the back rooms of anarchists? Did the media fall for the ruse, hook, line and sinker?  Don’t know, but it’s possible. If so, it has worked like a charm.

     The nation is up in arms protesting in cities all over America. If we didn’t know any better, these “injustices” and “murders” of innocent “unarmed” large black men have been at the hands of racist officers who are part of a nation-wide problem of systemic racism. That’s what we are being led to believe.

     If anarchists were to be organized and mobilized to establish disorder, revolution and weakness from within, where would we begin?  Elect haters of America; pare down the military; open the floodgates of non-Americans into the country, pit the races against one another and emasculate the front lines of law and order.

     Most of us have digested (ad nauseum) the news bites of the two cases – including a 20 video clip – where cops have been widely vilified for killing

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    Dear Chief Bratton,

     Say something, or quit. If you don’t know you’re being used like a puppet in a national movement by anti-American factions with an anti-American agenda, then you should not hold the office you’re in.

     You’re too smart to be fooled. The undercurrent is about much more than a few police brutality cases, valid or invalid. The undercurrent is about anarchy and a turnaround in the democratic process, led by an out-going President, an out-going Attorney General and black radical leaders in the likes of Al Sharpton who not only foments disorder, he has been given a huge platform, aided by a complicit national media base.

     This nationwide movement is no accident, it is obviously well-planned and nonspontaneous. You know, and we know, that this is about social change where the law is undermined by the lawless, and the law enforcers are portrayed as the evil doers, while real evil doers are esteemed and martyrized.

     Complaints about overuse of force by police will always arise as an issue, because police deal with violent people, hardened criminals, anarchists and crazies…all the time. And sometimes, yes, cops will get carried away and if they are wrong, they should be

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All this has nothing to do with racism. Nothing!

     Whether the cops acted properly or poorly is another issue, but there is no evidence that racism had anything to do with these incidents.

     Race-baiting leaders are seizing every opportunity to immerse our country into a state of anarchy for political motive, knowing they have the power – with the complicity of media – to agitate the mindless like herds of sheep over cliffs, by following the rhetoric of the very people they claim to abhor: Racists!

     If people would do their homework, they would know, unequivocally, that the death of Eric Garner was not about racism. It certainly was an unnecessary death, brought on by a police officer doing his job. If and when it is determined that he and the police agency are brought into a civil lawsuit, we’ll know more. But the idea that NYPD Officer Daniel Panteleo committed a criminal act and deserves to be imprisoned, is rightfully off the table.

     News bites give us a few seconds of video and edited dialogue in television commentary. Newspapers, as well, are so limited in time and space that details are left out, such as the entire video when

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Never know. 

     As a young detective in Dade County, my job was to access arrest warrants, then locate and arrest wanted individuals. Often, I hunted fugitives from other states.  Such was my assignment on December 1st, 1965. I had found John Ratimore, age 22, wanted for Auto Theft in New York. He was living in a second floor apartment with a 37 year-old woman and her child. He had no history of violence. My partner, Robert, and I proceeded to the house.

     We assumed positions outside the apartment door and knocked. A woman cracked the door open. A small child was holding on to her leg. “We have a warrant for the arrest of John Ratimore, ma’am. Please let us in.”  I displayed the warrant.

     “He’s not here,” she replied tersely, then proceeded to shut the door…but my hard-soled shoe was already in the jamb. “Get away, she hollered.”    

     We bolted inside. Robert went toward the bedroom while I checked behind the door. “Get out!” she screamed.

     I looked back and saw she was waving the barrel of a rifle toward me in a frenzy. I will never forget that moment. In a split-second, my world turned into

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It’s time we stop excusing thuggery.

     It would seem that most parents of the inner cities don’t teach growing kids to respect authority and the rules of law. Both are necessary to an orderly society. If Michael Brown had grown up being praised for good behavior and disciplined for thuggery, he would probably be alive today.

     The deaths of Trayvon Martin (2012) and Michael Brown (2014) would never have happened if not for blatant disregard for the law and the people who we entrust to protect. While the media focus is entirely on the allegations that George Zimmerman (2012) and Officer Darren Wilson (2014) committed acts of racist violence toward “children,” we hear little discussion about their actual behavior.

     Trayvon Martin was a seventeen year-old Miami resident who was suspended from school for two weeks for having marijuana in his book bag, not to mention unexplained female jewelry and a burglar tool. He’d also been suspended on previous occasions for truancy and graffiti.

     During his suspension, Martin was sent to his father’s home in Sanford, Florida, who lived in a modest gated development with a history of break-ins. George Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch coordinator whose job it was to

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